2023 Business Administration Degree Salary

Business Adminstration Degree Salary
Business Adminstration Degree Salary

The attractiveness of a business administration degree salary makes it one of the most sought-after jobs in the world.

According to Wealthy Gorilla, a Marketing Manager job for which you would need a business administration degree is the 19th highest paid job in the world. It makes you an average of $145,620 yearly. Also, there is the advantage of it being a growing career field.

As allbusinessschools.com puts it, there is an increase in earning potential of $2000 to $5000 per year for bachelor’s degree holders. MBAs can fetch an additional $7000 to $11,000. You will have to learn more about business management degrees if you are already interested in the prospect of having a career in them.

Alright, here is a breakdown of salaries earned as a business administration degree holder.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Salary

To begin your career in business administration, you have to first get a bachelor’s degree called Bachelor of Business Administration.

This degree proves you have satisfied all pre-requisite education and training and shows your readiness to begin a career in business administration.

The good thing about a career in business administration is that an individual starting can still earn significantly better than others of his level in other careers.

A BBA holder can make an average salary of $58,623 per year, which represents a more-than-average salary for a worker.

Research by Zip Recruiter has shown that the salary of a BBA holder in a business administration job can rise to $120,250. This figure represents only 1% of the jobs.

However, salaries paid to business administrators that function in different capabilities are still attractive and would be enough for a person to get by with.

About 8% of business administration jobs pay a salary hovering between $21,500 to $30,499 yearly. Another 21% pays a yearly salary of $30,500 to $39,499.

While the salary on offer in this 29% of jobs might be attractive to BBA holders still entering into jobs, it doesn’t prove the same for people who have stayed a bit longer in their careers. The above reason is why 27% and 14% offer a salary ranging from $39,500 to 48,499 and $48,500 to $57,499 respectively.

It is worthy of note that salaries below $30,500 and above $66,499 are not considered commonplace. The remaining 24% receive a salary ranging from $66,500 to $120,500.

Master of Business Administration Degree Salary

At some point, the desire to earn better or see a significant improvement in your salary exists. One of the surest ways to get such is to get an MBA.

MBA degrees are awarded over several disciplines and picking the right one will most likely bring the required boost sought after.

For example, if you are already working with people and have a genuine interest in it, getting an MBA in human resources will be your ideal choice. Also, an MBA in information technology will be ideal if you are interested in tech.

MBA degree programs are expensive, so, several of its holders step into jobs with the expectation of a high salary. Luckily for them, their expectations are being met.

According to UpGrad, the average salary for an MBA graduate in the US is $90,073. This is gotten from a coalition of very jobs with MBA requirements.

Salaries of MBA graduates vary with companies, states, and types of jobs a person works in. While some might be on the right side of a $100,000, others might not be.

To explain further, below is a list of five top companies and their salary ranges for MBA graduates;

  • IBM($62,363-$100,943 per year)
  • Microsoft($117,130 per year)
  • JP Morgan Chase and Co($59,000-$196,000)
  • Apple($130,000 per year)
  • The Boeing Company($64,000-$167,000 per year).

There are also wide disparities in salaries of MBA graduates in states across states in the USA. Below is a breakdown of the salaries of MBA graduates in different states in the US according to ZipRecruiter.

Average Salary of MBA Graduates In The US by State

State Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Washington $95,694 $46.01
New York $89,875 $43.21
New Hampshire $87,018 $41.84
California $85,331 $41.02
Vermont $82,138 $39.49
Massachusetts $81,956 $39.40
Wyoming $80,341 $38.63
Idaho $80,301 $38.61
Hawaii $79,499 $38.22
Maine $79,027 $37.99
West Virginia $78,103 $37.55
Texas $77,877 $37.44
Connecticut $77,461 $37.24
Pennsylvania $76,781 $36.91
Rhode Island $76,234 $36.65
Montana $76,107 $36.59
New Jersey $75,915 $36.50
Alaska $75,696 $36.39
Maryland $75,360 $36.23
Arizona $75,324 $36.21
North Dakota $75,143 $36.13
Nevada $75,101 $36.11
Indiana $74,841 $35.98
Nebraska $74,157 $35.65
Minnesota $73,712 $35.44
Tennessee $73,682 $35.42
Wisconsin $73,455 $35.31
Virginia $73,185 $35.19
Ohio $73,148 $35.17
South Dakota $72,948 $35.07
Georgia $72,663 $34.93
Utah $72,139 $34.68
Oregon $71,841 $34.54
Louisiana $71,486 $34.37
Alabama $70,964 $34.12
Kansas $70,794 $34.04
South Carolina $70,793 $34.04
Colorado $70,542 $33.91
Delaware $70,430 $33.86
Iowa $70,298 $33.80
Missouri $70,057 $33.68
New Mexico $69,799 $33.56
Oklahoma $68,923 $33.14
Florida $68,485 $32.93
Kentucky $67,463 $32.43
Mississippi $66,324 $31.89
Arkansas $66,247 $31.85
Michigan $66,197 $31.83
Illinois $65,887 $31.68
North Carolina $60,326 $29.00


