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Bible Scholar50+ Questions About God and Their Answers

50+ Questions About God and Their Answers


Oftentimes, we find ourselves pondering on the mysteries of the universe and on the intricacies of our world and we wonder if there are answers to the questions about God. 

Most times, after a long search we find answers and then new questions pop up.

This article presents an in-depth objective approach to answering the questions about God from the perspective of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 

We start by answering a few commonly asked questions about God.

Here, World Scholars Hub has explored the commonly asked questions about God and among the questions, we have answered in this article for you include:

All Questions About God and Their Answers

Let’s take a look at over 50 questions about God in different categories.

Commonly asked Questions about God

#1. Who is God?


One of the very commonly asked questions about God is, who is God?

Truthfully, God does mean so many different things to so many different people, but realistically, who is God? 

Christians believe that God is a Supreme Being who is all-knowing, all-powerful, very perfect, and, as St. Augustine says, the highest ultimate good (summum bonum). 

The Islamic and Jewish belief in God is quite very similar to this Christian view. However, initiates to each religion could have personal, individual views of God, and this most times hinges on the general religion’s belief.

So basically, God is Someone whose existence is above all things— humans included.

#2. Where is God?


Okay, so where is this Supreme Being? How do you meet Him? 

This is a tough question actually. Where is God? 

Islamic scholars agree that Allah lives in the heavens, He is above the skies and above all creations.

For Christians and Jews however, although there is also the general belief that God dwells in heaven, there is an additional belief that God is everywhere— He is here, He is there, He is just anywhere and everywhere. Christians and Jews believe God is omnipresent. 

#3. Is God Real?


So you may have asked, is it even possible that this Person—God, is real? 

Well, it is tricky as one will have to prove the existence of God to convince others that He is real. As you go on with this article, you will definitely find answers that prove the existence of God. 

So, for now, hold on to the assertion that God is real!

#4. Is God a King?


Jews, Christians, and Muslems often refer to God as a King— a Sovereign Ruler whose Kingdom exists eternally.

But is God really a King? Does he have a Kingdom? 

Saying that God is a King could be a figurative expression used in holy writings to attribute to God as a definite ruler over all things. A way for humans to understand that the authority of God transcends all things.

God did not become God through some sort of balloting or poll, no. He became God by Himself.

Therefore, is God a King? 

Well, yes He is! 

However even as a King, God does not force His will upon us, rather He lets us know what He wants of us, then He allows us to use our freewill to make a choice. 

#5. How much Power does God Wield?


As a King, God is expected to be powerful, yes. But how powerful is He? 

All religions including Islam, Christianity and Judaism agree that God’s power is way beyond our human understanding. We just cannot comprehend how much power He wields.

All we can know about God’s power is that it is above ours —even with our outstanding innovations and technologies!

Most times, Moslems initiate exclaim the words “Allahu Akbar”, which literally means, “God is the Greatest”, this is an affirmation of God’s power. 

God is omnipotent. 

#6. Is God Masculine or Feminine?


Another commonly asked question about God is about the gender of God. Is God male, or is “He” female?

For most religions, God is neither a man nor a woman, He is genderless. However, it is believed that the way we perceive or portray God in peculiar circumstances may feel either uniquely masculine or feminine. 

Hence, one can feel protected by the strong arms of God or wrapped securely within His bosom. 

The pronoun, “He”, however, is used in most writings to depict God. This in itself does not mean that God is masculine, it just shows the limitations of language in explaining the Person of God. 

Deep Questions about God

#7. Does God hate Mankind?


This is a deep question about God. There are situations when people wonder why the world is in so much chaos when there is Someone perfect enough to control the ‘mayhem’.

People wonder why good people die, people wonder why truthful people suffer and people with morals are scorned. 

Why does God allow wars, sickness (epidemics and pandemics), famine, and death? Why did God put mankind in such an uncertain world? Why does God allow the death of a loved one or an innocent person? Could it be that God hates mankind or he just doesn’t care?

Truthfully, these questions are very likely to be asked by someone who have been hurt badly by a succession of sad vicissitudes in life.

But does that hurt justify the claim that God hates Mankind? 

Predominant religions all agree that God does not hate Mankind. For Christians, God has in several ways and several instances shown that he is willing to go miles to save humanity. 

To answer this question objectively by looking at an analogy, if you hate someone and you had infinite power over that person, what would you do to that person?

