Cheap Tuition UniversitiesCheapest Universities in Australia for International Students

Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students


We’d be looking at the cheapest universities in Australia for international students in this article at world scholars hub. This research article is to aid students who desire to study in Australia at the most affordable and quality endowed universities in the great continent.

Most international students find Australia too exorbitant for their academic pursuit; but in reality, the tuition fees required from their institutions is really worth it considering the quality education they offer.

Here at World Scholars Hub, we have researched and brought you the cheapest, most affordable, and lowest tuition universities in Australia for international students to study abroad. Before we look at the cost of living in Australia, let’s look straight into the cheapest universities to study in Australia.

Cheapest Universities In Australia for International Students

Name of UniversityApplication FeeAverage Tuition Fees per Year
University of Divinity$300$14,688
University of Southern QueenslandNIL$24,000
University of Queensland$100$25,800
University of Sunshine CoastNIL$26,600
University of CanberraNIL$26,800
Charles Darwin UniversityNIL$26,760
Southern Cross University$30$27,600
Australian Catholic University$110$27,960
Victoria University$127$28,600

Note: Visit the schools website for more information on the above listed universities.

Cost of living in Australia for international students

Research has it that in Australia, the cost of living is a little higher compared to that of other countries where international students reside.

You could clearly see the reason for this with the fact that accommodation whether on-campus students lodgings or in a share house, will all the time be the biggest and least negotiable expense for an international student.

In Australia, an international student will need an estimate of about $1500 to $2000 a month to live a comfortable life. With all been said, let’s look at a breakdown of the living expenses an international student will almost certainly make on a weekly basis.

  • Rent: $140
  • Entertainment: $40
  • Phone and internet: $15
  • Power and gas: $25
  • Public transport: $40
  • Groceries and eating out: $130
  • Total for 48 weeks: $18,720

So from this break down, a student needs about $18,750 in a year or $1,560 in a month for living expenses like Rent, entertainment, Phone and internet, power and gas, public transport etc.

There are other countries with lower living costs like Belarus, Russia and many others you could consider studying in if you find the living costs in Australia a bit unaffordable and too high for you.

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