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Great Basin College Online Tuition


World Scholars Hub is here again! This time, we bring you tidings on Great Basin College Online Tuition and all you need to know.

We’d kickstart with the description of the institution in general before heading over to the online courses offered in the institution. Don’t worry we got you covered as we’d include the tuition alongside its course.

Great Basin College Online Tuition

Great Basin College

Overview: Great Basin College is a college located in Elko, Nevada.

It was founded in 1967 as Elko Community College before being renamed to Northern Nevada Community College and then to its current name. Currently it has over 3,836 students and is a member of the Nevada System of Higher Education. It’s official website can be viewed here.

It’s main campus is situated in Northern Nevada. Branch campuses serve the communities of Battle Mountain, Ely, Pahrump, and Winnemucca. Satellite centers are also located in almost 20 communities across Nevada. Great Basin College offers both Bachelor’s and Associates level of training.

It offers a four year Bachelor’s Degrees in courses as English, elementary and secondary education, applied science, land surveying, nursing, and integrated studies.

Great Basin College also offers Associate of Applied Science degrees in the areas of business, computer office technology, criminal justice, early childhood education, industrial technology, land surveying and nursing. In general, education in Great Basin College is progressively high and standard.

Great Basin College Online Reviews

You can study these wonderful reviews recorded by students, majorly alumni of Great Basin College. You would learn more through these reviews and experiences by the alumni,even more of the kind of college Great Basin is. Click here to know more about Great Basin college from the online reviews by niche.

Great Basin College Ranking

  • GBC is ranked #1 by as the most affordable accredited online college.
  • ranks GBC #1 as the best Nursing School in Nevada.
  • It is also ranked #1 as the Most Affordable Online College for Art Degrees by
  • ranks Great Basin College as the best online college in Nevada.
  • It is ranked #5 by as among the 10 Affordable Associate Degree Online in 2019.
  • ranks GBC #2 among the Top 60 Online Nursing Schools with ACEN Accreditation.
  • Among the 15 Most Affordable Online Secondary Education Degrees, ranks Great Basin College as #3.

All these rankings prove the high quality of education provided by Great Basin College especially on it online platform. This is why we choose to provide you with all the information you need to know with GBC online Courses alongside it’s Tuitions.

Great Basin College Online Degrees

GBC offers 81 degrees of which 48 are online. The 2019 tuition & fees are $3,128 for Nevada residents and $9,876 for out-of-state students at Great Basin College. Of the 3,244 students offer admission, 2,023 students were exclusively enrolled online.

Online programs offered in GBC include:

Fully Online Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs.

Bachelor’s Degree programs are held for a duration of 4 years. GBC offers two Bachelor of Art Degree Programs online. They include:

  • (BA) English
  • (BA) Social Science

Fully Online Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

The different bachelor degree programs have their various minimum requirements for acceptance and can be viewed via the university’s official website.

GBC offers one Bachelor of Science Degree online.

  • (BSN) – Nursing (RN to BS in Nursing Program)

Fully Online Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Programs

Great Basin College offers the following Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Programs.

  • (BAS) – Land Surveying / Geomatics Emphasis
  • (BAS) – Digital Information Technology Emphasis
  • (BAS) – Graphic Communications Emphasis
  • (BAS) – Management and Supervision

Always note that All baccalaureate programs at GBC have special admission and completion requirements (for details, see the particular program of interest).

Fully Online Associate of Arts Degree Programs

Associate of Arts Degrees are scheduled for students intending to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a traditional liberal arts education.

The AA provides for two years of study in general education, and it allows you to begin your major in such fields as art, English, and history.

Great Basin College offers the following Associate of Art Degree programs:

  • (AA) – Associate of Arts Degree
  • (AA) – Business (Pattern of Study)
  • (AA) – Early Childhood Education (Pattern of Study)
  • (AA) – English (Pattern of Study)
  • (AA) – Graphic Communication (Pattern of Study)
  • (AA) – Social Science (Pattern of Study)

Fully Online Associate of Science Degree Programs

The following program(s) is/are offer in GBC under the Associate of Science:

  • (AS) – Land Surveying/Geomatics (Pattern of Study)

Refer to college-wide graduation requirements for the AS degree.

Fully Online Associate of Applied Sciences Degree Programs

This program is developed to prepare scholars for entry level employment or further development of employment status.

It is a two year intensive program. GBC offers the following Associate of Applied Science Degree Programs:

  • (AAS) – Infant/Toddler Education
  • (AAS) – Early Childhood Education
  • (AAS) – Office Technology Emphasis
  • (AAS) – Graphic Communication Emphasis
  • (AAS) – Accounting Emphasis Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (AAS) – General Business Emphasis Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (AAS) – Entrepreneurship Emphasis Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (AAS) – Network Specialist Emphasis
  • (AAS) – Human Services
  • (AAS) – Computer Programming (formally the Information Specialist) Emphasis
  • (AAS) – Criminal Justice – Corrections Emphasis
  • (AAS) – Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement Emphasis

Fully Online Certificate of Achievement Programs.

This is a one year program. It is a shorter version of the Associate of Applied Science Program. It prepares scholars for specific job skills.

GBC offers the following Certificate of Achievement Programs:

  • (CA) – Office Technology
  • (CA) – Medical Coding and Billing
  • (CA) – Early Childhood Education
  • (CA) – Infant/Toddler Emphasis
  • (CA) – Accounting Technician Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (CA) – Business Administration Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (CA) – Entrepreneurship Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (CA) – Graphic Communications Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (CA) – Human Resources Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (CA) – Retail Management Restrictions/Special Considerations – None

Online College Tuitions

GBC classified the various tuitions differently and according to different categories. These categories is majorly based on the students and degrees. They include: fees by In-state-students, non-Resident Students, High School Students, Non-Resident WUE students, Non-Resident Online only students etc.

These fees are fully tabulated and can be viewed via GBC Admission fees.

A detailed description of the various fees have been provided for you. All you need do is to locate the Course of your choice and the category it falls under, prepare your fees and start learning.

We help you get you well equipped and informed as a scholar with our updates. Join us now!!!

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