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10 Best Universities in Ireland for International Students


We’d be look at the best universities in Ireland for international students in this articulate article brought to you by World Scholar Hub.

Studying abroad in Ireland is a great decision any international student will make viewing it’s low crime late, great economy and national language which is English.

Below is a combined list in no preceding order of a few of the best universities in Ireland for international students to study abroad and get their degree.

You should note that some of the universities in Ireland listed below are world-class institutions that consistently rank among the top universities worldwide.

List of the Top 10 Best Universities in Ireland for International Students

  • Trinity College
  • Dublin City University
  • University College Dublin
  • Technological University Dublin
  • University of Limerick
  • University College Cork
  • National University of Ireland
  • Maynooth University
  • Royal College of Surgeons
  • Griffith College.

1. Trinity College

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Out of State Tuition Fee: EUR 18,860

Type of College: Private, not for profit.

About Trinity College: This college has an international student body of 1,000 and an overall student body of 18,870. This school was founded in the year 1592.

Trinity College Dublin provides a very friendly environment where thought process is highly valued, welcomed, recommended and every student is encouraged to achieve their full potential. There is a promotion of a diverse, interdisciplinary, inclusive environment that nurtures excellent research, innovation, and creativity.

This institution offers courses ranging from Acting, Ancient History and Archaeology (JH), Ancient and Medieval History and Culture, Biochemistry, biological and Biomedical Sciences, business Studies and French.

2. Dublin City University

Location:  Dublin, Ireland

Out of State Tuition Fee: EUR 6,086 for domestic students and EUR 12,825 for international students.

Type of University: Public.

About Dublin City University: Having a general student body of 17,000, the Dublin City University (DCU) was founded in year 1975.

Dublin City University (DCU) is Ireland’s University of Enterprise.

It is a top young global university that continues to not only transform lives and societies through education, but also engages in great research and innovation in Ireland and around the world.

This institution offers courses in business, engineering, sciences, education and humanities.

The DCU has an international office committed in promoting international engagement through management and development of international partnerships, development of international student recruitment and also student mobility through crucial study abroad and exchange initiatives.

3. University College Dublin

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Out of State Tuition Fee: The average tuition fee for domestic students is EUR 8,958 while that of international students is EUR 23,800.

Type of University: Public.

About University College Dublin: having a student body of 32,900, this University was founded 1854.

University College Dublin (UCD) is the largest and most diverse university in Ireland making it one of the best universities in Ireland for International Students.

The UCD is Ireland’s most international university, where 20% of the student body consists of international students from 120 countries around the world.

Courses offered in the UCD include but not limited to sciences, engineering, linguistics, business, computer, geology and commerce.

4. Technological University Dublin

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Out of State Tuition Fee: EUR 12,500 for international students.

Type of University: Public.

About Technological University Dublin: This is Ireland’s first technological university. It encourages a practice-based environment that helps and enhance the student learning.

It is located in the center of the city of Dublin, having two additional campuses in nearby suburbs.

Don’t get worried about the ‘technological’ word in the name as the TU Dublin offers  programs just as other Ireland’s universities. It also offers  specialist programs like Optometry, Human Nutrition, and Tourism Marketing.

The average tuition fee for international students is EUR 12,500.

5. University of Limerick

Location: Limerick, Ireland.

Out of State Tuition Fee: EUR 12,500.

Type of University: Public.

About the University of Limerick: founded in 1972, the university of Limerick has a student body of 12,000 and an international Student Body of 2,000.

This institution ranks number 5 on our list of the best universities in Ireland for international students.

It is an independent, university that is internationally focused. The UL is a young and energetic university with a unique record of innovation in education and excellence in research and also scholarship.

It is a great thing to know that it is of a fact that ULs graduate employment rate is 18% higher than the national average!

This institution offers courses not limited to, engineering, computer, sciences and business.

6. University College Cork

Location: City of Cork, Ireland.

Out of State Tuition Fee: EUR 17,057 for international students.

Type of College: Public.

About University College Cork: This university with a student body of 21,000, was founded in the year, 1845.

