List of Women in STEM Scholarships 2022/2023

List of women in steam scholarships
List of women in steam scholarships

In this article, you would learn about women in STEM scholarships, and how to qualify for them. We will show you 20 of the best STEM scholarship for women which you can apply for and get as quickly as possible.

Before we get started let’s define the term STEM.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These fields of study are regarded as exceptional.

Hence, it is generally believed that you must exceptionally good in academics before you can go into any of these fields.

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What then is STEM Scholarship for Women?

STEM scholarships for women are those financial aids given strictly to women to encourage more women in STEM fields.

According to the National Science Board, women make up only 21% of engineering majors and 19% of computer and information technology majors. Check out our article on the 15 best schools in the world for information technology.

Because of societal constraints and expected gender norms, young intelligent girls may be underrepresented.

Many schools and universities give scholarships to assist these females who want to pursue a career in any of the STEAM fields.

Furthermore, several countries continue to struggle with social concerns such as gender discrimination.

This stifles the advancement of women who want to pursue higher education and research.

In such cases, knowledge of women’s scholarship programs aids in addressing social concerns and empowering women to pursue their research objectives.

Requirements for Women in STEM scholarships

The requirement for women in STEM scholarships may differ depending on the type of scholarship. However, here are some of the requirements common to all women in STEM scholarships:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a lady.
  • You must be able to establish a financial need.
  • A creatively written essay
  • For international students, you must have all of the necessary papers, including proof of English competence.
  • If you are applying for an Identity-based scholarship, you must fall into the appropriate category.

How do you secure women in STEM scholarships?

Every time you seek a scholarship, it’s crucial to reflect on what makes you special and competitive among other applicants.

Women’s STEM scholarships are available everywhere, but so are the applicants. Go deeper and discover a way to express your uniqueness if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Do you write well? Keep an eye out for scholarship possibilities that need essays if you are confident in your abilities to craft a compelling essay.

What else distinguishes you? Your ancestry? religious affiliation, if any? Your ethnicity? or creative abilities? Your list of community service accomplishments? Whatever it is, make sure to include it in your application and look for scholarships that are tailored to your unique qualifications.

Last but not least, make sure you apply!

What are the 20 Best Women in STEM Scholarships?

Below is a list of the 20 best Women in STEM scholarships:

List of the 20 Best Women in STEM Scholarships

#1. Red Olive Women in STEM Scholarship

Red Olive created this women-in-STEM award to encourage more women to pursue careers in computer technology.

To be considered, applicants must submit an 800-word essay on how they will use technology to benefit the future.

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#2. Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

SWE wants to provide women in STEM fields with the means to affect change.

They provide chances for professional growth, networking, and acknowledging all of the accomplishments made by women in STEM professions.

The SWE Scholarship offers recipients, the majority of whom are women, cash rewards ranging from $1,000 to $15,000.

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#3. Aysen Tunca Memorial Scholarship

This merit-based scholarship initiative aims to support undergraduate female STEM students.

Applicants must be United States citizens, members of the Society of Physics Students, and in their sophomore or junior year of college.

Preference will be given to a student from a low-income family or someone who has surmounted substantial challenges and is the first person in her family to study a STEM discipline. The scholarship is worth $2000 per year.

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#4. Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship

Four bachelors of science STEM scholarships are available from the Heinlein Society to female students attending four-year colleges and institutions.

Candidates are required to submit a 500–1,000 word essay on a predetermined subject.

Women studying math, engineering, and physical or biological sciences are eligible for this grant.

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#5. The BHW Group Women in STEM Scholarship

The BHW Group provides financial assistance to students majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Candidates must submit an essay between 500 and 800 words long on one of the suggested topics.

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#6. Association for Women in Science Kirsten R. Lorentzen Award

This honour is given by the Association for Women in Science to female students in physics and science studies who have excelled in extracurricular activities or who have surmounted hardships.

This $2000 award is open to female sophomores and juniors enrolled in physics and geoscience studies.

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#7. UPS Scholarship for Female Students

Student members of the IISE who have demonstrated excellence in leadership and academics as well as the ability to serve in the future are given prizes.

Women student members of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) who are pursuing industrial engineering degrees or equivalent and have a minimum GPA of 3.4 are eligible for the prize.

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#8. Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship program seeks to encourage women to pursue technical, engineering, and computer science degrees and to assume leadership roles in these industries.

Ten candidates for scholarships will be chosen and invited to take part in a virtual professional development program that will assist them in launching prosperous careers in technology.

Each applicant will be given a $7,000 scholarship to aid in their educational expenses.

If you’re interested in computer science scholarships for females, you can check out our article on the 20 best computer science scholarships for females.

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#9. Out to Innovate Scholarship

Numerous STEM grants are available through Out to Innovate for LGBTQ+ students. To be considered, applicants must submit a 1000-word personal statement.

Students pursuing STEM degrees with a minimum GPA of 2.75 and who support LGBTQ+ initiatives are eligible for the prize.

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#10. The Queer Engineer Scholarship

To help combat the disproportionate number of LGBTQ+ engineering students who drop out of school, Queer Engineer International offers scholarship support for trans and gender minority students.

It is available to transgender and gender minority students in engineering, science, and technology programs.

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#11. The Atkins Minorities and Women STEM Scholarship Program

The SNC-Lavalin Group awards scholarships to applicants based on their academic achievement, interest in the community, need for financial aid, and the calibre of their recommendation letters and submission video.

