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Jobs25 High-Paying Medical Jobs in the World

25 High-Paying Medical Jobs in the World


If you’re interested in the field of medicine, and you’re not quite sure which of the high-paying medical jobs in the world is right for you, we have brought you help in this article.

The medical field is one that holds a lot of promise and professional fulfilment, not just because of the attractive pay, but also because of the opportunity it offers you to help others and save lives.

Some of the professional careers in the medical field may pay more than others but that shouldn’t be your only criteria for choosing a medical job to build a career in.

This article contains a well researched list of some of the highest paying medical jobs in the world and an overview that explains what each profession is about. 

You may want to take a look at them before you read further.

List of the Top 25 High-Paying Medical Jobs in the World

Here’s the list of some of the medical jobs and professions that pay well.

  1. Surgeon
  2. Physician
  3. Pharmacist
  4. Dentists
  5. Physician Assistant
  6. Optometrist
  7. Nurse Practitioner
  8. Respiratory Therapist
  9. Registered Nurse
  10. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  11. Nurse Anaesthetists
  12. Veterinarian
  13. Pediatrician
  14. Physical Therapist
  15. Obstetrician and Gynecologist
  16. Audiologist
  17. Podiatrist
  18. Chiropractors
  19. Orthodontist
  20. Nurse Midwife
  21. Psychiatrist
  22. Occupational Therapist
  23. Radiation Therapist
  24. Speech-Language Pathologist
  25. Prosthodontist

Overview of the Top 25 High-Paying Medical Jobs in the World

Below are a few things you should know about these medical professions that we’ve listed above.

1. Surgeon

Average Salary: $208,000

Surgeons are known to operate on patients who have injuries, deformities and other physical abnormalities. 

This kind of medical professionals can specialise in a particular category of surgery or they may choose to become general surgeons. 

The job of a surgeon is a really serious one and it will require prospective surgeons to go through serious training before they can practice.

2. Physician

Average Salary: $208,000

These sets of medical professionals are sometimes referred to as primary healthcare doctors because of their importance to the basic healthcare needs of patients.  

Physicians may see their patients at intervals for regular checks and examinations to help patients stay healthy by detecting health issues on time.

The responsibilities of Physicians may vary, but here are the common ones:

  • Regular health-care checks.
  • Answer patients’ questions related to their health.
  • In some cases, they carry out prescription duties and help them design treatment plans.

3. Pharmacist

Average Salary: $128,710

Pharmacists do way more than just dispensing prescriptions over a counter. 

These medical professionals make sure that the medications you receive wouldn’t have a negative effect on you. 

They also give instructions to patients on the proper use and intake of medications. These professionals tell patients what to do when the medications they took had a side effect on them.

4. Dentists 

Average Salary: $158,940

Dentists are doctors known for the treatment of teeth, mouth and gum related health conditions. 

They specialise in various activities that ensure dental care and wellness. These doctors are trained to remove teeth, examine the mouth, gums and teeth, fill cavities etc. 

Practising Dentists work closely with dental hygienists and dental assistants to offer adequate oral healthcare to patients who need them.

5. Physician Assistant

Average Salary: $115,390

Physician assistants are multi- skilled healthcare professionals that apply their expertise into a variety of medical duties.

These medical professionals work with other medical professionals at different healthcare settings and facilities. 

Their specific roles may depend on a couple of factors like; healthcare settings, specialty, laws of the state, etc. They may have some of the responsibilities below in physician assistant jobs:

  • Patient Treatment and Diagnosis.
  • Assist other healthcare professionals during procedures and surgeries.
  • Record medical histories.
  • Engage in research and carry out physical exams.

6. Optometrist

Average Salary: $118,050

When people begin to have eye issues, the first doctor they’ll need to talk to is an Optometrist. 

This is because optometrists are specialists in examining the eyes for deficiencies and prescribing a medical glass if need be). 

In addition to that, optometrists can also perform other tasks like vision therapy.

7. Nurse Practitioner

Average Salary: $111,680

Nurse Practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses that have acquired extra education that equips them for more complex and vital medical roles. People get confused about the roles of Nurse practitioners because they share almost similar roles with Physicians. 