Definitely, you would give the person lights out, erase the person completely, and live no trace.

So provided that mankind still exists to this day, no one can conclude that God hates humans. 

#8. Is God always Angry?


So many times from so many different religions, we’ve heard that God is annoyed because humans have failed to conform their lives to his precepts. 

And one wonders, is God always annoyed? 

The answer to this question is no, God is not always angry. Although He does get angry when we fail to obey Him. God’s anger only becomes a fiery action when (after a series of warnings) a person continues to disobey. 

#9. Is God a mean Person?


This is obviously one of the deep questions about God.

For all religions, God is not a mean person. This is particular for Christians. As a Christian belief, God is the most caring person in the whole universe and as the greatest good, there is, He cannot compromise His being to be nasty or mean.

However, God does issue punishment for disobedience or failure to follow his precepts. 

#10. Can God be Happy?


Of course, God is. 

God in himself is happiness, joy, and peace—the summum bonum. 

Every religion agrees that God is happy when we do the right things, obey the right laws, and keep to His precepts. 

It is also believed that in God, humans find happiness. If we were to obey the precepts of God, then the world will truly be a place of happiness, joy, and peace. 

#11. Is God Love?


Oftentimes we’ve heard of God being portrayed as love, especially from Christian preachers, so sometimes you ask, is God truly love? What sort of Love is He? 

The answer to the question for all religions is, yes. Yes, God is love, a special kind of love. Not the filial kind or the erotic kind, which are self satisfying.

God is that love that gives up itself for others, a self-sacrificing kind of love— agape. 

God as love shows how deeply involved He is with mankind and with His other creations.

#12. Can God Lie?


No, he can’t. 

Whatever God says stands as the truth. God is all-knowing, therefore he cannot even be placed in a compromised position. 

God in Himself is absolute and pure Truth, therefore, the blemish of lying cannot be found in His Being. Just as God cannot lie, he cannot also be attributed to evil. 

Tough Questions about God

#13. What does the Voice of God sound like?


As one of the tough questions about God, Christians, and Jews believe that God speaks to people, Moslems however do not agree with this. 

Jews believe whoever hears the voice of God is a prophet, therefore not everyone is privileged to hear this voice. 

For Christians however, anyone who pleases God can hear His Voice. Some people hear God’s Voice but are unable to discern it, and such people wonder what God’s voice sounds like. 

This is actually a tough question because God’s voice differs in different situations and for different persons. 

God’s voice could be heard in the silence of nature speaking softly, it could be heard as the calm voice in the depth of your heart guiding your path, it could be the warning signs ringing in your head, it could also be heard in rushing waters or wind, in the gentle breeze or even within rolling thunders. 

To hear God’s voice, you just have to listen. 

#14. Does God look like Humans?


What does God look like? Does he look human—with eyes, a face, a nose, a mouth, two hands, and two legs? 

This is a unique question as it is said in the Bible that humans were created in “God’s likeness”— so basically, we look like God. However, our physical bodies although wholesome have their limitations and God is not bound by limitations. Therefore, there should be another part of Man that has this “Likeness of God”, and that’s the Spirit part of Man. 

This means that even though God can be seen in the form of a human, he cannot be constrained to that form. God does not necessarily need to look human to present himself. 

The Islamic view of God however edicts that God’s form cannot be known. 

#15. Can God be seen?


This is a tough question because only a very select few in the Bible have seen God while they were still humanly alive. In the Quran, there is no one who was said to have seen Allah, not even the prophets. 

In Christianity, it is however believed that God has shown us himself in Jesus Christ. 

What is certain though, for all religions, is that once a righteous person dies, that person gets an opportunity to live with God and see God for eternity. 

#16. Does God smite people?


There are recorded cases of God in the Old Testament of the Bible striking people who have refused to obey his commands. Therefore, God does smite people who are evil or have allowed evil to happen when they had any authority to stop it. 

Unanswerable Questions about God 

#17. When will God show himself to Everyone?


For Christians, God has revealed himself, especially through Jesus. But Jesus’ existence as a human was thousands of years ago. So people wonder, when will God show himself physically to the whole world again? 

In a way, God continues to show himself to us through various means and what is left is for us to believe. 

However, if it were the question of God returning as a human, then the answer to that has not been revealed yet and it cannot be answered. 

#18. Did God create Hell?


