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Top 5 Useful Math Calculator Websites for Teachers and Students


Doing complex calculations has been a daunting task for teachers and students. That’s why they have resorted to the conventional way of solving questions related to maths, finance, or any other field. 

Before the development of IC and microprocessors, teachers have been teaching their students the manual ways to solve questions even the basic arithmetics.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, now you get all your problems solved with calculators integrated into websites. 

If you are a smart teacher or a student looking for automatic means to solve varied problems in one place, then you are fortunate to visit this blog. 

I am going to enlist the five top websites that cater to all your calculations needs. Let’s begin the discovery!

Benefits of Using a Calculator Website

  1. It can squeeze your time, as the calculator will solve your complex questions in seconds.
  2. You may get accurate results because manual calculations are prone to errors and calculators are automatic.
  3. Usually, these websites contain a host of calculators so you may get all your calculations done on a single platform.
  4. Fast calculations add to the evolution of technology and in turn, help you speed up your assignments or thesis.

Top 5 Useful Math Calculator Websites for Teachers and Students

Mathematics is considered the mother of science because it is purely based on logic. Thus, any field of science let’s say physics, chemistry, economics, engineering, astronomy, etc. have the use of mathematical principles to perform calculations. 

These five websites cope with all the calculations-related issues and serve as a problem-solving source for their users.


This is a wonderful website offering a large number of calculators. These calculators are a class apart in their design and working. They calculate accurate and fast results with a single click.

Its versatility can be gauged from this point that it provides almost 372 calculators currently working actively. 

These calculators are very precise in their work and are different from each other, therefore, they are niche and discipline-specific.

Students and teachers from various backgrounds can use this website for performing complex calculations on a single platform. 

This site hosts a wide range of calculators of different fields of study.

These calculators are as under:

Basic Maths: Arithmetic sequence calculator, fraction to decimal calculator, etc.

Physics: Bernoulli numbers calculator, AC to DC calculator, etc.

Fluid Mechanics/Engineering: Hydraulic radius calculator, Light illumination converter.

Geometry/Advance Maths: Antiderivative calculator, Quadratic equation calculator.

Apart from these categories, this website contains other miscellaneous calculators for your assistance.


This website appears to be an ultimate problem solver for almost all students and teachers.

Engineering, as well as students from different degrees, need this type of calculator website because they have to change their numbers to their precise standard form while performing calculations.

Standard form is also called e-notation or scientific notation used to represent a long integer to precise numbers in the powers of 10.

Therefore, every teacher and student has to deal with these kinds of calculators as they are mandatory for effective and accurate results.

Exponents of 10 are easy to deal with as they provide a standard for solving manual calculations. Converting a number to its scientific notation definitely needs some rules to follow.

 But with this website, you can easily get through this issue by entering your decimal number and clicking on the result button.


The site is pretty much in vogue due to its explicit categories of different calculators according to their domains. The best thing about this site is you can find your preferred calculator without any hassle. 

This is the reason academics highly recommend this website for solving discipline-related questions. Being multi-faceted and flexible, this website provides 180 calculators belonging to different categories.

Some calculators are currently much used therefore they are kept in the hot calculator section. Some of them are: 

GCF calculator,  Standard deviation, Exponential calculator, etc.

Other basic categories are as under:

Algebra, Area, Conversions, Numbers, Statistics, and Unit conversion. These categories encompass all the basic sciences, hence they can be used by scientists, researchers, and even statisticians to get the answers to their questions in no time.

Just go to your related category and find one of the best calculators from it.


Ecalculators contains a bucket full of calculating tools and converters of almost 6 different fields. Therefore, they are best known as a good platform for students and teachers. 

These calculators provide students a hassle-free calculation with exact results in a fraction of a second. As compared to other calculator websites, this website provides calculators from a broad perspective. 

Therefore, its categories are general and entirely based on the user’s demands in daily life. One of the important categories is health. 

So, you can now calculate your BMR, your macros, and your calories and thus make proper adjustments in your diet. 

Moreover, Finance calculators are also helpful in your daily end-to-end problem-solving. With that said, calculators like sales tax and stock profit can also be used for professional purposes.


You can resolve all of your calculations issues with the help of this website. Owing to its huge knowledge base, this website can be an awesome platform to learn as well as calculate the required questions. 

In this way this site brings ease to your life, moreover, you can get the available tools to augment your careers as teachers and students.

Apart from 10 different domains, you can get an equation solver that gets your input in the form of an equation and calculates the results in seconds.

This feature avoids you to navigate each category one by one just to solve equations. The categories are so diverse to include professional and academic calculators alike. This site has the potential to become a valuable asset for you.

Summing it Up:

It is not easy to find the calculators’ websites especially nowadays when there are a plethora of results for a Google search.

Moreover, the demand to calculate precise results is increasing day by day because more and more people are flocking towards science and Maths. 

Even the non-scientific subjects have questions related to calculations. Keeping in view of this fact, I have listed the 5 best websites for your ease.


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