However,  Physicians undergo more advanced training and carry out more complex healthcare operations that Nurse Practitioners can’t. Some of the duties of Nurse Practitioners includes:

  • Carry out Physical examination of patients.
  • Taking patient historical records.
  • Analyse patients laboratory results
  • Prescribe medications 
  • Engage in patient education on vital health conditions. etc.

8. Respiratory Therapist 

Average Salary: $62,810

Respiratory Therapist specialises in offering medical care to patients who may be undergoing healthcare problems related to the heart or lungs. 

They also engage in treatment or respiratory related conditions like Asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis etc. 

These medical professionals may have the following duties:

  • Perform diagnosis of the lungs.
  • They administer breathing and respiratory treatment.
  • Respiratory Therapists may also carry out consultation with other medical professionals like surgeons.
  • They also engage in research.

9. Registered Nurse

Average Salary: $75,330

To become a registered nurse, you may need to have either a diploma program or an associate degree program. Registered nurses have a host of duties and work with different patients of different needs.  Some of their duties may include;

  • Monitoring Patients’ conditions.
  • They also Check for patients’ progress.
  • Performing medical procedures.
  • Administering medications to patients.

10. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon 

Average Salary: $208,000

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are advanced dentists who have extra training in surgery. These healthcare professionals use their expertise to perform surgeries on the jaw, face and mouth. They have so many responsibilities some of which includes:

  • Diagnosis of patients with Cancer of the head, neck or oral cancer.
  • They can also carry out some cosmetic surgeries like facelifts.
  • These doctors also engage in the treatment of facial traumas 
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon may also fix cleft lips.

11. Nurse Anaesthetist

Average Salary: $183,580

When doctors want to carry out surgeries that may cause so much pain to the patient, Nurse Anaesthetists are usually needed to administer anesthesia to help reduce or eliminate the pain. 

Nurse Anaesthetists usually need to become registered nurses after which they can specialise in anaesthesiology after undergoing a Masters Degree and training in critical care.

12. Veterinarian

Average Salary: $99,250

These medical professionals are known to specialise mainly in animal care and health. 

They carry out examination, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases and other health conditions. 

Veterinarians are trained  to perform surgery on animals, prescribe medications and vaccinate animals. Some vet doctors also engage in awareness programs for animal health and care.

13. Paediatrician

Average Salary : $177,130

Paediatricians are medical specialties who are focused on child care and wellness ranging from physical, social, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

They are concerned about the medical issues of children from infancy until they become young adults. This medical field has other branches within it which are focused on special aspects of career.

14. Physical Therapist

Average Salary : $91,010

Physical Therapists are sometimes called movement experts or PT for short. 

They work with athletes and individuals who may have encountered body disorders to offer care, prescribe exercise and also educate such individuals. 

These trained medical professionals evaluate and treat any abnormality in physical functions from accident, injury or disability.

15. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Average Salary: $208,000

These medical professionals are responsible for helping pregnant women give birth to their children. They take care of pregnant women during their pregnancy period up until delivery. 

Obstetricians are surgical specialists who are more focused on childbirth. While Gynaecologist deal mainly with the reproductive health of women and ensure that they are fit and safe for delivery. 

Gynaecologists and Obstetricians are sometimes referred to as OB-GYNs however, you must be a gynaecologist before you can become an obstetrician.

16. Audiologist 

Average Salary: $81,030

From the name Audiologist, you may already have a clue of what their medical jobs may be. 

Nevertheless, you’ll still hear a little more about them here. Audiologists engage in hearing and balance health issues and conditions. 

Their jobs may include:

  • The examination of a patient’s hearing as well as balance.
  • Prescribing and administering relief procedures
  • Offering hearing aids to patients with hearing impairment.

17. Podiatrist

Average Salary: $134,300

Podiatrists sometimes called Doctors of Podiatric medicine are medical professionals who are experienced in the treatment of foot related medical conditions.

These medical specialists engage in the diagnosis, study and surgical treatment of the angle, the leg and foot to return them to their original structure after disorder.

Podiatry is a fairly large branch of medicine that treats a wide range of foot related conditions using both surgical and nonsurgical methods.

18. Chiropractors 

Average Salary: $70,720

Chiropractors are doctors responsible for the treatment of patients with musculoskeletal system problems.

They carry out spinal adjustments on patients and use manual manipulations to help patients solve these health concerns.

