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Spanish Universities that Teach in English


Choosing to study in Spain is one of the best decisions one can make in a lifetime. As a country with an inspiring and insightful cultural and historical heritage, Spain is one of the most sought out locations for educational tourism.

Living in Spain comes with a reasonable cost of living and a welcoming atmosphere, all of which make Spain an international student’s hub. Now I can imagine you asking, If Spain is a students’ hub, are there Spanish Universities that teach in English?

Of course, there are! There are Spanish Universities that teach in English to both local and international students. You’d get to know them shortly in this article at WSH.

Why Study in Spanish Universities that Teach in English?

Studying in a foreign country may prove difficult oftentimes for international students especially if the locals in the study location do not speak English, French or German as an official language.

English language being the most dominant of these is often the language of choice for most international student. As a student from an anglophone country seeking to study in Spain, you will need to explore your options from a comprehensive listing of Spanish universities that teach courses in English.

Spanish Universities that Teach in English

Here are some of the great Spanish schools which offer you the option of studying in English:

1. The EU Business School, Barcelona

Overview: The EU Business School delivers an outstanding business education by immersing students in real-world business environments to have them gain privileged insights into how companies really work.

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 648B, 08017 Barcelona, Spain.

About: First on our list of Spanish universities which take courses in English to accommodate international students is the prestigious EU Business School in Barcelona.

This institution is a diverse prominent business school which offer various business courses for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees.

Established in 1973, the EU Business School has built a reputation for itself over the years. Currently, the institution has campuses in Geneva, Montreux and Munich.

Programs studied in English at the EU business school include but are not limited to Leisure and Tourism Management, Business Finance, Sports Management, International Relations, Business Administration, Communication and Public Relations, Entrepreneurship and E-Business.

As an innovative institution, there is also the option of studying virtually by following courses online.

2. The ESEI International Business School, Barcelona

Overview: ESEI offers a customised education that values each student’s past, present and future by providing the best, most innovative and most appropriate tools to develop their talents and enhance their performance in an international working environment.

Address: Carrer de Montevideo, 31, 08034 Barcelona, Spain.

About: Based in Barcelona, the ESEI International Business School is another Spanish university which teaches business courses in English at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The institution is quite popular for being one of the most creative and innovative Spanish higher institutions. It is an academic citadel open to new ideas and trends from across the globe.

The ESEI offers an opportunity of internship to every student (local and international alike) during the period of their studies.

Established in 1989, the institution is diverse and is a multicultural hub as more students across the globe consider studying there as it offers authenticated British degrees.

3. The UIBS, Barcelona and Madrid

Overview: UBIS has flexible study programs based on the American model of higher education which allows students to choose courses based on program requirements, previous studies, current interests and future ambitions.

Address: Cross-Cultural Education Center, Rambla de Catalunya, 2, 08007 Barcelona, Spain.

About: The United International Business Schools organization (UIBS) is a diverse private higher Institution which has its educational programs modeled after those of American institutions. Students get to choose their program of study based on their prior studies, present interests and future goals.

The institution offers programs for undergraduate and postgraduate levels and students get certified after the program is completed.

The United International Business Schools organization (UIBS) is not only accredited in Spain, it also has accredited campuses in Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Asia.

Programs offered in the UIBS border on executive level business programs, management programs, professional business programs and online business management programs.

4. The Schiller International University, Madrid

Overview: Schiller International supports you to acquire knowledge and skills needed to efficiently perform in high-quality academic environments globally.

Address: C. de Joaquín Costa, 20, 28002 Madrid, Spain.

About: The Schiller International University is another Spanish university which offers programs taught in English language. With an educational mission centered on training students to become independent and capable professionals, the Schiller International University have trained multiple global leaders and is still training more.

Undergraduate programs in International Relations and Diplomacy and Business Administration at the Schiller International University are quite similar to US accredited programs.

5. The Suffolk University, Madrid

Overview: In Suffolk University, you will learn and live with students from more than 25 countries and take courses infused with a global perspective.

Address:  C. de la Viña, 3, 28003 Madrid, Spain.

About: Established in 1906 at Boston, Massachusetts as an institution for legal studies, Suffolk University’s campus in Madrid now incorporates liberal arts and management courses to their curriculum.

The programs offered at the Suffolk University include art history, computer science, English, government, business, communication, history, science, sociology and Spanish.

The main campus of Suffolk University still remains in Boston.

6. The European University of Madrid

Overview: The European University of Madrid is an institution that eliminates borders. It has inclusive and permeable structures to social changes. This trains students to have a multidisciplinary approach and ethical commitment.

Address: C. Tajo, s/n, 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid, Spain.

About: The European University of Madrid is a private university with a diverse multinational student body. With two campuses in Madrid (an older campus in Villaviciosa de Odón and the new one in Alcobendas) the European University of Madrid is able to educate a large student pool.

The academic curriculum of the European University of Madrid is student-focused and globally relevant as updates are made annually to ensure consistency with global developments.

At the European University, a vast range of bachelor degree programs, as well as master’s and doctorate degree programs are available.

