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What Should You Look For In A Student Apartment?


There are many benefits to staying in a college dormitory rather than finding your own place. You are as close to school as you can get, you meet new people, and you can charge the rent to your student loans account. However, many colleges charge far more for a tiny room than you would pay for an actual apartment.

For this reason, you may be considering finding an apartment to rent. If you’re looking to move to Denver, check out the den apartments denver co and you might find your future home.  While you will have to pay rent monthly, you will save on expensive college rates. You will also have a lot more space and independence. If you share rent with other students, you can make some long-lasting friendships.

When renting an apartment for the first time, remember to take insurance into account. Your possessions are no longer covered by your parents’ policy. For this reason, you will need to get renters insurance for college students. Fortunately, it will only be a minor addition to your budget that shouldn’t impact which apartments you are able to afford.

Now, when searching for the perfect student apartment, what should you look for?

What Should You Look For In A Student Apartment?


Chances are that you won’t be able to afford an apartment without roommates. This is just a reality of college life. It can be frustrating at times, but you can also have a lot of fun getting to know new people.

However, your apartment should have some space where you can spend time alone. Rather find a space with two small bedrooms rather than one large bedroom. This way, you can get some privacy when you need it, whether for personal reasons or to study.


Landlords often try to take advantage of college students. Unfortunately, college students often don’t know any better.

As such, instead of taking care of the apartment, they offer very little while acting as if they are doing you a favor.

Keep in mind that your landlord is in charge of the maintenance of your apartment. They will need to take care of anything that goes wrong, and you will not be able to do so yourself. Since you are paying them to stay there, this is their job and not something they are doing out of the goodness of their heart.

When looking for your apartment, take note of any maintenance issues in a place.

The landlord may try to entice you with a cheap price, but if the apartment is already badly maintained, it will take them ages to address any future problems, even if your basic needs are not being met.


If you are attending college in a very crowded city, you may find a number of apartments that are being sublet. The landlord may have split big rooms into smaller rooms, renting each out so as to make more money. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. It can be helpful for finding a space at a very low price.

However, rooms that have been split into two often end up with only one of them having access to a window. The room without a window will cost less to rent. But you should avoid doing so unless you have no other options.

Sunlight is very important for your mental health. Sublet rooms can often feel dingy and depressing, no matter how good the electric lighting is. If you’re spending hours in your room studying, you may start to struggle to stay focused and at ease.


You may not think you need a kitchen, especially if you do not know how to cook. But an apartment that has a shared kitchen is far better than one without. Quite simply, having somewhere to make coffee and toast is fundamental to feeling at home. Even being able to transfer your takeout to a plate can make you feel more comfortable.


A college apartment is, by its very nature, temporary. But no matter how long you are staying there, it is currently your home. If it doesn’t feel that way, you may start feeling disoriented and displaced.

A college apartment does not need to meet the needs of most working adults. However, it should still be nice to come back to at the end of a long day. Try to lower some of your other costs to open up your budget. Then, keep the above factors in mind when searching for the perfect student apartment.


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