20 Best Military Boarding Schools in the World


Military boarding schools have been able to create a niche for themselves as a place of imparting a sense of decorum, discipline, and resourcefulness into the very subconscious mind of their students.

There are nearly infinite diversions and unwanted tendencies in a regular school environment than in a military boarding school, which might obstruct young men and women from getting things rolling in their daily life academically and otherwise. In military schools for young men and women, the case is different.

Understudies show that military schools are more disciplined, and have more leadership training and academic excellence.

They also provide a supportive environment to achieve one’s goal.

Statistically, there are over 34,000 boarding students enrolled in US private military schools every year on various campuses across the globe. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 highly regarded military boarding schools in the world. If you’re a parent or guardian who needs to send your child or ward to a tactical school for your young ones, these schools are right for you.

What Is A Military School?

This is a school or educational program, institution, or organization, that operates an excellent academic curriculum and at the same time teaches its students/pupils the rudimentary aspects of military life thereby preparing candidates for potential life as a serviceman.

Getting enrolled in any military school is considered a fate. Candidates receive masterpiece educational interaction while also getting trained in military culture.

There are three established tiers of military schools.

Below are the 3 established tiers of military schools for boys and girls:

  • Pre-School Level Military Institutions
  • University Grade Institutions
  • Military Academy Institutions.

This article focuses on the best Pre-Schools Level Military Institutions.

List of the Best Military Boarding Schools in the World

There are the pre-level of military school that prepares its candidates for further education as a serviceman. They lay the first foundation stones for the young minds on military matters, materials, and terminologies. 

Below is a list of 20 best military boarding schools:


1. Army and Navy Academy

  • Founded: 1907
  • Location: California at the Northern tip of San Diego Country, USA.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $48,000
  • Grade: (boarding) grade 7-12
  • Acceptance Rate: 73%

Army and Navy Academy is a school fashioned exclusively for the male gender. It has a 25% rate of students of colour and is located in California.

The massive campus spans 125 acres of land with an average class size of 15 students. The school is known to have a low acceptance rate.

However, the Academy does not have any religious affiliation. It is non-denominational and fields a student-to-teacher ratio of 7:1, coupled with an exclusive summer program. They have established a reputation for admitting a high rate of international students. 

In addition, the school helps you develop a strong sense of self, and core values, and reach higher in college and your career in becoming a self-disciplined and motivated individual.


2. Admiral Farragut Academy

  • Founded: 1907
  • Location: 501 Park Street North. St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $53,000
  • Grade: (Boarding) Grade 8-12,PG
  • Acceptance Rate: 90%

This school spans an enormous space of 125 acres with an annual enrolment of up to 300 students; 25% of students of colour, and 20% of international students.

The classroom dress code is casual and has an average class size of 12-18 and a student-to-teacher ratio is about 7.

However, Admiral Farragut Academy creates a college preparatory environment that promotes academic excellence, leadership skills, and social development within a diverse community of young men and women and 40% of their students have been offered financial assistance.

Presently, it is non-denominational and accommodates 350 students so far.


3. The Duke Of York’s Royal Military School

  • Founded: 1803
  • Location: C715 5EQ, Dover, Kent, United Kingdom.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: £16,305 
  • Grade: (Boarding) Grade 7-12
  • Acceptance Rate: 80%

The Duke of York’s Royal Military School is sited in the United Kingdom; currently enrolling students between ages 11 – 18 of both genders. Duke of York’s Royal Military School was founded by His Royal Highness Frederick Duke of York.

However, the foundation stones were laid at Chelsea and its gates were thrown open to the public in 1803, predominantly for children of military personnel.

In 1909 it was relocated to Dover, Kent. And in 2010 it went ahead to become the first full state boarding school.

Moreover, the school is aimed at providing academic success.

It is actively involved in extensive co-curricular activities that provide a wide range of opportunities that exposes its student to new possibilities.


4. Riverside Military Academy

  • Founded: 1907
  • Location: 2001 Riverside Drive, Gainesville USA.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $48,900
  • Grade: (Boarding) Grade 6-12
  • Acceptance: 63%

Riverside Military School is a top military boarding school for young men with 290 students enrolled.

Our corps represents 20 different countries and 24 U.S. states.

At Riverside Academy, students are trained through a military model of leadership development, resulting in success in college and beyond.

The academy is actively involved in programs for leadership, athletics, and other co-curricular activities that build discipline as well as academic excellence.

Among RMA’s signature programs are Cyber Security and Aerospace Engineering, with a new Civil Air Patrol coming this fall. The Raider Team and Eagle News Network are nationally recognized and attract students domestically and abroad.


