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In this article at World Scholars Hub, we’d be providing you with all the information you need to know on the costs and requirements for an international student who want to study in Australia.

Australia is a very popular country with good study destinations among many others in the world. It is well known to have institutions with high-quality courses, supportive institutions, excellent lifestyle and liveable cities that makes it an economical option for international students to study.

We’d help you with all needed details on the cost and requirements to study in Australia and it’s also crucial to note that the course fees also depends on the institution you want to study which should always be well researched on. It’s also important to know that living costs vary depending on your lifestyle and the place you’re living in Australia which you should well look into.

Study in Australia Costs

Let’s look at Study in Australia costs starting from the cost of accommodation for international students who want to study abroad in Australia.

Cost for Accommodation in Australia for International Students

Most universities only provide a small number of student dormitories for on-campus-accommodation in Australia. Many international students find housing in a homestay with a local family, a rental property or a guest house. Here are the most common accommodation options for students in Australia.

Home stay: This costs around 440 – 1,080 AUD/month
Guest houses: Prices are between 320 and 540 AUD/month
Student halls of residence: Rates start from cost 320 and lead up to 1,000 AUD/month
Rent an apartment: The average prices of 1,700 AUD/month.

Prices also vary depending on the city; for instance, renting an apartment in Canberra can cost you between 1,400 and 1,700 AUD/month, while Sydney is the most expensive city, especially accommodation wise. Prices for rent for a single bedroom flat can reach up to 2,200 AUD/month.

Living Costs in Australia

Below is the estimated living costs while studying in Australia.

Eating out and Groceries – $80 to $280 per week.
Electricity and Gas – $35 to $140 per week.
Internet and Phone – $20 to $55 per week.
Public transport – $15 to $55 per week.
Car (after purchase) – $150 to $260 per week
Entertainment – $80 to $150 per week.

The Average Living Costs In Australian Cities

Below is the average cost of living in some cities in Australia. We have only provided you with information on the most popular international students cities in Australia.

Melbourne: starting at 1,500 AUD/month
Adelaide: starting at 1,300 AUD/month
Canberra: starting at 1,400 AUD/month
Sydney: starting at 1,900 AUD/month
Brisbane: starting at 1,400 AUD/month.

Possible Study costs in Australia

Here are the possible required costs for studying in Australia. These are some academic expenses for international students who want to study in Australia depending on your level of study.

Secondary Education – Between $7800 to $30,000 per year
English language Courses – About $300 per week, depending on course length
Vocational Education and Training (VET) –  About $4000 to $22,000 per year
Technical and Further Education (TAFE) – About $4000 to $22,000 per year
Foundation Courses – Between $15,000 to $39,000 in total
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree –  Between $15,000 to $33,000 per year
Postgraduate Masters Degree – Between $20,000 to $37,000 per year
Doctoral Degree – Between $14,000 to $37,000 per year
MBA – About E$11,000 to more than $121,000 in total.

Study In Australia Requirements

Let’s take a look at the study in Australia requirements starting from the tuition fee requirements to the academic requirements for students who want to study in Australia.

Tuition Fees Required to Study in Australia

You have to note that the tuition fees for permanent residents in Australia vary from that of foreign students in Australia. Fees for foreigners are usually much higher than that of permanent residents.

Below is a table showing the average tuition fees of Australian students in AUS and USD.

Level of Study Tuition Fees per year in AUS Tuition Fees per year in USD
Foundation/Pre-U 15,000 – 37,000 11,000 – 28,000
Diploma 4,000 – 22,000 3,000 – 16,000
Bachelor’s Degree 15,000 – 33,000 11,000 – 24,000
Master’s Degree 20,000 – 37,000 15,000 – 28,000
Doctorate Degree 20,000 – 37,000 15,000 – 28,000

Visa Requirements to Study in Australia

In order to study in Australia, you will need to obtain a student visa. With a student visa, you will be permitted to study for up to five years, at a recognised higher education institution.

You ought to know that to be eligible to apply for a visa to study in Australia, you will need to be enrolled in a higher education course in Australia.

If you will be under the age of 18 when you commence your studies, you will need to provide information about your living and welfare arrangements.

Get more information on Australian students visa here.

Note: New Zealanders don’t need to apply for a visa to study in Australia; they are already entitled to one. However, international students from other countries are required to obtain a student visa upon confirmation of acceptance to their university of choice.

Language Requirements to Study in Australia

Since Australia is an English-speaking nation, you must show evidence of English proficiency when you send an application to an Australian university (for example, TOEFL or A-Level English, all tests which can be taken in your home country, usually).

You’ve got to know that there are other languages spoken in the country which implies that one should also have the mastery of other languages spoken in the country.

If your application is successful, an electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE) will be sent which can be used to apply for a student visa.

Academic Requirements

The academic requirements you need to study in Australia will vary depending on the level of education you want to study. Institutions can have different entry requirements, so read the course information on their website carefully and contact them to ask for advice.

Here is some general guidance on entry requirements for undergraduates and postgraduates:

Higher Education Undergraduate – To gain entry into an Australian undergraduate course you will need to have an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (Year 12), or the overseas equivalent. Some undergraduate courses may also have specific pre-requisite subjects.

Higher Education Postgraduate – As well as the satisfactory completion of at least one degree at undergraduate level, your institution may take research ability or relevant work experience into consideration.

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