University College Cork is an institution that combines research, academic excellence, the Irish history and culture, student safety and welfare, and a vibrant campus life to create an exceptional study abroad experience for international students.

It comes as number 6 in our list of best universities in Ireland for international students.

The UCC has a castle-like campus quad, and is solely dedicated to green studies and sustainability. The student clubs and societies are highly active, also there is a commitment to student excellence.

The UCC provides international students with a safe, exciting, beautiful, intellectually instigating environment in which to learn, grow, and make lot of memories.

International students who choose UCC as their abroad university, end up leaving the campus with more than just pictures and souvenirs; UCC alumni leave with countless memories, lot of friends from all over the world, a well of knowledge, and newly found sense of independence and self-awareness.

The courses offered in the UCC includes the following but not limited to: Arts, Sciences, Humanities, Business and Computer.

7. National University of Ireland

Location: Galway, Ireland.

Out of State Tuition Fee: EUR 6817 for domestic students and EUR 12,750.

Type of University: Public.

About National University of Ireland: it was founded in the year, 1845 in the city of Galway. This university is one of the universities in Ireland for international students and has a student body of 17,000 .

NUI has a riverside campus that is warm and welcoming, occupied with ambitious individuals, from the students to the lecturers. It is a home to a community of diverse and intellectual staff and students who are dynamic and creative.

The National University of Ireland, Galway is one of the best universities in Ireland for international students with it’s unique landscape and culture, reaching out to the world through a global network of projects and partnerships.

Courses offered in this academic citadel are the arts, business, health, the sciences and engineering.

8. Maynooth University

Location: Maynooth, Ireland.

Out of State Tuition Fee: EUR 3,150 for domestic students and EUR 12,000 for international students.

Type of University: Public.

About Maynooth University: Founded in the year 1795, this institution is located in the city of Maynooth, having a student body of 13,700 with an international Student body of 1,000.

Maynooth University (MU) is located in the beautiful, historic town of Maynooth on the fringes of Dublin, Ireland’s vibrant capital city. MU is also ranked among the Top 200 Most International Universities in the World (Times Higher Ed.) and is listed in The Princeton Review Best 381 Colleges as one of the world’s top institutions for 2017.

The MU is also ranked 68th among the next-generation of leading universities in the world (Times Higher Ed.).

It comes 8th on our list of the best universities in Ireland for international students.

There is a very flexible and selective curriculum across courses such as the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences found in this institution of learning.

MU owns world-class teaching facilities, a great student support services, small class sizes and most importantly, a vibrant social scene.

Are you are a student and you prefer a smaller university setting and you’re seeking an exciting and academically-stimulating experience in Ireland? Maynooth University is just the place for you!

9. Royal College of Surgeons

Location: Dublin, Ireland.

Out of State Tuition Fee: EUR 27,336.

Type of College: Private.

About Royal College of Surgeons: Founded in 1784, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) is a medical professional and educational university, having a student body of 4,094.

It is also called RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences and it’s Ireland’s first private university. It is the national body for the surgical branch of medicine in Ireland, holding a role in the supervision of training medically inclined students.

It is home to 5 schools which are the school of medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing and post graduate.

10. Griffith College 

Location: Cork, Ireland.

Out of State Tuition Fee: EUR 14,000.

Type of College: Private.

About Griffith College: The last but not the least on our list of best universities in Ireland for international students is Griffith College.

Founded in 1974, Griffith College is one of the two largest and one of the oldest established private colleges in Ireland.

It has a student population of more than 7,000 and it is home to several faculties which are, Faculty of Business, Graduate School of Business, The School of Professional Accountancy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, The Professional Law School, Faculty of Computing Science, Faculty of Journalism & Media Communications, Faculty of Design, The Leinster School of Music & Drama, Faculty of Training & Education, and Corporate Training.


The above educational institutions are not only suitable and friendly for international students but also provides the best academic experience coupled with a welcoming environment. You can checkout this study in Ireland guide for students.

It is very important to know that the list is not limited to the above schools as there are numerous schools that offer great academic experience and are also ready to accept international students. Have an great time scholar!


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