Top 30 Accredited Online Colleges for Psychology

Top 30 accredited online colleges for psychology in 2022
Top 30 accredited online colleges for psychology in 2022

Hey Scholar, if you want to acquire flexible & quality education to become an effective psychologist, you may need to study in one of the top accredited online colleges for psychology.

You’ll agree that your university or college can have an impact on your career as a psychologist. Therefore, going to a top accredited online college for psychology is a fast and flexible way to earn a quality Education in Psychology.

Most of these programs are designed to fit well with the schedules of busy individuals who may not be able to take on full-time on-campus education.

While they may be flexible in terms of schedule and curriculum, they are designed to offer individuals like you quality education to prepare you for a range of career paths.

Check out this article we’ve made to guide you in case you’re looking for an affordable online college for psychology.

List of the Best Accredited Online Colleges for Psychology

Below is a list of the top 30 Accredited Online Colleges for Psychology:

Top 30 Accredited Online Colleges for Psychology

Studying psychology could open up doors for you in different industries with a need for your expertise. These top 30 accredited online colleges for psychology below offer some of the best online programs you may love.

1. Arizona State University

Tuition: $561–$1,343 per credit hour.

Arizona State University, also known as ASU, has an online degree program for a bachelor of art in psychology. 

This online psychology program offered by ASU equips learners with the necessary knowledge to pursue careers in different fields like Business, Law, and many more. 

The psychology bachelor’s degree at ASU incorporates both theoretical and practical approaches to the study of human behaviors.


2. Fort Hays State University

Tuition: $298.55 per credit hour.

Fort Hays State University offers a flexible online psychology education for students who wish to pursue their MS or Eds programs.

As a student of Fort Hays State University, you can choose to either enroll in the psychology program as a part-time or full-time student.

The program is delivered to students through a virtual means, but students are required to be physically available at the FSU Campus for a 5-day workshop.


3. University of Florida-Online

Tuition: $129 per credit hour.

Recently, the University of Florida was ranked amongst the best colleges for a bachelor’s degree in psychology by the US News and World Report. 

The University of Florida-Online prepares its psychology students for different career paths through its interdisciplinary educational approach.

There University has different admissions requirements for the two groups of psychology program applicants which are;

  • Freshmen & Lower Division Transfer Applicants
  • Upper Division & Second Bachelor’s Transfer Applicant.


4. Washington State University

Tuition: Different rates.

You can earn a bachelor of science degree at Washington State University, after undertaking the online psychology program. 

WSU’s bachelor’s degree program in psychology is a fully online program that covers the necessary knowledge you’ll need to understand human behavior and psychological methods and principles.

The Online psychology program at WSU has consistently ranked among the top online programs in the US.


5. University of Central Florida

Tuition: $179.19.

After completing this online psychology program, the University believes that students should be able to understand the methods for conducting psychological research.

You’ll also be able to apply your knowledge to solve real-life human psychological problems. In the online psychology program at the University of Central Florida you’ll take some courses like;

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Statistical Methods In Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology.


6. Florida International University

Tuition: $228.81 Per Credit Hour.

This fully online psychological program at Florida International University is designed to pair every student with a success coach. 

The program requires 120 credits and students who successfully graduate earn an online Bachelor’s in Arts degree from the University. 

Florida International University’s psychological program focuses on 5 major areas which are: 

  • Experimental
  • Social 
  • Applied
  • Personality/abnormal 
  • Developmental.


7. Drexel University

Tuition: $557 per credit.

Drexel University has an online Bachelor’s degree in psychology that is offered to students aiming to earn a psychology degree but may not have the time for full-time study. 

This flexible online program educates learners to prepare for careers in business, neuroscience, law, healthcare, and lots more. 

Students learn to frame and discover answers to questions related to human behavior and how to apply this discovery to make life better.


8. Old Dominion University

Tuition: $407 per credit hour.

Old Dominion University also known as ODU offers an online Bachelor’s degree education in psychology which covers general psychology.

The psychology program at ODU also trains students in experimental design and quantitative methods.

With the knowledge acquired from the program, students like you can improve their analytical knowledge and prepare for advanced training with courses in;

  • Clinical psychology, 
  • Industrial psychology and 
  • Organizational psychology.


9. University of Utah

Tuition: $260 per credit hour.

An undergraduate degree from the award-winning psychology department of the University of Utah can be acquired through the fully online Bsc option.

Both the online and on-campus psychology programs at the University of Utah have the same instructors.

The psychology program at the University of Utah is designed to be deeply engaging, with internship and community service opportunities for students to work as research assistants.