Business Administration Degree Salary Entry Level

Bachelor of Business Administration Entry Level Salary

Students get out of school with a desire to begin earning a reasonable salary. BBA graduates have higher expectations than the average graduate.

Salaries on offer for them reflect the importance of business and finance to the everyday life of the general public.

Be it a financial analyst, human resources manager, or accountant; the truth is that the importance of a BBA graduate can never be overemphasized.

Their virtual presence in almost every system in the world means that BBA graduates just out of school can earn an average of $48,395 yearly. A healthy return on investment.

Although lower salaries exist, none go below the $30,000 mark. As of 2019, the lowest-paying jobs were found to be paying at least $31,460. This represents about 10% of jobs.

Another 10% of jobs exist, but this time is guilty of paying higher salaries. Such jobs pay upwards of $77,966 to BBA graduates just out of school.

Whichever way we look at it, there is always going to be a healthy salary available to BBA graduates.

Master of Business Administration Degree Salary Entry Level

Looking to raise your salary in a business administration job, a quick hack, get an MBA.

Sure, MBAs are expensive and require a huge financial commitment, but in the long run, it serves as a worthy endeavor.

The massive leap from your average salary to what you could potentially earn as an MBA graduate even at entry-level is a pointer to how great an investment it is.

A fresh MBA graduate can earn a whole lot, with the mid-range sitting somewhere between $70,000 and $80,000.

Industry and business school attended play a huge role in ensuring how much salary an MBA graduate earns. Higher-ranked schools earn an average of $161,566, while lower-ranked schools still pull in a respectable $58,390 in average salary.

Business Degree Administration Salary Per Hour

Bachelor of Business Administration Salary Per Hour

If you are interested in the little details that make up the bulk yearly salary of a BBA graduate, this section wouldn’t be a waste of time then.

The average hourly salary of BBA graduates is affected by the industry as we have explained earlier. For example, a BBA graduate working as an Administrative Assistant can earn an average of $17, while a BBA graduate working as an Accountant earns an average of $22 per hour.

The general average hourly salary of a BBA graduate in the US is $19.

To show a further breakdown of what BBA graduates earn in different jobs, we have provided a list of jobs BBA graduates can work in and their average salaries according to PayScale.

Administrative Assistant Range:$13 – $23 Average:$17
Office Manager Range:$14 – $27 Average:$19
Staff Accountant Range:$16 – $27 Average:$21
Accountant Range:$16 – $30 Average:$22
Human Resources (HR) Coordinator Range:$16 – $25 Average:$20
Human Resources (HR) Generalist Range:$17 – $28 Average:$22
Marketing Coordinator Range:$14 – $25 Average:$19
Human Resources (HR) Assistant Range:$13 – $22 Average:$17
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Range:$12 – $22 Average:$16
Executive Assistant Range:$15 – $33 Average:$22
Human Resources (HR) Specialist Range:$16 – $27 Average:$20
Bookkeeper Range:$13 – $25 Average:$18
Accounts Payable Specialist Range:$15 – $24 Average:$19
Operations Manager Range:$14 – $31 Average:$21


Master of Business Management Hourly Salary

The average hourly salary for an MBA graduate is $24.77.

It is an improvement on what is available for BBA holders. This goes to show the superior negotiation power available to MBA graduates.

Like all previous sections, their salaries depend on myriad factors. Industry, city, and company are all-inclusive.