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Study Abroad in Hong Kong


We’ve  brought you a very informative piece on Study Abroad in Hong Kong in this articulate article at World Scholars Hub. It is important for prospective students of Hong Kong universities to know that Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China which is located to the east of the Pearl River estuary on the south coast of China.

In this article, you get to know the study abroad requirements for both postgraduate students with many more information you need to know.

Study Abroad in Hong Kong

The application requirements for applying for an associate degree to study abroad in Hong Kong are lower than those for undergraduates. The college entrance examination score reaches the three-level or above of the province/city of the province, and the college entrance examination English score reaches 60% of the province/city full score.

Some colleges and universities need to pass a written test and an interview. After completing the two-year associate degree program, the student will be promoted to undergraduate in Hong Kong, maintaining the high gpa of associate degree, paying attention to each subject’s grades, attendance, classroom participation, in-class tests, homework, essays or topics, mid-term final exams, etc.

In addition to high gpa, you must also meet the IELTS requirements for undergraduates, pass the school interview, plus other application bonus points, and finally apply for the eighth universities in Hong Kong, such as the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the City University of Hong Kong.

A quick notice: As the admission principle of Hong Kong schools is “early sign up, early interview and early admission”, if you are interested in applying for an associate degree in Hong Kong, you are advised to apply as soon as possible to avoid losing hands with your favorite school.

There is no conflict between the application for associate degree and the application of the mainland university. Fresh college entrance examination candidates can estimate their scores in advance according to their usual grades and apply for them.

Doing both hands will give you more choices! The application requirements for applying for an associate degree in Hong Kong are lower than those for undergraduates, and the college entrance examination results are vague.

When do you Usually Apply for Undergraduate Studies in Hong Kong?

For students in the third year of this year, it usually starts in February and ends in June. Some schools may close as early as March or April. All friends who have this plan should start applying early. Submit the materials directly online when applying.

After the college entrance examination results come out, the school will decide whether to arrange an interview according to the student’s situation. Interviews usually start from June to July. Students who pass the interview can successfully enroll.

What are the Requirements for an Undergraduate to Study Abroad in Hong Kong?

The first is excellent college entrance examination results. Students who have scores above the first line in the college entrance examination can apply for undergraduate courses in various universities in Hong Kong.

If you want to apply for a scholarship, you can apply for the full award if you want to apply for a scholarship. You can apply for a half prize at around 50 points. This score range varies according to the number of applicants each year.

The second is excellent English single subject scores. Generally, it is not less than 130 (a single subject total score of 150), 90 (a single subject total score of 100).

Students applying would be asked some of the questions below:

  1. Your age
  2. Your educational background
  3. Your work experience and management experience
  4. Your language ability
  5. How many minor children do you have.

You’d need to carefully answer these questions.

How to Apply:

Hong Kong schools basically register through the official website application system. You need to prepare the materials in advance before the application opens. You can register and submit the application when the application entrance opens.

Application Skills:

(1) Make a Plan for Studying Abroad

Study abroad planning is very important in the preparation process for studying abroad. Many subsequent preparations require study abroad planning.

If a reasonable study abroad plan is not formulated in advance, it may be messy in the later process, so you should participate. I didn’t take the exam during the exam, and I didn’t prepare when I was supposed to prepare the documents.

Later, I was too busy to know how to proceed. This was not only inefficient, but also likely to affect the result of the application.

(2) Academic Performance is Very Important

Hong Kong schools pay particular attention to the applicant’s academic performance during the university period, which is what we call GPA. Generally speaking, the minimum GPA for applying for postgraduate study in Hong Kong is 3.0 or higher.

Higher-ranked schools like Hong Kong University and Hong Kong Science and Technology will have more requirements High, generally 3.5+ is required. Students with a GPA lower than 3.0 are difficult to apply to the ideal school unless the student has outstanding performance or expertise in certain fields.

(3) English Score is Dominant

Although Hong Kong belongs to China, the teaching mode and teaching language of Hong Kong universities are generally English. Therefore, if you want to study in Hong Kong and achieve success in your studies, you must have an excellent English level.

A qualified English score is required for Hong Kong study abroad applications. Very important. Therefore, it is recommended that if students plan to study in Hong Kong, they should start preparing for the accumulation of English knowledge in advance.

