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Study AbroadStudy Abroad in Bali

Study Abroad in Bali


Most scholars are willing to complete their studies abroad, far away from their home country. Unfortunately they face the challenge of choosing a country for which they would further their studies.

Luckily for you, World Scholars Hub is here to support you a bit in your decision making.

In this article we’ll let you know why you should make Bali your choice if not your first choice. Also, we’d provide you with all the information you need to know about studying abroad in BALI. Let’s head on!

Study Abroad Bali

About Bali

Bali is an island located in Indonesia. It is in fact a province of Indonesia. It is located in between two islands;Java,located westward and Lombok situated eastward. It has a total population of about 4.23 million people with a total land size of about 2,230 sq miles.

Bali has its provincial capital city as Denpasar. It happens to be the most populated city in Lesser Sunda Islands. Bali boasts of being the main tourist destination in Indonesia. In fact 80% of it economy comes from Tourism.

Bali is home to four ethnic groups namely; Balinese, Javanese,  Baliaga, Madurese with the Balinese constituting a majority of the population( about 90%).

It also contains four major religions which  includes Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity, and Buddhism. Hinduism takes a major chunk of the population, possessing about 83.5% of it.

Indonesian is the major and official language spoken in Bail. Balinese, Balinese Malay, English, Mandarin are also spoken there.

Why Bali?

Aside its mixed cultures, languages, ethnic groups and beautiful landscapes, a major center of tourist attraction, Bali has a very rich educational system. The Indonesian education system is the fourth largest in the world with more than 50 million students, 3 million teachers, 300,000 schools.

It has a transforming education system as a research carried out by UNESCO shows that the youths have an Impressive literacy level of about 99%. Now just about its conscious effort towards is physical beauty completing your studies in Bali is worth trying.

Although terrorist attacks had occurred or may occur foreign as well as tourist safety has been of special concern. More than many other countries, it’ll be a really wonderful experience to further your studies in the rich culture and beautiful landscape of Bali.

Study Abroad Programs

If your searching for a study abroad program in a location beautified by its local intelligent cultures, then studying in Bali is just a good option for you. Below is a list of Study abroad programs in Bali.

The choice of program to engage in is all yours depending on the career you want to pursue.

Take A Semester Off In Bali-Udayana University

Udayana University is among the largest and most renowned university in Bali. It also has its reputation as one of the leading universities in Indonesia. You can take a semester off to improve your professional career in Bali while still enjoying its beautiful cultural activities.

Applying via Asian Exchange is fast and easier. You would also expect your placement within a week. BIPAS, an International and Interdisciplinary program taught in English is also taken part by Asian Exchange Students. Ensure to avail yourself for this life changing opportunity. LEARN MORE

SIT Indonesia: Art, Religion & Social Change

Get to know about the evolving relationship among Art, Religion and Social Organisations present in Indonesia. Harness this opportunity to build up your career in the wonderful landscape of Bali.


Warmadewa International Program

Warmadewa International Program is an International and interdisciplinary program in Indonesia. It is also important to note that the program is taken in English. All the programs, lectures, workshops aim at providing you with a solid background on the Indonesian Culture, Politics, Language, Business Strategies and so much more.

In case you are an International student and you’re really interested in taking up a program in an exotic environment, you got to APPLY NOW

Study Abroad in Bali, Indonesia at Undiknas University

Join other world scholars to complete your education in culturally friendly environment at the University of Undiknas, Bali, Indonesia. Education there is worthwhile. Avail yourself of this opportunity to study with both local and international students. Do this by applying via Asia Exchange.

University of National Education (Universitas Pendidikan Nasional, abbreviated as Undiknas), a private university in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, was established on 17 February 1969 and holds its reputation for standard and quality education. APPLY HERE

Semester Abroad: Southeast Asian Architecture

Take a semester abroad studying Southeast Asian Architecture in the Udayana University. The program is a fifteen week one open to International Students as well as Exchange Students to learn the secrets to the region’s unique buildings. LEARN MORE

Study Entrepreneurship in Bali at Warmadewa University

Peter Vesterbacka,, the founder of the startup event Slush, is spreading their entrepreneurial visions life in Bali. Bali Business Foundation is a program launched by Asia Exchange and Vesterbacka in Warmadewa University to build up the entrepreneurial skill of scholars.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. LEARN MORE

Study in Bali with Aspire Training Academy

Aspire Training Academy(ATA) is a non-profit Organisation based in Wandsworth South West London. Since its establishment in July 2013, it has not failed to deliver a high quality education in its specialised areas. Here is the opportunity to study in Bali with Aspire. Don’t miss out. APPLY NOW

Bali: Marine Conservation Semester & Summer Courses

‘Tropical Biology and Marine Conservation’ summer program is now open to application for interested international students. The program is to be hosted in the Udayana University and application by the Uphill study Program in Bali. Fortunately the courses are held in English and partly by Local Professors, National and International Guest Lecturers.

Avail yourself of this opportunity. APPLY NOW

En Route To Bali-Travel Guide

There are ways to get to Bali; By Land, by Air, By Water, of which travel by air is the best and safest especially for foreigners.

It is entirely easy to move from one’s country to Bali. Just a few steps to follow.

  • Locate an Airline that goes to Bali.
  • The major International Airports are Denpasar in Bali and Jakarta in Java. Of Course Denpasar would be your choice since your trip is to Bali.
  • Prepare your passport. Ensure your passport has at least six months validity from your day of arrival in Bali since it’s a standard requirement in most countries.
  • You’ll need a Visa On Arrival(VOA). Plan your VOA as it will be required in major border crossing. As a tourist you’ll need your passport, 2 passport photos, proof of a return flight etc to apply for a 30 day VOA.

IF you got these then you’re ready to go. Ensure you make the right choice of clothing materials since Bali is closer to the equator. Expect sunburns if you don’t.

General Living Expenses In Bali

Below are the general living cost  you’d expect as a foreigner in Bali.. You have to prepare well before making the journey so you don’t get stranded far away from home.

Average Cost Of Accommodation: In the range of $50-$70 a day for hotels. Visit Here for cheap accommodation in Bali.

Feeding Cost: $18-$30 on the average

Internal Travel Expenses: $10-$25 on the average. Most local trips will cost less then $10.

Health and Medical Service: about $25-$40 for a single consultation

Dentistry Services: Are quite cheap in Bali. The cost $30-$66 in a filing. This includes pain reliefs, X-rays, and sometimes a clean.

Internet: Basic calling, texting coupled with 4GB of data plan, usually valid for about a month goes in the range of $5-$10.

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