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15 Cheapest Boarding Schools in Europe


Education is an important and the most precious part of a person’s life that shouldn’t be neglected; especially for a child who has to gain knowledge, interact, and meet new people. This article elaborates on the cheapest boarding schools in Europe.

There are approximately 700 boarding schools in Europe and getting your child enrolled in a boarding school can be quite expensive.

The average term fee of a boarding school is £9,502($15,6O5) which is quite expensive for a term. However, you can still enroll your child in a well-structured and standard boarding school as a low-income family.

In this article, World Scholars Hub has researched and provided you with a detailed list of the 15 cheapest boarding schools in Europe where you can enroll your Child/Children without having to break your piggy vest.

Why choose a Boarding School 

In today’s world, parents who do not have enough time to take care of their children probably because of the nature of their job/work activities, find a way of enrolling their children in a boarding school. By doing this, these parents ensure that their children aren’t left behind academically as well as socially.

Moreover, Boarding schools are more dominant in accessing every child’s potential and helping them explore this potential into becoming a better version of themselves.

Boarding Schools in Europe accept the enrollment of both foreign and indigenous students. They also create a high academic standard and experience.

Cost of Boarding Schools in European countries

According to United Nations, there are 44 countries in Europe, and the cost of Boarding Schools is estimated to be around $20k – $133k USD per year.

Boarding schools in Europe are seen as the best boarding school in the world.

However, boarding schools in Switzerland and the UK are more expensive while boarding schools in Spain, Germany, as well as other countries in Europe are the least expensive.

List of the Cheapest Boarding Schools in Europe

Below is a list of the top 15 cheapest boarding schools in Europe:

15 Cheapest Boarding Schools in Europe

1. International Schools of Bremen

  • Location: Badgasteiner Str. Bremen, Germany
  • Founded:  1998
  • Grade: Kindergarten – 12th grade (Boarding & Day)
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: 11,300 – 17,000EUR.

International School of Bremen is a private co-educational day and boarding school with students from over 34 countries enrolled in the school and approximately 330 students enrolled. The school is one of the cheapest boarding schools in Germany with a small class size having a student-teacher ratio of 1:15.

The school offers standard boarding facilities for students as well as develops students who are honest, trustworthy, and focused on achieving success in life. However, the school is actively involved in extra-curriculum activities that help in developing its student’s skills.


2. Berlin Brandenburg International School

  • Location: 1453 Kleinmachow, Germany.
  • Founded:  1990
  • Grade: Kindargarten – 12th grade (Boarding & Day)
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: 12,000 – 20,000EUR.

Berlin Brandenburg International School is a co-educational school with over 700 students enrolled and international students from 60 countries in the world. We offer assistance in harnessing students’ potential and developing the skills and value of every child enrolled.

However, BBIS is known as one of the cheapest boarding schools in Europe; a top leading international day and boarding school that runs early child education, primary year program, middle year program, and diploma program.


3. Sotogrande International School

  • Location: Sotogrande: Sotogrande, Cadiz, Spain.
  • Founded: 1978
  • Grade:  Nursery – 12th grade
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: 7,600-21,900EUR.

Sotogrande International School is a private co-educational day and boarding school for indigenous and international students from across 45 countries and over 1000 students enrolled. They offer primary, middle, and diploma programs.

SIS provides language and learning support as well as encourages self-development, skills, and talent. The school is known for its great emphasis on technology and passion for promoting international schools.


4. Caxton College

  • Location: Valencia, Spain,
  • Founded: 1987
  • Grade: Early education – 12th grade
  • Tuition Fee: 15,015 – 16,000EUR.

Caxton College is a co-educational private boarding school with two homestay programs; full homestay and weekly homestay for both local and international students.

However, Caxton College received an award certificate as a “British School Overseas” from the British educational inspectorate for being outstanding in all areas.

At Caxton College, the student receives full support in getting strong academic success, and good social behavior.


5. The International – Academy and Boarding school of Denmark.

  • Location: Ulfborg, Denmark.
  • Founded: 2016
  • Grade: Early education – 12th grade
  • Tuition Fee: 14,400 – 17,000EUR

This is a co-educational international boarding school for ages 14-17, the school provides an excellent environment that offers international Cambridge IGSCE education.

At International Academy and boarding school welcomes both local and international students. However, the school focuses on students’ personal development and academic success.


6. Colchester Royal Grammar School

  • Location: Colchester, Essex, CO3 3ND, England
  • Founded: 1128
  • Grade: Nursery – 12th grade
  • Tuition Fee: no tuition fee
  • boarding fee: 4,725EUR.

Colchester Royal Grammar School is a state boarding and day school founded in 1128 and later reformed in 1584, after granting two royal charters in 1539 by Herny Vill and Elizabeth in 1584.

The school creates opportunities for students to develop independence in facing life opportunities. At CRGS, students are provided with a supportive educational system that helps students perform better.