(4) Personalized High-Quality Documents Help to Apply

When preparing the application documents for studying abroad, you must avoid using templates. The writing ideas must be clear, the structure must be reasonable, and the advantages that you think are helpful to the application should be highlighted in the limited space.

The third is excellent comprehensive ability. For example, I participated in interesting club activities and received large-scale competition awards.

In addition, I was able to answer well in English during the interview.

What Should I do if I don’t Have a College Entrance Examination Score but I Want to Study Abroad in Hong Kong?

If the college entrance examination score is about two books, you can also consider choosing an associate degree to study in the past. After completing the associate degree, you can continue to apply for the undergraduate degree of this school or other schools in Hong Kong, or you can apply for the undergraduate degree of overseas partner institutions to continue studying. Finally got a bachelor’s degree.

What are the Application Requirements for a Postgraduate Student who want to Study Abroad in Hong Kong?

1. Hold a valid Bachelor’s Degree

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree awarded by a recognized university. Fresh graduates can also apply for admission if they can obtain the required academic qualifications before the start of the course. In addition, some degree programs will have more specific requirements, and the applicant’s ability to take the program will be further tested by arranging written examinations or interviews.

2. Good Average Score:

That is, the student’s undergraduate grades. If you are willing to apply for a master’s degree in Hong Kong, it is generally recommended that students have a score of 80 or more in order to have the most basic competitiveness, especially for students from ordinary universities. The majors of the some University in Hong Kong have a GPA 3.0 or 80% requirement. Of course, if the applicant has a high score, especially a good professional score, it is also very helpful to the application.

3. English Proficiency Requirements:

Universities in Hong Kong recognize TOEFL and IELTS, but some schools also recognize Band 6 scores. Schools that currently recognize Level 6 results include the City University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University among a few others. But not all majors are acceptable. For example, the English language major of the City University of Hong Kong requires IELTS 7.0, but Level 6 is not acceptable.

If the applicant wants to add weight to the test through language scores, prepare for IELTS or TOEFL. Usually what we see on the official website is the lowest score. In order to increase the possibility, the higher the score, the better.

Study Abroad in Hong Kong Costs

If you want to study in Hong Kong, you must take into account your family’s financial situation, whether the current and future economic income is sufficient to cover the cost of studying in Hong Kong, including tuition and living expenses.

The following is an overview of the cost of studying abroad at the University of Hong Kong. Parents can make their own measurement according to the following funding requirements. The following is a list of relevant information about the cost of studying in Hong Kong:


Non-Hong Kong students entering the University of Hong Kong to study the first undergraduate course, the tuition fee is about 100,000 Hong Kong dollars per year. Accommodation and living expenses: about 50,000 Hong Kong dollars per year.


When studying at a university in Hong Kong, students can choose to live in the student dormitory arranged by the university or arrange their own accommodation. Most dormitory fees are about 9,000 Hong Kong dollars a year (excluding summer accommodation fees).

Scholarship Info for Studying in Hong Kong

Universities in Hong Kong allocate funds to establish admission scholarships every year, which are awarded to students who have outstanding performance in each subject on the admission list. For example, the University of Hong Kong has about 1,000 scholarships and awards of different categories to reward academic, sports or social services. Excellent students are able to get these scholarships for financial aid.

Study Abroad in Hong Kong Extended Information

1. Background of Undergraduate Colleges

The postgraduate education of the University of Hong Kong is mainly in charge of the secondary colleges. The Graduate School of the University of Hong Kong has another independent building, the Graduate School of the University of Hong Kong.

It is located on the elegant slope of the campus of the University of Hong Kong. It is a multi-functional building, including a conference center, a student activity center, and a dormitory that can accommodate 210 graduate students. And other facilities.

2. Overseas Exchange Experience

The teaching methods of Hong Kong schools are mostly similar to those of the Commonwealth. Hong Kong schools prefer students with overseas exchange backgrounds. But this usually refers to courses with academic exchanges, and long-term language summer training courses. It is responsible for formulating the guidelines and regulations for postgraduate education at the University of Hong Kong, as well as the implementation of postgraduate enrollment, training, academic progress, examinations and quality assurance policies.

We’ve come to an end of this article on Study Abroad in Hong Kong. Feel free to share your Hong Kong Study experience with us using the comment section below. What are scholars about if not gaining valuable experiences and sharing them. Thanks for stopping by, we’d see you at the next one.

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