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How To be Smart


Do you want to be a smart student? Do you want to rise high above your educational challenges facing them with natural ease? Here is a life changing article on how to be smart presented to you by the World Scholars Hub to tell you the wonderful and essential tips needed for becoming a smarter student.

This article is very important for scholars and will go a long way to improve your academic life if properly adhered to.


What Does It Mean To Be SMART?

Come to think about it, one way or the other we’ve been called smart; but what does it really mean to be smart? The dictionary describes a smart person as one who possesses a quick-witted intelligence. This type of intelligence comes naturally most times, but it’s also good to note that it can be developed even if it is not there at all from the start.

Being smart develops an individual to maneuver challenges, even using it for added advantage. Aside solving the present individual and natural problems, it goes a long way to determine how a business will excel even among its contemporaries, how to be successful etc. and so determines the employer’s choice of the employees into a business firm.

Before we go into the ways of becoming smart, we’ll start by defining Intelligence.

Intelligence: It is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skill.

Knowing intelligence to be the basis for smartness, it is keen to note ‘Learning’ as the most important power of becoming smart. For me ultimate sign of a smart person is a person who recognizes that while they may already know a lot, there is still more than a lot more out there left for them to learn.

How To Be Smart

1. Exercise Your Brains

How to be Smart
How to be Smart

Intelligence is not what everyone is born with but it can be acquired.

Just like the muscles, the brain being the seat of intelligence can be exercised. This is the first step towards being smart. Learn! Learn!! Learn!!!



The brain can be exercised by:

  • Solving Puzzles, like the Rubik’s Cube, Sudoku
  • Playing mind games like Chess, Scrabble, etc.
  • Solving math problems and mental arithmetic
  • Doing artistic works like painting, drawing,
  • Writing Poems. It goes a long way to develop ones cleverness in use of words.

2. Develop Other People’s Skills

Smartness is not all about the general notion associated with intelligence as discussed above. It also entails how we are able to relate with other people and our ability to develop their skill. Albert Einstein defines genius as taking the complex and making it simple. This we can achieve by:

  • Trying to make our explanations simple and clear
  • Being nice to people
  • Listening to other people’s opinions, etc.

3. Educate Yourself

Another step towards becoming smart is by educating yourself. One must learn to independently, bearing in mind that education isn’t all about the stressful schooling we go through. Schools are meant to educate us. We can educate ourselves by learning, especially about the world around us.

This can be achieved by:

  • Reading varieties of books and journals,
  • Increasing your vocabulary; learning at least a word a day from the dictionary,
  • Learning about the world around us. To become smart we must develop interest in subjects such as current affairs, scientific studies, interesting facts etc.
  • We must always try to make connections with every bit of information we get instead of allowing it lay waste in our brains.

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4. Expand your Horizon

Expanding your horizon is another way to become smart.

By expanding your horizon ,we mean going beyond your present. You can do this by:

  • Learning a new language. It will teach you a lot about other people’s culture and tradition
  • Visit new place. Visiting new place, countries teaches you a lot about people and much more about the universe. It makes you smart.
  • Be open minded to learn. Don’t just sit at what you know; open your mind to learn what others know. You’ll amass useful knowledge about others and the environment.

5. Develop Good Habits

In order to be smart, we must learn to develop good habits. You won’t expect to become smart overnight. It is something that you must work out.

These habits will be necessary for one to be smart:

  • Ask questions especially concerning he things around us we don’t fully understand.
  • Set Goals. It doesn’t stop at setting the goals. Strive hard to achieve these goals
  • Always learn. There are many sources of information out there. For example: books, documentaries, and the internet. Just keep learning.

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We’ve come to an end of this article on How to be Smart. Feel free to use the comment section to tell us things you think made you smarter. Thank You!


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