7. Dallam School

  • Location: Milnthorpe, Cumbria, Uk
  • Founded: 2016
  • Grade: 6th form
  • Tuition Fee: 4,000EUR per term.

Dallam School is a co-educational state school for 11-19 years that aims at encouraging the student to thrive in high-quality learning, and opportunities to instill quality skills.

However, Dallam Schools promotes good moral that prepares students into becoming global citizens, manage life opportunities and trials, and as well be creative and innovative.

At Dallam, the tuition fee of 4,000EUR is paid per term for full-time boarding; This is cheaper than other boarding schools.


8. St. Peter’s International School

  • Location: Quinta dos Barreleiro CCI 3952, Palmela Portugal.
  • Founded: 1996
  • Grade: Nursery – Higher Education
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: 15,800-16785EUR.

St. Peter’s International School is a private co-educational day and boarding school for students between the ages of 14-18. The school offers a safe and secure learning environment for students.

At St. Peter’s International School, there is high academic excellence as the school is known for academic excellence. Students are also trained to develop self-independence, and creativeness as well develops necessary skills.


9. St. Edward College Malta

  • Location: Cottonera, Malta
  • Founded: 1929
  • Grade: Nursery-Year 13
  • Yearly Boarding Fee: 15,500-23,900EUR.

St. Edward College Malta is a Maltese private boy’s school for ages 5-18. The school offers a high academic standard.

However, girls who want to apply for an international Baccalaureate Diploma are accepted from age 11-18.

The school receives students from across the globe; local and international students.

St. Edward College Malta aims at developing its student’s character and leadership skills to become value-adding global citizens


10. World International School of Torino

  • Location: Via Traves, 28, 10151 Torino TO, Italy
  • Founded: 2017
  • Grade: Nursery – 12th grade
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: 9,900 – 14,900EUR.

World International School of Torino is one of the cheapest boarding schools in Europe that runs primary, middle year, and diploma programs. There are over 200 students enrolled in the school with an average class size of 1:15.

At WINS, there are high-standard boarding facilities for students and a well-structured learning environment. The school creates a great learning experience for students.


11. Sainte Victoria International School

  • Location: France, Provence
  • Founded: 2011
  • Grade: KG – 12th grade
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: 10,200 – 17,900EUR.

Sainte Victoria International School is located in France. It is a co-educational school that runs the international Baccalaureate DIploma as well as IGCSE.

SVIS provides educational teaching in French and English; it is a bilingual primary to high school. Moreover, SVIS creates an amazing learning approach toward academic and cultural growth with a well-structured learning environment.


12. Erede International Boarding School

  • Location: Kasteellaan 1 7731 Ommen, Netherland
  • Founded: 1934
  • Grade: Primary – 12th grade
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: 7,875 – 22,650EUR.

Erede International Boarding School is a well-structured and standard boarding school in Netherland. EIBS focuses on providing academic success and creating a positive mindset for students.

However, EIBS is well a recognized international school for girls and boys between the ages of 4 – 18 in the Netherland.


13. Global College

  • Location: Madrid, Spain.
  • Founded: 2020
  • Grade: 11th – 12th grade
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: 15,000-16,800EUR.

This is co-educational boarding and day school located in Spain for students between the ages of 15-18 years. Global College offers students an outstanding education in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

At Global College, students are given the opportunity to innovative curriculum and monitoring to stay focused. The school as well offers two years of pre-university training


14. Ractliffe College

  • Location: Leicestershire, England.
  • Founded: 1845
  • Grade: Early education – 13th grade
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: 13,381-18,221EUR.

Ractliffe College is a catholic co-educational school for 3-11 years. it is a boarding and day school. Its boarding is from 10 years.

Moreover, Ractliffe College focuses on the growth and development of students as well as their academic success by providing a co-curriculum.


15. ENNSR International School

  • Location: Lausanne,Swirtzerland.
  • Founded: 1906
  • Grade: Early education – 12th grade
  • Yearly Tuition Fee: 12,200 – 24,00EUR.

This is a private co-educational boarding school with over 500 students enrolled from across 40 different countries. The student-to-teacher ratio is 15:1.

Moreover, ENSR stands for École nouvelle de la Suisse romande. The school has built a reputation for itself through its innovative teaching and high skilled teachers.

However, ENSR is a multilingual school.


FAQs About Cheapest  Boarding Schools In Europe

1) Can international students apply for boarding schools in UK?

Yes, international student can apply for most boarding schools in UK. There are a lot of schools in Uk that welcome student from other countries.

2) Are there free boarding schools in England ?

Well, state schools provide free education but a charge fee for boarding; the tuition fee for students is free.

3) Is schools in UK free for international students?

yes, most students attend free schools in Uk except for schools owned by the private or independent sector.



Sending your child to boarding school, especially in Europe shouldn’t require you to break the bank; all you need is the right information.

We believe that this article at World Scholar Hub has the right information to help you make the best decision for a cheap boarding school for you to study in Europe.


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