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How To Write A Good Essay


Sure enough, writing an essay isn’t quite easy. That’s the reason scholars shy away from it. The good thing is that it could really be made fun if particular steps on how to write a good essay are followed during the course of the writing.

These steps have been explained in details here at World Scholars Hub. By the end of this article, you won’t agree less that essay writing is fun. You may be tempted to commence writing immediately or even making it your hobby. That sound unreal right?

How To Write A Good Essay

Before we hit right at the steps on how to write a good essay, what is an essay and what does a good essay contain? An essay is a piece of writing, usually short, on a particular subject or matter. It displays the writer’s mind concerning that subject on paper. It consists of three parts namely;

The Introduction: Here the subject at hand is shortly introduced.

The Body: This is the main part of the essay. Here the main ideas and every other details are explained concerning the subject. It may contain many paragraphs.

The Conclusion: Essays shouldn’t be so difficult if one can really understand that it is on a particular subject. What then do you really have to say concerning that subject at hand say ‘Man and Technology’? Essays are there for you to pour out your mind concerning an issue. Some topics may leave you clueless but thanks to the internet, journals, magazines, newspapers etc we are able to source information, put them together and place out thoughts concerning the idea down on paper.

Let’s head on to the steps right away.

Steps to Writing an Excellent Essay

Follow these steps below to write an excellent essay:

Tune Your Mind

That’s the first and foremost step. You must be ready. Just know that it isn’t easy but it’s fun. Decide within you to make a good essay so you don’t feel reluctant while building the essay. Writing an essay is about you.

It’s about telling the reader how you feel concerning the subject. You won’t really express yourself properly if you are not interested or reluctant. Making a good essay is first a thing of the mind. ‘Whatever you set your mind to do, you will do’. Once your mind is set even as you find delight in the topic, ideas will begin bubbling up.

Research On The Subject

Conduct a proper research on the topic. The internet is readily available and provides with a lot of information concerning any particular idea. Information can also be sourced from journals, newspapers, magazines etc. You can also get information indirectly concerning the subject through TV stations, Talk shows and other educative programs.

A thorough research should be conducted on the topic so that during the course of the essay you will not lack any idea. Of course, the result of the research conducted should be recorded including external ones such as your insight into the context.

After the research review your work consistently until you have thoroughly understood your points and are ready to draft them down

Draft Your essay

On a plain paper, draft your essay. You do this by outlining the order in which the essay should take. This includes sectioning it into its three main parts- the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

As the body is the main part of the essay, care should be taken in outlining the shape it should take. Your different strong points should fall under particular paragraphs. Based on the research conducted, these points should be carved out.

Take as much time to look into the introduction since it’s the object of attraction and attention unto any reader. It should be carefully penned down. Though the body seems to be the main part of an essay it shouldn’t be taken as the most important.

Equal importance should be given to the various parts of the essay including the conclusion. They all serve to make a great essay.

Pick Your Thesis Statement

By now you should be fully conversant with what you are actually writing about. After the research and organization of points, you should be well aware of what you want.

But is your reader in that situation?

This is where the thesis statement comes to play. The thesis statement  is a sentence or two that expresses the main idea of the whole essay.

It comes up in the introductory part of the essay. The thesis statement may be the first opportunity to put your reader in your line of thought. With the thesis statement you could either confuse or maybe convince your reader. It is therefore important you pick wisely. Sit down to put you whole idea in a clear and concise sentence. You could be witty about it, but make it clear assuming you’re the reader.

Make Catchy Introductions

The introduction may seem less important. It isn’t. It is the first means of drawing the reader into your work. Picking a good intro would make your reader lounge to know what you’ve got. It’s more like attaching a worm to a hook in order to catch to a fish.

Introductions are a critical part of the essay. You need to convince the reader that your essay is worth reading. You could be creative, maybe starting with an important part of a story that leaves the reader curious. Whatever you do, grab the attention of your reader while making your point and be very careful not to deviate.

Organised Body

The body of the essay follows after the introduction. Here you have points based on research concerning the subject. Ensure that every paragraph of the body elaborates on a particular point. These points gotten out of research would serve as the main idea of each paragraph being stated clearly.

The then the supporting details would follow. One could be quite witty by including the main idea in the paragraph other than it’s first line. It’s all about being creative.

Ensure that the main ideas of each points are linked in order in form of a chain in that the main idea of the former gives way to the latter.

While writing do well to avoid repetition of words. It get the reader bored. Make use of the thesaurus to source synonyms. Interchange nouns with pronouns and vice versa.

The Careful Conclusion

The purpose of the conclusion is to restate the main argument. This could be achieved by buttressing on the strongest point contained in the body of the essay. The conclusion isn’t there for making new point. It, too, shouldn’t be lengthy.

From the main ideas of the paragraphs coupled with the thesis statement and the introduction, conclude all your main thoughts.

The above are steps on how to write a good essay and as we’ve come to the end of this content, we’d appreciate your use of the comment section to tell us steps that has worked for you that we might have missed. Thank You!

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