These professionals work with a large group of individuals on medical matters related to the nerves, muscles, ligament, bones etc.

19. Orthodonists 

Average Salary: $208,000

These doctors are considered dental specialists because their jobs fall under the spectrum of dental Health. 

Orthodontists are responsible for fixing abnormalities in the teeth and jaws. They correct dental problems like underbites and overbites. 

Patients who need their teeth to be straightened are usually attended by Orthodontists who make use of braces for such corrective treatment.

20. Nurse Midwife

Average Salary: $111,130

Nurse midwives are sometimes referred to as APRNs which means advanced practice registered nurses. 

Their jobs may be confused with that of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians, but they are not totally the same. Midwives could help women deliver a baby, but they can not perform surgeries.

These advanced practice registered nurses carry out check ups at intervals with women of different ages. They may perform pregnancy examination, menopause check and other aspects of healthcare for women.

21. Psychiatrist

Average Salary: $208,000

Psychiatrists are doctors who are responsible for issues related to mental health conditions. 

Amongst other responsibilities, psychiatrists carry out diagnosis, evaluate patients health and create a treatment plan for their patients. 

To become a psychiatrist, you must have passed through a medical school and completed a Psychiatry medical residency program.

22. Occupational Therapist

Average Salary: $86,280

Occupational therapists work with patients who are dealing with different issues including physical, mental, emotional etc . 

Professionals who are occupational therapists work closely with patients to ensure that they are able to function properly and reach certain goals. 

They may carry out routine examinations of patients, after which they are able to know the kind of treatment or therapy which will be beneficial to the patient based on his/her condition.

23. Radiation Therapist

Average Salary: $86,850

Usually, Oncologists and Dosimetrists prepare a treatment plan for patients who may have conditions that require radiation and the Radiation Therapist implements these plans. 

Medical professionals in this field work with a lot of machines to help them avoid mistakes while they treat their patients. They use machines like; Cone beam computed tomography, CAT scans, X-rays, immobilisation devices etc. 

Radiation Therapists set up these machines to administer the right radiation dose to their patients.

24. Speech-Language Pathologist

Average Salary: $80,480

Speech-Language pathologists are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of people who may have difficulty with their speech. 

They also handle patients who may be experiencing swallowing difficulty, stroke victims having speaking difficulty, individuals who stutter etc.

These medical professionals are also known as speech therapists and they work in different healthcare and non healthcare settings. 

25. Prosthodontist

Average Salary: $208,000

If you’re thinking about replacing your teeth, you may love to know about these doctors. 

These medical specialists are known to cater to people who may have lost a tooth or two, have troubles with their teeth or individuals who want to work on their smile.  

They also work with cancer patients after treatment to monitor the difficulty they may have with their teeth, communication or feeding.

FAQs About High-Paying Medical Jobs in the World

1. How much do the highest paid anesthesiologists make?

The Average Salary of anesthesiologists $208,000. This is an estimation calculated from the cumulative sum of the salaries earned by a number of anesthesiologists.

2. Which type of radiologist makes the most Money?

Radiation Oncologists are sometimes considered the top earning radiologists earning an average of $300k to $500k per annum.

3. How do I start a career in the medical field?

There are different approach to take, but the most common one follows the sequence below: ✓Attain a pre-med or science related degree. ✓Acquire a medical related job or an internship. ✓Write your admission test for a medical college. ✓Get Enrolled into medical school ✓Be admitted into a medical facility for your residency. ✓Take a medical licensing exam ✓Become a Doctor.

4. What is the easiest medical career to get into?

Phlebotomy. People consider Phlebotomy the easiest medical field to get into because and to practice. Some of your training can take place online, and you can be prepared for your state licensure exam in a year or less through an accelerated program.

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So many careers with high pay and professional fulfilment can be found in the medical field. Nevertheless, to become a medical professional, you must go through the necessary training and requirements.

One of such requirements is to have quality medical education and practical training that will qualify you to do the job that the profession demands. 

Being a medical professional is no joke because people’s lives will be in your hands. If you handle it carelessly, it may attract consequences. 

This is the reason why we have put in all our time and effort to make this resource and other valuable resources on the blog available for you.

You can check out other relevant articles on the blog before you go. We wish you the best.


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