7. The Saint Louis University, Madrid

Overview: SLU prepares students to be well-rounded leaders and critical thinkers who make a positive impact on the world

Address: Av. del Valle, 34, 28003 Madrid, Spain.

About: The Saint Louis University-Madrid, is the Spanish branch of the American Jesuit University, Saint Louis University in Missouri. Its parent institution was established in 1818.

After a hundred and fifty years of academic existence in the United State, the university decided to extend its reach to Madrid through a study abroad program. The program improved and by the year 1996, it officially became recognized as a university.

SLU-Madrid offers degree programs in Political Science/International Relations, Spanish Language and Literature, Communication, Business Administration/International Business, English and Economics.

8. The EAE Business School, Barcelona

Overview: EAE is an international business school that champions innovation as a constant response to the need of people and companies in a changing world.

Address: C/ d’Aragó, 55, 08015 Barcelona, Spain.

About: Founded in 1958, the EAE Business School, Barcelona has an academic imparting experience of over sixty-nine years. Within this period, the institution has produced over fifty thousand executives and managers who are changing the face of business globally.

The EAE has an Online Business School, which provides a wide variety of postgraduate courses for international students.

In 2009 MERCO ranked EAE the 4th best business school in Spain.

9. The ESADE Business School, Barcelona

Overview: ESADE believes in the power of doing, the power of transforming the present to create a better future. She believes thatiInnovation won’t change everything but you will.

Address: Av. de Pedralbes, 60, 62, 08034 Barcelona, Spain.

About: The ESADE Business School offers graduate business programs, an MSc in International Management, Marketing Management, Business and Administration.

The business school was established in Barcelona in 1958 and over the years, ESADE has obtained signed cooperation agreements with more than a hundred universities across the globe.

The ESADE Business school does not only have a campus in Madrid, there are other campuses at Buenos Aires and Casablanca too.

10. The C3S Business School, Barcelona

Overview: C3S Business School focuses on preparing future business leaders by employing innovative learning techniques and some of the best faculties in Europe, through online and on-campus programs.

Address: Carrer de Londres, 6, porta 9, 08029 Barcelona, Spain.

About: Located in the center of Barcelona, C3S Business school is a great place to study. It boasts of a diverse pool of students from across the globe thriving in great multicultural academic society.

The C3S offers a wide range of courses to cover programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.

The institution is known for its distinctive teaching method that is focused on a real-world approach thereby meeting a high qualification standard on a global scale.

11. La Salle – Universidad Ramon Llull, Barcelona

Overview: La Salle is a Lasallian Catholic university committed to the principle that all knowledge is practical and empowering, it is an institution filled with the capacity to transform lives.

Address: Carrer de Sant Joan de la Salle, 42, 08022 Barcelona, Spain.

About: The La Salle University in Barcelona began to serve the Catalonian industry as a pioneer school in 1903, and has been innovating education ever since to provide quality education for everyone interested in learning.

With an intrinsic belief that students come first, the La Salle University is able to give an awesome education experience to thousands of students undergoing academic programs in the institution.

The institution offers courses for a varied number of programs for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

12. The Málaga Business College, Málaga

Overview: The Málaga Business College is all about economics and innovation.

Address: C. Palma del Río, 19, 29004 Málaga, Spain.

About: The Málaga Business College was established in the year 2000 and have developed a curriculum which offer high quality education in Economics, Management Finance and Social Sciences. The institution is located in the heart of the southern Spanish city of Málaga.

Málaga Business College offers courses on Business and Administration, Management and Finance. It awards an MSc at the end of the program. Currently, the institution is temporarily closed.

13. The University of Valencia (La Universitat de València)

Overview: The University of Valencia engages students in scientific research that creates technological impact.

Address: Av. de Blasco Ibáñez, 13, 46010 València, Valencia, Spain.

About: The historical University of Valencia is another University which offers courses in English language. Established in the late 15th century, the University of Valencia is arguably one of the oldest surviving educational institutions in Spain. Being adaptable to the changes in academics over the years, the institution has been able to remain relevant to the modern society.

The landscape of this ancient university is also breathtaking. Located in Spain’s third largest city, the university’s three main campuses are within the embrace of the beautiful Mediterranean coast, such that one can escape to the beach for a quiet time and a stroll.

14. The Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

Overview: The UAB has a unique model that respects the basic principles of autonomy, participation and social commitment.

Address: Campus de la UAB, Plaça Cívica, 08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain.

About: The Autonomous University of Barcelona is another Spanish higher institution which provides you the option of studying courses in English Language.

Located within the heart of of the Catalan culture of Barcelona, the Autonomous University provides an awesome opportunity of connecting with locals to international students.

Reputed for its research facilities and excellent standard education, The Autonomous University of Barcelona provides one of the best academic experiences for students who seek to study courses in  English.


With the list above, you can find a suitable Spanish Universities that Teach in English.

Although you might not be the best in Spanish linguistics, we recommend that as an international student, you need to familiarize yourself with the language of the locals.

Asides from providing solid ground for a comfortable relationship with the locals, you gradually improve yourself.

It is not a bad idea to become a polyglot. Or is it? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. And yes, we wish you success as you apply to that Spanish university that teach in English.

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