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Cheap Tuition Universities10 Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students

10 Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students


We’d be looking at the cheapest universities in Australia for international students in this article at the world scholars hub. This research article is to aid students who desire to study in Australia at the most affordable and quality-endowed universities in the great continent.

Most international students find Australia too exorbitant for their academic pursuit; but in reality, the tuition fees required from their institutions are really worth it considering the quality education they offer.

Here at World Scholars Hub, we have researched and brought you the cheapest, most affordable, and lowest tuition universities in Australia for international students to study abroad. Before we look at the cost of living in Australia, let’s look straight into the cheapest universities to study in Australia.

Cheapest Universities In Australia for International Students

Name of University Application Fee Average Tuition Fees per Year
University of Divinity $300 $14,688
Torrens University NIL $18,917
University of Southern Queensland NIL $24,000
University of Queensland $100 $25,800
University of Sunshine Coast NIL $26,600
University of Canberra NIL $26,800
Charles Darwin University NIL $26,760
Southern Cross University $30 $27,600
Australian Catholic University $110 $27,960
Victoria University $127 $28,600


Below is an overview of the cheapest universities in Australia for international students that we have listed in the table. If you want to know a thing or two about these schools, read on.

1. University of Divinity

The University of Divinity has existed for over a hundred years and is located in Melbourne. This university has provided graduates with the knowledge they need for leadership, ministry, and service to their community. They offer education as well as research in areas like theology, philosophy, and spirituality.

The University is known for the quality of its curriculum, staff, and student satisfaction. It has a great relationship with churches, religious organizations, and orders. This is made evident by its partnership with some of these bodies and organizations.

We have named it number one on our list of cheapest universities in Australia for international students. Click the button below to get an outline of Tuition fees for the University of Divinity.

Tuition Fee Link

2. Torrens University 

Torrens University is an international university and institution for vocational training based in Australia. Also, they boast of partnerships with other renowned and respected schools and colleges. This helps them to develop, and achieve their goals for higher education through a global perspective.

They offer quality education in a wide range of fields under:

  • Vocational and higher education
  • Undergraduate.
  • Graduate
  • Higher degree (through research)
  • Specialized degree programs.

They offer both online and on-campus learning opportunities. You can tap on the button below for the tuition fee schedule for the University of Torrens.

Tuition Fee Link

3. University of Southern Queensland

With over 20,000 students scattered all around the world, the university teaches specialized professional courses to students.

The University is recognized for its leadership in online and blended education. They offer an environment that is supportive. They are focused and committed to offering students better learning and teaching experiences.

You can find more about the university’s tuition fees here.

Tuition Fee Link

4. University of Queensland

The University of Queensland (UQ) is known as one of the leaders in research and quality education in Australia.

The university has existed for over a century and has consistently educated and offered knowledge to students through an outstanding set of educators and individuals.

The University of Queensland (UQ) is constantly ranked among the biggest names. It is known as a member of the global universities 21, amongst other prestigious memberships.

Check for their tuition fee here:

Tuition Fee Link

5. University of Sunshine Coast

Amongst the Cheapest Universities In Australia for International Students is this young university. The University of Sunshine Coast located in Australia is known for its supportive environment.

It boasts of dedicated staff, ensuring that students meet their goals and produce world-class professionals. They employ a hands-on learning and practical skills model to pass across knowledge to students.

Check out their scheduled fees here

Tuition Fee Link

6. University of Canberra

The University of Canberra offers courses (both face-to-face and online) from its Bruce campus in Canberra. The University also has international partners in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, and elsewhere from which courses are taught.

They offer a broad range of courses, within four teaching periods. These courses include:

  • Undergraduate courses
  • Graduate Certificates
  • Graduate Diplomas
  • Masters by Coursework
  • Masters by Research
  • Professional doctorates
  • Research doctorates

Learn more about their fees and cost here.

Tuition Fee Link

7. Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University has nine centers and a campus from which you can choose. The school has been recognized by ranking organizations throughout the world and is amongst our list of cheapest universities in Australia for international students.

The university provides a platform for students to develop skills that would be vital and essential for life, career, and academic success.

Charles Darwin University provides training and education to over 21,000 students through its nine campuses.

Look up information about fees and cost here

Tuition Fee Link

8. Southern Cross University

The school uses a model focused on interaction and connection which it named the Southern Cross Model. This model is an approach to tertiary education that is Innovative.

This approach is crafted alongside real-life applications. It is believed to deliver a deeper and more engaging experience to learners/ students.

Learn more about tuition costs and other fees here. 

Tuition Fee Link

9. Australian Catholic University

This is a young university, which is performing really well. This is evident in its ranking amongst the top 10 Catholic universities.

It also sits among the top 2% of worldwide universities, and Asia-pacific tops 80 universities. They are focused on propagating education, driving research, and fostering community engagement.

Learn more about their tuition by clicking on the link below.

Tuition Fee Link

10. Victoria University

The university boasts over 100 years of offering accessible education to indigenous and international students. VU is amongst the Australian universities offering both TAFE and higher education.

Victoria University has campuses in different locations. Some of these are situated in Melbourne, while International students have the option of studying at either Victoria University Sydney or Victoria University India.

To Check out Vital information about international student fees click on the link below.

Tuition Fee Link

Cost of living in Australia for international students

Research has it that in Australia, the cost of living is a little higher compared to that of other countries where international students reside.

You could clearly see the reason for this with the fact that accommodation whether on-campus student’s lodgings or in a share house, will all the time be the biggest and least negotiable expense for an international student.

In Australia, an international student will need an estimate of about $1500 to $2000 a month to live a comfortable life. With all being said, let’s look at a breakdown of the living expenses an international student will almost certainly make on a weekly basis.

  • Rent: $140
  • Entertainment: $40
  • Phone and internet: $15
  • Power and gas: $25
  • Public transport: $40
  • Groceries and eating out: $130
  • Total for 48 weeks: $18,720

So from this break down, a student needs about $18,750 in a year or $1,560 in a month for living expenses like Rent, entertainment, Phone and internet, power and gas, public transport, etc.

There are other countries with lower living costs like Belarus, Russia and many others you could consider studying in if you find the living costs in Australia a bit unaffordable and too high for you.

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