10. University of Houston

Tuition: Calculate Here.

The University of Houston is ranked the 8th best online psychology program college in the US.

This psychology program is a great choice for students who have successfully completed their Texas Core Curriculum courses and are prepared to finish a degree.

The online psychology program also combines computer technology, and medical-related training to prepare students for work.


11. Oregon State University

Tuition: $346 per credit.

An online bachelor’s in psychology can be earned from Oregon State University after successfully completing the 180 credits required. 

Oregon State University is an accredited institution of higher learning that is known for the quality of its online education.  

The University offers the same certificate to both on-campus and online students and its programs are designed in a quarter-term system.


12. Utah State University

Tuition: $7,093 Annually 

We cannot overemphasize the importance of psychology in the understanding of human behavior and its promising career prospects. 

However, we can introduce you to Utah State University where you can acquire an online degree in psychology and develop your skills to build a career in the field. 

The University also offers additional learning resources like wifi, study spaces, local support, etc. to its online students.


13. University of Massachusetts Global

Tuition: $500 per Credit.

The University of Massachusetts Global offers a range of accredited bachelor’s degree programs that allows students to have a flexible and self-paced learning experience.

As a student of the University of Massachusetts Global, you’ll learn about psychological principles and scientific writing research.

You’ll also learn some theoretical and statistical techniques and methods applied to the study of human behavior.


14. Liberty University

Tuition: $390 Per Credit Hour.

This 120-credit, fully online psychology program at Liberty University takes approximately 3.5 years to complete.

Liberty University is a great place to acquire a bachelor’s degree in psychology that will prepare you for the requirements to pursue a graduate degree in psychology or related fields.

The program includes courses in human behavior, writing, human development, and other key topics that can allow you to work in a wide range of industries.


15. Biola University

Tuition: $31,360.

Biola University offers an applied online psychology program with an emphasis on integration, psychosocial development, and the fundamental theories of psychological studies and research.

The University applies the Christian worldview, scientific, and research-driven approach in its education and study of human behavior.

Some of the additional courses you’ll also come across in the program include:

  • Marriage and family life
  • Psychology in the workplace
  • Psychology and Christian thought
  • Psychological health and wellness
  • Counseling techniques.


16. Regent University

Tuition: $395 per credit hour.

You can now study psychology online at Regent University either at the undergraduate level or postgraduate level.

The online BSc in the psychology program at Regent University has 120+ total credit hours and you are designed to teach students how the human mind works.

Their programs are presented from a Christian world and help to improve your critical thinking skills. Students have access to added scholarships and mentorships from the best psychologist.


17. Chaminade University of Honolulu

Tuition: $1,255.

After graduation from the online Bsc psychology program at the Chaminade University of Honolulu, students become equipped to pursue further education in advanced psychology.

The program covers important concepts in psychology and also teaches students about the fundamental research methods in psychology.

The Chaminade University of Honolulu is an accredited institution in Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii with an accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degree in psychology.


18. Northeastern University Lifelong Learning Network

Tuition: $541 per credit.

Northeastern University Lifelong Learning Network is known for its experiential Learning model. 

Its online psychology program is a mix of professional practice and World-class education that allows students to acquire quality education.

Upon completion of the online psychology program at Northeastern University Lifelong Learning Network, students are exposed to many career opportunities that they can explore.


19. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Tuition: $9,610.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers a psychology program that can be completed totally online, but students are not allowed to learn at their own pace.

This psychology program was designed for individuals who may have full-time jobs or are too busy to take up a full-time on-campus education program. 

The online psychology program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is offered by the same faculty and academic staff as the on-campus psychology program. 

Online students are also allowed to take the same courses as on-campus students.


20. Spalding University

Tuition: $1,035 per credit.

This private school offers a BA in psychology with subprograms in Organisational psychology and preclinical counseling. 

You can decide to either study a general psychology track or choose a specialized track from the sub-programs. 

Students are expected to complete an internship or senior capstone project and they also share the same curriculum and requirements with in-person students.


21. University of Idaho

Tuition: Full Time (10-20 credits); $13,788.

The Psychology and Communication program at the University of Idaho is one of its most popular bachelor’s degree programs. 

Faculty members are known to engage actively in psychological research and projects. Individuals who are psychology majors can participate in these projects, including on-campus research projects and graduate students’ research works. 

There’s a range of courses plus 3 different psychology degree options that students can choose from based on their interests.


22. University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Tuition: $1,170.

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst has an online psychology program that offers students a solid foundation in the principles, methods, and ethics of the profession. 

This program can be taken either totally online, hybrid, or on campus and you’re also allowed to apply to the program at any time.