Hell, a place/state where it is said that souls languish and are tormented. If God is so benevolent and kind, and he created everything, did he create hell? 

Although this is a question that cannot be answered, it could be said that hell is one place without the presence of God, and without his presence, lost souls are tormented without reprieve. 

#19. Why does God not Destroy Satan or Forgive him?


Satan, the fallen angel has continued to cause people to turn away from God and His statutes, thereby leading many souls astray. 

So why doesn’t God just destroy Satan so that he no longer leads souls astray, or even forgive him if that is possible? 

Well, we do not know the answer to that question yet. People however say that Satan hasn’t asked for forgiveness yet. 

#20. Can God Laugh or Cry?


Definitely one of the unanswerable questions about God.

It cannot be said if God laughs or cries. These are human actions and have only been attributed to God in figurative writings. 

No one knows if God cries or laughs, the question is impossible to answer. 

#21. Does God Hurt?


God get hurt? It seems unlikely right? God should not be able to feel pain considering how Powerful and Mighty He is. 

However, it is recorded that God is a Person who can get jealous. 

Well, we cannot tell if God really feels any kind of pain or if He can get hurt. 

Questions about God that Make you Think

#22. Does God approve of Philosophy and Sciences?


With improvements in technology and advances in science, many people no longer believe there is God. Therefore one might ask, does God validate sciences? 

God does approve of philosophy and sciences, he has given us the world to explore, understand and create, therefore God does not disapprove however he is concerned when we make idols out of things that make our lives comfortable.

#23. Will God exist without Mankind? 


God existed without Mankind . God can exist without Mankind. However, it is not God’s wish to see mankind wiped off the face of the earth. 

This is one of the questions about God that make you think.

#24. Is God Lonely?


One might wonder why God created man or interferes in the affairs of men. Could it probably be that He is lonely? Or possibly, he just can’t help it? 

It may sound awkward but many people really wonder why God went out of his way to create people and then interfere in their matters to solve problems and disputes. 

God isn’t lonely, his creation of mankind and his interference is a part of a grand plan. 

#25. Is God beautiful?


Well, no one has seen God’s true form and has written about it. But considering how beautiful the universe is, it will not be wrong to say that God is beautiful. 

#26. Can humans understand God?


In so many ways God communicates to man in different situations, sometimes people hear him sometimes they don’t, mostly because they weren’t listening. 

The human race understands God and what God wants of it. However, sometimes, humans fail to obey God’s instructions even after they have understood his message. 

In some cases though, humans do not understand the actions of God, especially when things are difficult. 

Philosophical Questions about God

#27. How do you know God? 


God permeates every being and is a part of our existence. Every human knows, deep down, that there is someone who began all of these, someone more intelligent than man. 

Structured religion is a result of man’s search to find the face of God. 

Over the centuries of the existence of man, supernatural and paranormal events have occurred and are recorded. These somewhat proves that there is more to mankind than life on earth. 

Within us we know that there is someone who gave us our lives, therefore we decide to seek him out. 

In the quest to know God, following the compass in your heart is a good way to start but doing this search all alone might get you  tired, therefore there is need for you to find guidance as you chart your course. 

#28. Does God have Substance?


This is one of the most asked philosophical questions about God, what is God made of?

Every existing object or being is made up of matter, they have a defined composition of elements which make them what they are.

Therefore, one could wonder, what substances make God what He is? 

God in Himself is not made up of substance, rather he is the essence of himself and the essence of the existence of all other substances across the universe. 

#29. Can one completely know God?


God is a being beyond our human comprehension. It is possible to know God but it will be impossible to know him completely with our finite knowledge. 

Only God can know himself completely. 

#30. What is God’s Plan for Humanity? 


God’s plan for humanity is to have every human being live a fruitful and fulfilling life in earth and to achieve eternal happiness in heaven. 

God’s plan is however not independent of our decisions and actions. God has a perfect plan for everyone but our wrong decisions and actions could thwart the course of this plan. 

Questions about God and Faith

#31. Is God a Spirit?


Yes, God is a spirit. The greatest Spirit from which all other spirits came to be. 

Basically, a spirit is the force of existence of any intelligent being. 

#32. Is God eternal? 


God is eternal. He is not bound by time or space. He existed before time and he continues to exist after time has ended. He is boundless. 

#33. Does God require Mankind to worship Him?


