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Study in EuropeStudy Psychology in English in Germany

Study Psychology in English in Germany


You may be wondering, can I study psychology in English in Germany? what is required of me to study in Germany and so many other questions that may be taking its turn in and away from your mind.

Yes there are universities where you can study psychology in English at Germany though the German language is the most prominently used language in the country and We have brought you every detail you need as an international student and scholar for your studies here at World Scholars Hub.

Studying for a degree in psychology can be a rewarding and mind-expanding experience. The discipline teaches you a number of core skills and encourages a level of independent and analytical thought that is highly prized and sought after in many professions. Studying in Germany is quite wonderful.

Here are some reasons why you should study psychology in Germany.

10 Reasons To Study Psychology In Germany

  • Excellence In Research and Teaching
  • Cheap or low tuition fees
  • Safe and economically stable location
  • Top ranked psychology universities
  • Development of personal and intellectual potential
  • Affordable costs of living
  • Wide range of courses on offer
  • Work Opportunities For International Students
  • Close links between theory and practice.
  • You get to learn a New Language.

Now as we continue to take you through this guide, we will be giving you a list of some universities to study psychology abroad in English in Germany.

You can learn more about each of the universities below through the provided links.

Universities To Study Psychology In English In Germany

Steps To Take To Study Psychology in English in Germany

  • Find a good psychology school in Germany
  • Meet All Requirements.
  • Find Financial Resources.
  • Apply For Admission.
  • Get Your German Student Visa.
  • Find Accommodation.
  • Enroll At Your University.

Find a Good Psychology School In Germany

For you to study psychology in English In Germany, you must find a good school where you can study. You can make your choice from any of the schools listed above.

Meet All Requirements

Now that you have decided which university you would like to study in from the above, what you have to do next is to meet all the requirements of the university you have selected. For this purpose, you check the university website and their admission requirements section. If there are things you don’t understand never hesitate to contact the university directly.

Find Financial Resource

The next step after meeting all requirements is making sure you have the required financial means to live and study in Germany. Under the current law, every foreign non-EU or non-EEA student must have proper financial means to finance their stay in Germany during their studies.

Apply For Admission

After you must have found a competent university to study in, make sure you are financially ready and then you can now apply for admission. You can do this through the schools websites as provided above.

Get Your German Students Visa

If you’re a student coming from a non-EU and non-EEA country you must get a German student visa. For detailed guidance on how to get your German student visa, visit Germany visa website.

Before you seek a visa, you must meet all the requirements of the aforementioned steps above.

Find Accomodation

Once you are an admitted student in Germany and you have your student visa you must think of a place to stay in. Accommodation in Germany for international students is not that expensive, but is normal that as a foreign student, you should strive to find the most financially suitable place for you.

Enroll In Your University

To enroll at your admitted university for psychology in Germany, you need to personally appear at the administration office of your university and submit the following documents:

  • Your valid passport
  • A passport photo
  • Your Visa or Residence Permit
  • Completed and signed Application Form
  • Degree qualifications (original documents or certified copies)
  • The Letter of Admission
  • Proof of health insurance in Germany
  • The payment fee receipt.

Following your enrollment in the university administration will issue you a registration document (ID card) which can later be used for residence permit application and attendance of your classes.

Note: You need to re-register each semester following the completion of the previous one and again you will have to cover the same registration costs. Goodluck Scholar!!!

 Conditions For Psychology Students To Get The Best out of Their Studies 

The following are some conditions required for any psychology students aiming to get the best out of his/her studies. These are some important things you should take note of:

Contact to Students: Students assessed Cooperation with other students and contacts to other students. An indicator for the atmosphere at the faculty.

Citation per Publication: Average number of citations per publication. The number of citations per publications states how often the publications of the scientists of the faculty were on average quoted by other academics, meaning how pivotal the published contributions were to research.

Study Organization: Students assessed among other things the completeness of the courses offered in respect of the study regulations, the access opportunities to compulsory events and the coordination of the courses offered with the examination regulations.

Research Orientation: Which tertiary institutions are the leading ones according to the opinion of the professors in research? Naming the own tertiary institution was not taken into consideration.


Even as German is not a English speaking country, there are over 220 Universities in Germany that offer both masters and undergraduate programs in English. Some of these Universities are already listed in the article with their links provided for you to access them.

There are over 2000 English taught Master’s programs in Germany.

So, language shouldn’t be a barrier when thinking of studying in Germany.

Once again we all at World Scholars Hub wish you good luck in your study of psychology in Germany. Don’t forget to join the hub as we are here for more. Your scholarly pursuit is our concern!

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