Students of this program will study some subfields within psychology like:

  • Experimental
  • Developmental
  • Social
  • Community
  • Personality and 
  • Clinical psychology.


23. Simpson University

Tuition: Check Here.

Simpson University offers a psychology major with a curriculum that covers the fundamentals of the profession. 

Graduates from this program will be equipped with the necessary skills needed to explore different career paths within the field of psychology. 

Students will learn the following from the program:

  • Ethic of service
  • Knowledge base
  • Communication and research skills
  • Interpersonal skills.


24. Loyola University Chicago

Tuition: Check Here.

This BA major in psychology is a fully online program at Loyola University, Chicago with a total of 13 courses.

Enrolled students can start learning at any time within the 5 sessions throughout their academic year. 

The courses in this online Bachelor’s degree program are offered online in 8-week sessions which take place in the evenings and Saturday mornings.


25. Southeastern University

Tuition: $935 per credit hour.

Southeastern University offers a psychology program at both the bachelor’s level and master’s degree levels.

The program is designed to expose students to the core principles that guide human behavior and the scientific approach used in the study of human behavior.

Their Psychology programs contain core classes like:

  • social psychology.
  • cognitive psychology.
  • personality psychology.
  • life-span development, 
  • clinical and abnormal psychology. etc.


26. Southern New Hampshire University

Tuition: $320/credit for undergraduate degrees.

At Southern New Hampshire University there are several psychology degrees you can earn either as an online student or as an on-campus student. 

These courses will train you to become well-versed in psychological principles, human behavior, and research.

Their accredited online Psychology programs are designed to be flexible and allow you to learn on your own schedule and graduate with a recognized certificate.


27. DePaul University

Tuition: Check Here.

There’s a different twist to the online psychology program at DePaul University in its delivery and who is eligible for the program. 

At DePaul University, the online BA psychology program is only available to transfer students who meet certain requirements. 

This online psychology major also has two subcategories or concentrations which are:

  • Standard BA Concentration
  • Human Development BA Concentration.


28. Nyack College

Tuition: $25,500 per year.

If you study psychology at Nyack College, you’ll also be trained in biblical psychology. 

As a student, you’ll get to study all the necessary components of a psychology degree program and all courses are taught using the Christian worldview. 

Nevertheless, you can choose to specialize in the science of psychology or in the practical aspects of psychology.


29. McNeese State University

Tuition: $5,500.

McNeese State University’s online psychology program is unique in that as an online student, you’ll also gain access to the on-campus study benefits. 

You’ll be allowed to receive personalized advising, internship, service-learning opportunities, and supportive faculty.

If you’re studying psychology as a major, you must also select a minor or you can choose to complete 15 credit hours in an academic discipline.


30. Rider University

Tuition: $1,010 per credit.

The psychology program at Rider University is a combination of both the theoretical and practical aspects of psychology designed for learners aged 25 years and above.

You can start your online psychology program at any of the 6 starting times of the program. Students can take the course through Rider’s Continuing Education Program. Buena Vista University.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Which accreditation is best for psychology?

(APA) The American Psychological Association. The only organization authorized by the United States Department of Education to offer accreditation to Psychology programs, especially at the doctoral level is the American Psychological Association (APA).

2. Is it possible to get a psychology degree online?

Yes it is very possible to get a psychology degree online. There are several universities and colleges like the ones in this article that offer online programs in psychology to students. However, you may be expected to undergo an internship in person.

3. Is accreditation important in psychology?

Yes, It is Very Important. You need to ensure that any psychology program you wish to enroll in is of high quality and offers the appropriate courses that fit your career goals. If you graduate from an accredited institution, you'll be able to build a professional career in psychology that is recognized by the state.

4. What is the fastest way to become a psychologist?

Accelerated or Fast Track Bachelor's Programs in Psychology. If you're in search of a psychology program that allows you to graduate at a faster pace, you'll need to enroll in Accelerated bachelor's degree programs in psychology. These kinds of programs are usually faster than the traditional route.

5. How fast can you get a psychology degree online?

The duration of your psychology program online can take from a few months to several years. Most online programs take around 2 to 4 years to complete. Nevertheless, there are still some accelerated programs that may take less time.

Important Recommendations


Online education is growing rapidly and it has become a popular form of education for busy individuals, working professionals, and engaged individuals to grow their knowledge and even learn about a new career.

However, some individuals fall prey to taking online degrees that are not recognized or accredited. 

For this particular reason, we have written this article on the top 30 accredited online colleges for psychology to guide your choice of university.

We hope you found this valuable.