God does not make it compulsory for mankind to worship him. He only put within us the knowledge, that we ought to. 

God is the greatest Being there is in the universe and just as it is reasonable enough to give honor to any great person, it is our utmost responsibility to show the deepest respect to God through worshipping him. 

If humans decide not to worship God, it takes nothing away from him but if we worship him, then we stand a chance of achieving the happiness and glory which he has prepared. 

#34. Why are there so many religions?


Humans began the search for God in so many ways, in so many different cultures. In several ways God has revealed himself to man and in several ways man has interpreted this encounter. 

Sometimes, lesser spirits who are not God also make contact with humans and demand to be worshipped. 

Over the years, these encounters by different persons have been documented and codified ways of worship developed. 

This has lead to the development of Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Traditional African Religions and many others in the long list of religions. 

#35. Is God aware of the various Religions?


God is aware of everything. He is aware of every religion and the beliefs and traditions of these religions. 

However, God has put within man the ability to discern what religion is true and which is not. 

This is really a popular one in the questions about God and faith.

#36. Does God really speak through People?


God does speak through people. 

Most times, the person will have to submit his will to the will of God in order to be used as a vessel. 

#37. Why have I not heard of God? 


It is unlikely for someone to say, “I have not heard about God.”

Why is it so? 

Because even the wonders of this world point us towards the direction that there is God. 

So even if a person has not approached you to tell you of God, you will have already come to that conclusion yourself. 

Atheistic Questions about God

#38. Why is there so much Suffering if there is a God?


God did not create us to suffer, that is not God’s intention. God created the world to be perfect and good, a place of peace and happiness. 

However, God allows us the freedom to make our choices in life and sometimes we make poor choices that result in our own suffering or the suffering of other people. 

That the suffering is temporal should be a source of relief. 

#39. Does the Big Bang Theory eliminate God from the Equation of Creation?


The big bang theory even as it remains a theory does not eliminate the function God played in Creation. 

God remains the uncaused cause, the unmoved move and the Being who “is” before every other being became. 

As is the case with our everyday life, before anybody or object begins motion, there must be a primary object behind its movement or motion, in the same clause, every event which occurs is a causative factor. 

This also goes for the big bang theory. 

Nothing happens out of nothing. Therefore if the big bang theory were to be true, God still plays a definitive role in making this bang happen m

#40. Does God even exist?


One of the first atheistic questions about God you get to hear is, does He even exist?

Definitely, He does. God truly does exist. 

Through the assessments of the workings of the universe and how ordered its members are, there should be no doubts that a truly Super-Intelligent Being has put all of these in place. 

#41. Is God a Master Puppeteer?


God is in no way a puppeteer. God does not enforce his will on us, nor does he manipulate us to follow his commands. 

God is a really straightforward Person. He tells you what to do and allows you the freedom to make your choice. 

However, he does not just leave us all to ourselves, he gives us the opportunity to ask for his assistance as we make our choices. 

#42. Is God Alive? Can God Die? 


A thousand, thousand centuries have passed since the universe was set in motion, so one may wonder, probably the person who created all of these is gone. 

But is God really dead? 

Of course not, God cannot die! 

Death is a thing that binds all physical beings with finite lifespans, this is because they are made up of matter and are time-bound. 

God isn’t bound by these limitations, He is neither made up of matter nor is he time-bound. For this reason, God cannot die and he is still alive. 

#43. Has God forgotten about Mankind? 


Sometimes we create things and then we forget about those things when we create new ones which are better than the previous ones. We then use the old version of our creation as a reference to the more innovated and enhanced creativity.

The older version might even end up forgotten in a museum or worse, cannibalized for study to create newer versions. 

And one wonders, is this what has happened with our Creator? 

Of course not. It is unlikely that God will abandon or forget about mankind. Given that his presence is everywhere and His interference in the world of humans is visible. 

Therefore, God has not forgotten Mankind. 

Questions about God by Young People 

#44. Has God already made plans for every individual’s future? 


has a plan for everyone and his plans are good. No one however is mandated to follow this mapped-out plan. 

The future for humans is an uncharted, uncertain course but for God, it is defined. No matter the choice one has made, God already knows where it leads to. 

If we make a bad choice, or a poor one, God makes efforts to bring us back on track. It however remains for us to realize and respond positively when God calls us back. 

#45. If God has made Plans Why do I need to try?


