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How To Get Good Grades


The World Scholars hub is happy to present you this important article on how to get good grades. We realize its importance to scholars and how it affects their future in preference to their job opportunities.

Before we proceed, we’ll like to let you know that getting good grades isn’t just for a particular set of people. In fact everyone is very capable of getting good grades.

The little secret is this; there are some rules those that make and maintain good grades apply whether consciously or unconsciously. These rules will be made very clear to you. Stay put as we guide you through this helpful article.

How To Get Good Grades

Here are the tips that can help you get good grades in high school and college:

1. Get Determined

This is the first and foremost step towards getting good grades.

As a scholar you must be motivated if you really want to make it. You must know what you want otherwise you’ll end up not finding meaning in your studies and school.

If you can’t get your motivation from other people that make good grades, set useful goals and follow it up as a source of motivation. This goals will help push your determination to getting great grades.

2. Make Your Schedule

As a scholar who wants to make good grades, you’ll need to be organized. You need to prepare a sort of a timetable. Direct how your day runs.

Now this timetable should be carefully mapped out such that it properly fit into your daily activities in school and at home. If possible it could be done under the supervision of your parents. This means it isn’t a ‘one minute’ thing.

The timetable should also contain study times perfectly fitted in at your most comfortable hour. You could also be careful not to overload your day with too many courses as it may be difficult to follow up. It’s the major reason scholars are not good at following their timetables.

3. Pay Attention and Take Notes

While in school it is necessary to pay attention while lectures are going on. Some topics are better understood when taught. Paying attention in class would give a forehand knowledge and better understanding of the topic.

It will aid understanding during your personal study of the topic. If you really want to make good grades, you need to play your part.

While the lesson is going on, it is also worthwhile to take important note as we may forget what has been said. What you have written down remains written and available for you to go through for future references

4. Ask Questions Where Confused

If you must get good grade, then forget about being shy or what others may say or think. Always ensure to clarify yourself by asking questions when and where you don’t understand. Just don’t go home confused.

After classes ensure to meet the instructor if not properly understood. You could also meet a fellow mate for proper explanation.

5. Participate Actively In Class

Be an active participant in the during lectures. Ask questions, make suggestions, answer questions etc. It really helps to give a better understanding of the lectures.

It also stores the activities of the day in memory for a longer time; things explained during lectures of active participation are easily remembered.

6. Do Your Homework

Assignments ain’t meant for punishment. They are there to aid understanding of the subject at hand. They actually prepare you for the exams and tests, which determine a majority pf your grades. So, if you really what to get good grades, you must stop seeing these homework as punishments.

7. Review Your Notes

Though it may not be part of the schedule, it will be necessary to review the notes you took during the lectures daily. Doing this allows the lectures stick properly to your memory. Make out time to review what had been done that day in class. You can do this after lectures or better still immediately you arrive home.

8. Give Time To Playing

It is said ”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Give time to leisure. Don’t be too serious. Just be time conscious. Don’t get overwhelmed by your leisure. Playing promotes brain coordination. These are the simple tips you need to follow if you desire to make and maintain good grades.

9. Eat Healthily

Eating healthily helps you study healthily. Food is very necessary as the brain consumes a whole lot of energy during studies whether at home or in class.

Also note that certain types of food should be avoided eg snacks. They cause the brain to lag. Consume enough fruits and cooked food. It nourishes the brain. All these balls down to making good grades in tests and exams.

10. Sleep Well

Don’t overwork your brain. Give it rest. Allow it to place in order all that you’ve learnt that day. Give enough time to sleep as you give to your books. It will help study fast and effectively as well as aid your understanding of the next day courses.

Feel free to share tips on how to get good grades you know using the comment section below. Every scholars academic success is our top priority.


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