Available to full-time, STEM-majority female and racial minority undergraduate students with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

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#12. oSTEM Scholarship Program

oSTEM provides scholarships to LGBTQ+ STEM professionals. Candidates must provide a personal statement as well as respond to the question prompts.

LGBTQ+ students pursuing a STEM degree are eligible for the scholarship.

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#13. The Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) Fellowships Program

The GWIS scholarship promotes women’s careers in science research.

It recognizes women who have earned degrees from reputable institutions of higher learning and who exhibit exceptional talent and promise in the field of research.

Additionally, it encourages women to pursue careers in the natural sciences if they exhibit a strong interest in and propensity for conducting hypotheses-driven research.

GWIS scholarships are open to any female scientists who are engaged in scientific research, regardless of their nationality.

The amount of the scholarship award changes every year. However, researchers are only eligible for up to $10,000.

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#14. Amelia Earheart Fellowship by Zonta International

The Zonta International Amelia Earheart Fellowship supports women who want to work in aerospace engineering and related professions.

Up to 25% of the workforce in the aerospace industry is made up of women.

To give women access to all resources and participation in decision-making roles, this scholarship was established.

Women of all nationalities pursuing PhD or postdoctoral degrees in the sciences or engineering connected to aerospace are welcome to apply.
This fellowship is valued at $10,000.

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#15. Women Techmakers Scholars Program

Google’s Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Program, as it was once known, strives to promote gender equality in computer science.

This scholarship includes a chance to take part in professional and personal development training and workshops offered by Google, as well as an academic scholarship.

To be eligible, you must be an international female student who has a strong academic record and must be enrolled in a technical program such as computer science or computer engineering.

The requirements are also determined by the applicant’s country of origin. The maximum award per student is $1000.

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#16. Girls in STEM (GIS) Scholarship Award

The GIS scholarship scholarships are available to undergraduate students studying in STEM-related studies at an authorized university.

Increased access and engagement of women in STEM initiatives, fields of study, and professions are the objectives of this scholarship award.

They want to inspire the subsequent generation of female students and aspiring STEM workers to succeed academically. Students receive USD 500 annually.

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#17. British Council Scholarship for Women

Are you a female STEM professional who is enthusiastic about your field of study?

A top UK university may offer you a scholarship or an early academic fellowship to pursue a master’s degree in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

In collaboration with 26 UK universities, the British Council has a scholarship program with the goal of helping women from the Americas, South Asia, South East Asia, Egypt, Turkey, and Ukraine.

The British Council is looking for STEM-trained women who can demonstrate their need for financial assistance and who want to encourage younger generations of women to pursue STEM-related occupations.

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#18. The Science Ambassador Scholarship

This full-tuition scholarship is provided by Cards Against Humanity for female students majoring in science, technology, engineering, or math.

A three-minute video on a STEM subject that the candidate is enthusiastic about must be submitted.

All female seniors in high school or freshmen in colleges are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship covers full tuition costs.

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#19. MPower Women in STEM Scholarship

Each year, female international/DACA students who are accepted or enrolled full-time in a STEM degree program at a program MPOWER funds in the US or Canada receive this scholarship.

MPOWER offers a grand prize of $6000, a runner-up prize of $2000, and an honourable mention of $1000.

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#20. Schlumberger Foundation Fellowship for Women from Developing countries

The Schlumberger Foundation’s Faculty for the Future grants are awarded each year to women from developing and emerging economies who are preparing for Ph.D. or post-doctoral studies in physical sciences and allied subjects at top universities throughout the world.

Recipients of these grants are chosen for their leadership qualities as well as their scientific talents.

After the completion of their program, they are expected to return to their home countries to further their academic careers and inspire other young women.

The prize is based on the real costs of studying and living in the chosen place, and it is worth $50,000 for PhDs and $40,000 for post-doctoral studies. Grants can be renewed yearly till the end of your studies.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Women in STEM Scholarships

What is a STEM degree?

A STEM degree is a bachelor's or master's degree in math, science, technology, or computer science. STEM fields come in a wide variety, including computer engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, and computer sciences.

What percentage of STEM majors are female?

Although more women are pursuing STEM fields, men still make up the majority of STEM students. In 2016, only 37% of graduates in STEM fields were women. When you consider that women currently account for about 53% of college graduates, the gender difference becomes much more obvious. This means that in 2016, over 600,000 more women than males graduated, although men still made up 63% of those who received STEM degrees.

Are women in STEM scholarships only for high school seniors?

All educational levels, including undergraduate and graduate female students, can apply for STEM scholarships.

Do I need a specific GPA to get a STEM scholarship?

Each scholarship has unique conditions for applicants, and some of them do have minimum GPA requirements. However, the majority of the scholarships on the aforementioned list do not have GPA requirements, so feel free to apply regardless of your GPA.

What are the easiest scholarships for women in STEM to get?

All of the scholarships in this post are easy to apply for, but no-essay scholarships are a better option if you want to submit your application quickly. While several of the aforementioned scholarships do require a brief essay, their restricted eligibility boosts your chances of winning.

How many women in STEM scholarships can you get?

You are eligible for as many scholarships as you like. For high school and college students, there are hundreds of scholarships available, so apply for as many as you can!



According to the UN, gender equality and science are crucial for global growth. However, many emerging countries have a sizable gender disparity in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields at all levels, hence the need for scholarships that support women in STEM.

In this article, we have provided a list of the 20 best women in STEM scholarships just for you. We encourage all our female leaders in STEM to go ahead and apply for as many as possible. All the best as you apply to get any of these scholarships!