5. Culver Academy

  • Founded: 1894
  • Location: 1300 Academy Rd, Culver, India
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $54,500
  • Grade: (Boarding) 9 -12
  • Acceptance rate: 60%

Culver Academy is a co-education military boarding school that focuses on academics and leadership development as well as value-based training for its cadets. The school is vastly involved in extra-curriculum activities.

However, Culver Academy was first established as an only girl’s academy.

In 1971, it became a co-education school and non-religious school with about 885 students enrolled.


6. Royal Hospital School

  • Founded: 1712
  • Location: Holbrook, Ipswich, United Kingdom
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: £29,211 – £37,614
  • Grade: (Boarding) 7 -12
  • Acceptance rate: 60%

Royal Hospital is another top military boarding school and a co-educational day and boarding school. The school is carved out from the naval traditions as an excellent area of experience and concentration.

The school accepts students with an age limit of 7 – 13 years for both domestic and international. Royal occupies 200 acres at Suffolk Countryside overlooking the Stour Estuary but was relocated to its present location at Holbrook. 


7. St. John’s Military School

  • Founded: 1887
  • Location: Salina, Kansa, United States
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $23,180
  • Grade: (Boarding) 6 -12
  • Acceptance rate: 84%

St. John military academy is a private military boarding school for boys that is focused on the development of the discipline, courage, leadership skills, and academic success of its student. It is a top-ranked school that is overseen by the president(Andrew England), the commandant cadets, and the academic dean.

Her total fee is $34,100 for domestic students and $40,000 for international students, which covers room and board, uniform, and security.


8. Nakhimov Naval School

  • Founded: 1944
  • Location: St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $23,400
  • Grade: (Boarding) 5-12
  • Acceptance rate: 87%

This is exactly where you would want your boys to spend their time. Nakhimov Naval School, named after imperial Russian, Admiral Pavel Nakhimov, is a military education for teenagers. Its students are called Nakhimovites.

The school formerly have numerous branches established in its name in various locations such as; Vladivostok, Murmansk, Sevastopol, and Kaliningrad.

However, only the branches at St. Petersburg Nakhimov school continue to exist.


9. Robert Land Academy

  • Founded: 1978
  • Location: Ontario, Niagra Region, Canada
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: C$58,000
  • Grade: (Boarding) 5-12
  • Acceptance rate: 80%

This is a private military boarding school for boys known for developing self-discipline and self-motivation in boys experiencing difficulties in various aspects of life. Robert Land Academy provides its students with all requirements for academic success.

At Robert Land Academy, the Ontario Ministry of Education inspects all curriculum, instructions, and resources to ensure they conform to ministry standards and guidelines.


10. Fork Union Military Academy

  • Founded: 1898
  • Location: Virginia, United State.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $37,900 – $46.150
  • Grade: (Boarding) 7-12
  • Acceptance rate: 58%

Fork Union Military Academy offers enrolment in grades 7 – 12 as well as Summer school programs to a huge number of students up to 300. It is quite affordable as a majority of its students have been offered financial aid by the school; more than half of her students receive a certain amount of need-based financial aid every year.

However, Fork Union Military Academy is currently a co-educational boarding school spanning 125 acres of land and enrolling up to 300 students per annum, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 7:1.

Her total fee covers the cost of uniform, tuition fee, meal, and boarding costs.


11. Fishburne Military School

  • Founded: 1879
  • Location: Virginia, United State.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $37,500
  • Grade: (Boarding) 7-12 & PG
  • Acceptance rate: 85%

Fishburne was founded by James A. Fishburne; one of the oldest and most private-owned military schools for boys in the USA. It covers a landmass of approximately 9 acres and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 4, 1984.

However, Fishburne is the 5th top-ranked military school in the USA with an enrolment rate of 165 students and a student-to-teacher ratio of 8:3.


12. Ramstein American High School

  • Founded: 1982
  • Location: Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: £15,305
  • Grade: (Boarding) 9-12
  • Acceptance rate: 80%

Ramstein America High School is a Department of Defence Dependent (DoDEA) high school in Germany and among the top military boarding schools in the world. It is  sited in the Kaiserslautern District 

In addition, it has an approximate enrolment of 850 students. It houses a state-of-the-art Football field, tennis courts, soccer pitch, an auto lab, etc.


13. Camden Military Academy

  • Founded: 1958
  • Location: South Carolina, United State.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $25,295
  • Grade: (Boarding) 7-12 & PG
  • Acceptance rate: 80%

Camedem Military Academy is a recognized official state military academy institution of south Carolina; ranked 20th out of 309 others in the United States. 

Moreover, Camden has an average class size of 15 students and amazingly, it is a mixed school. It sits on an enormous 125 acres of land less and quite affordable and with an acceptance rate of 80 percent, grades of 7 – 12.