Just as it has been said, God gives you the freedom to make your choice. Therefore effort on your part is necessary for you to conform to God’s plan for your life. 

Again as St. Augustine says, “The God who created us without our help will not save us without our consent.”

#46. Why does God allow Young people to Die? 


It is a really painful event when a young person dies. Everyone asks, why? Especially when this young person had great potential (which he/she is yet to realize) and is loved by all. 

Why did God allow this? How can He allow this? This boy/girl was a bright star, but why do the brightest stars burn out faster? 

Well, while we cannot know the answers to these questions, one thing remains true, for a young person who was true to God, heaven is assured. 

#47. Does God care about Morality? 


God is a pure spirit and during creation he has encoded some sort of information which tells us what things are moral and what things aren’t. 

So God expects us to be moral and pure as he is or at least makes efforts to be. 

God does care about morality, a lot. 

#48. Why does God not eliminate Aging?


As a young person, you might begin to wonder why God does not eliminate aging— wrinkles, old age, and its attendant implications and complications. 

Well, while this is a difficult question to answer, one thing is certain though, aging is a beautiful process and is a reminder to every human of our very finite lifespan. 

#49. Does God know the future?


Questions about God by young people are almost always about what the future holds. So, many young men and women wonder, does God know the future?

Yes, God knows everything, he is omniscient. 

Even though the future can be convoluted with lots of twists and turns, God knows it all. 

Questions about God and the Bible 

#50. Is there only one God? 


The Bible records three different Persons and declares each of them as God. 

In the Old Testament, Yahweh who led the chosen people of Israel and in the New Testament, Jesus, the son of God and the Holy Spirit who is the spirit of God are all called God. 

The Bible however did not separate these three Persons from their essence as God nor did it say that they were three gods, it however shows a diverse but united roles played by the triune God to save humanity. 

#51. Who has met God? 


Several people in the Bible have had face to face contact with God both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament of the Bible. Here is a rundown of people who actually met God;

In the Old Testament;

  • Adam and Eve
  • Cain and Abel
  • Enoch
  • Noah, His Wife, His Sons, and Their Wives
  • Abraham
  • Sarah
  • Hagar
  • Isaac
  • Jacob
  • Moses 
  • Aaron
  • The Whole Hebrew Congregation
  • Moses and Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and the seventy leaders of Israel 
  • Joshua
  • Samuel
  • David
  • Solomon
  • Elijah amongst many others. 

In the New Testament all the people who saw Jesus in His Earthly appearance and realized him as God, include;

  • Mary, Jesus’ Mother
  • Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father
  • Elizabeth
  • The Shepherds
  • The Magi, Wise Men from the East
  • Simeon
  • Anna
  • John the Baptist
  • Andrew
  • All of Jesus’ apostles; Peter, Andrew, James the Great, John, Matthew, Jude, Judas, Bartholomew, Thomas, Philip, James (son of Alphaeus) and Simon the Zealot. 
  • The woman at the Well
  • Lazarus 
  • Martha, the sister of Lazarus 
  • Mary, the sister of Lazarus 
  • The Thief on the Cross
  • The Centurion at the cross
  • Followers who saw Jesus’ glory after the resurrection; Mary Magdalene and Mary, the two disciples traveling to Emmaus, the five hundred at His Ascension
  • Christians who came to learn about Jesus after the Ascension; Stephen, Paul, and Ananias.

There are probably lots of other questions about God and the Bible which were not listed and answered here. However, it is more likely that you will find more answers in a church.

Metaphysical Questions about God

#52. How did God come into existence?


God did not come into existence, He is existence Himself. All things came to be through Him. 

Simply put, God is the beginning of all things but He has no beginning. 

This is the answer to one of the mind-blowing metaphysical questions about God.

#53. Did God Create the Universe?


God created the universe and all that is in it. The stars, the galaxies, the planets and their satellites (moons), and even the black holes. 

God created everything and set them in motion. 

#54. What is the Place of God in the Universe?


God is the creator of the universe. He is also the first being in the universe and the initiator of all things known or unknown, visible or invisible.  


Questions about God most times evoke conversations, with dissenting voices, assenting voices, and even neutral ones. With the above, you should have no doubts about God.

We will love to engage you more in this conversation, let us know your thoughts below.

If you have your personal questions, you can also ask them, we will be most pleased to assist you to understand God better. Thank you!

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