Study AbroadWhat is it Like to Study in Neitherlands?

What is it Like to Study in Neitherlands?


Hello Scholars! What is it like to study in Netherlands? You may wonder all day but remember, we’re always here and ever ready to make things easier for as many scholars as we can all over the world.

We’ve got something for you.

In Netherlands, learning is key but life must be planned and arranged. It is important to understand this with our common sense.

Like we said earlier, we’re here to help you know and understand what life in the Netherlands is like. Wonder no more, relax and just read through from your sofa.

What is it Like to Study in Neitherlands?

1. Learning

There are a large number of universities in the Netherlands, and their strengths are very good. The schools are semi-open. Everyone can enter and exit freely through inspections. Most of the communication here is in English. Don’t worry if the remittance bank does not understand.

Internationalization is a major feature of campuses and classrooms. Basically, every university and specialty is not composed of students of a single nationality. Students from different countries study in the same place, which has a very positive impact.

2. Accommodation

Basically, schools in the Netherlands do not provide dormitories, so you need to arrange accommodation before going abroad. If you are not sure about it in the country, you can go to a hotel apartment for short rent. Although the price is expensive, but everyone has enough time to Look at the house.

Shared renting is a more common way. You can post rent information in the school, determine the number of people before renting, the monthly rent is about 500 Euros; if you do not want to drink with strangers, you can also rent Studio, single apartment facilities are complete and safe.

3. Traffic

The domestic transportation network is convenient and developed. Trains form a subway network linking different cities in the country, and there are convenient subways in different cities. In addition to ground transportation, in addition to buses and taxis, trams are supplemented, which is very convenient.

In addition, there is a special traffic app that broadcasts the arrival time and route without trips in real time, which is convenient for everyone to schedule. You do n’t have to wait for a long time, but the fare is not cheap. It is recommended that you get more discount cards. .

4. Food

Compared with China’s rich ingredients and cooking methods, the Netherlands is more monotonous and barren. Potatoes are the most common raw material on the table. They are all boiled, fried, and steamed. Annoying.

The more common staple foods are breads and sandwiches; soups are more abundant, bacon soup, asparagus soup, tomato soup, vegetable soup, etc., but most cities add thickening ingredients such as cheese, and there are few refreshing soups, and they are partial. Sweet, it is difficult to adapt.

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