Its enrolment has reached a peak of 300 students, with an international student percentage of 20, whilst students of colour are 25. Its dress code is casual.


14. Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint Cyr

  • Founded: 1802
  • Location: Coetquidan in Civer, Morbihan, Brittany, France.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee:£14,090
  • Grade: (Boarding) 7-12
  • Acceptance rate: 80%

Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint Cyris a french military academy affiliated with the French Army often referred to as Saint-Cyr. The school trained a large number of young officers who served during the Napoleonic Wars.

It was founded by Napoleon Bonaparte. 

However, the school has been sited in different locations. In 1806, it was moved to Maison Royale de Saint-Louis; and again in 1945, it was moved several times. Afterward, it settled in Coetquidan due to the German invasion of France.

Cadets enter the École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr and undergo three years of training. Upon graduation, cadets are offered a master of arts or a master of science and are commissioned, officers.

Her cadet officers are distinguished as “saint-cyriens” or “Cyrards”.


15. Marine Military Academy

  • Founded: 1965
  • Location: Harlingen, Texas, United States.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee:$46,650
  • Grade: (Boarding) 7-12 and PG
  • Acceptance rate: 98%

Marine Military Academy focuses on transforming today’s young men into tomorrow’s leaders.

It is a private non-profit military academy that fuels cadets’ minds, bodies, and spirits to develop the mental and emotional tools needed to navigate their path forward.

The school maintains the traditional way of the United States Marine Corps and a superb educational environment to develop strong morals.

They apply the U.S. Marine Corps concepts of leadership and self-discipline to youth development and college preparatory curriculum. It’s top rank among 309 schools.


16. The Howe School

  • Founded: 1884
  • Location: Indiana, USA.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $35,380
  • Grade: (Boarding) 5 -12
  • Acceptance rate: 80%

Howe military school is a private co-educational school that allows the enrollment of students across the country. The school aims at developing the character and educational background of its student for further education.

The school has over 150 students enrolled and an amazing student-to-teacher ratio which gives exceptional close attention to every student.


17. Hargrave Military Academy

  • Founded: 1909
  • Location: Military Drive Chatham, V A. USA.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $39,500
  • Grade: (Boarding) 7-12 
  • Acceptance rate: 98%

Hargrave Military Academy is a co-educational and affordable military boarding school that aims at building its cadets towards achieving greater academic excellence.

Hargrave Military Academy enrolls 300 students annually, on 125-sized acres of land. Its acceptance rate is high, up to 70 percent.


18. Massanutten Military Academy

  • Founded: 1899
  • Location: South Main Street, Woodstock, V A, USA.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $34,650
  • Grade: (Boarding) 7-12 
  • Acceptance rate: 75%

This is a co-educational school that focuses on preparing students for further education in a well-structured learning environment.

in addition, Massanutten Military Academy builds global citizens with improved and innovative minds.


19. Missouri Military Academy

  • Founded: 1889
  • Location: Mexico, MO
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $38,000
  • Grade: (Boarding) 6-12 
  • Acceptance rate: 65%

Missouri military academy is located in the Missouri countryside; exclusively available to boys only. The school runs a 360-degree academic policy and enrolls 220 male candidates with a student-to-teacher ratio of 11:1.

The school aims at building character, and self-discipline and preparing young men for further educational excellence.


20. New York Military Academy

  • Founded: 1889
  • Location: Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY USA.
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: $41,900
  • Grade: (Boarding) 7-12 
  • Acceptance rate: 73%

This is one of the most prestigious military schools in the USA, known for producing notable alumni such as former President Donald J Trump, etc.

New York Military Academy is a co-educational (boys and girls) military boarding school with an average student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1. In NYMA, the system offers an outstanding policy for leadership training and academic excellence.


Frequently Asked Question About Military Boarding Schools

1. Why should I send my child to a military boarding school?

military boarding schools focus on developing a child's sense of humor, leadership skills, and as well embedding discipline in its students/cadets. In military schools, your child gets a high standard of educational experience and engages in extra-curriculum activities. Your child will be prepared for further education and other life opportunities to becoming a global citizen.

2. What is the difference between a military school and a normal school?

In military schools, there is a low student-to-lecturer ratio, thereby making it easy for each child to be accessed and get maximum attention from their teachers than in a normal school.

3. Are there low-cost military boarding?

Yes, there are quite low-cost military boarding schools for low-income families who wish to send their children to a military boarding school.



In conclusion, unlike ordinary schools, military schools provide structure, discipline, and a setting that allows students to thrive and achieve their goals in a loving and productive environment.

Military schools are more dominant in accessing every child’s potential and creating room for close student-to-teacher relationships.

All the best, Scholar!!