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Cost of Masters Degree in UK


The cost of Masters Degree in UK is considered medium among many studying abroad countries. When it comes to postgraduate courses, there are two types of postgraduate courses in the United Kingdom. They would be discussed below.

Two Educational Systems for the British Master’s:

  1. Taught Master: The length of schooling for taught Masters is one year, i.e. 12 months, but there are also ones with 9 months duration.
  2. Research Master (research): This involves two years of schooling.

Let us look at the average cost of masters degree in UK for both.

Cost of Masters Degree in UK

If the master’s degree is a taught master’s degree, it usually only takes one year. If the student does not use the laboratory, then the tuition fee should be between 9,000 pounds and 13,200 pounds. If a laboratory is needed, then the tuition fee is between £10,300 and £16,000. The overall situation will increase by 6.4% over last year.

If it is a research course, it is usually between £9,200 and £12,100. If the course requires a laboratory, it is between £10.400 and £14,300. This year’s average cost has increased by 5.3 percentage points over the previous year.

There are also preparatory courses for preparatory courses in the UK.

The duration is six months to one year, and the tuition fee is 6,300 pounds to 10,250 pounds, but there are actually scholarships in the preparatory courses. As for their charging standards, they are all determined by themselves. If the location and popularity of the school are different, the prices will also vary.

Even for different courses in the same school, the difference in tuition fees is relatively large. The cost of living has to be calculated according to the living standards of the students, and it is difficult to have a unified measurement.

Generally speaking, most of the three meals a day for international students in the UK are 150 pounds. If they eat a higher level, they will also have to be 300 pounds a month. Of course, there are some miscellaneous expenses, which are about 100-200 pounds a month. The cost of studying abroad is under the control of the students themselves. In the case of different lifestyles, this expenditure actually varies greatly.

But in general, consumption in these areas of Scotland is relatively low, of course, consumption in places like London must be very high.

Tuition Fees Costs of Masters Degree in UK

Most taught and research-based master’s programs in the UK have a one-year academic system. For tuition, the average cost of masters degree in UK are as follows:
  • Medical: 7,000 to 17,500 pounds;
  • Liberal Arts: 6,500 to 13,000 pounds;
  • Full-Time MBA: £7,500 to £15,000 pounds;
  • Science and Engineering: 6,500 to 15,000 pounds.
If you study in a famous business school in the UK, the tuition fee may be as high as £25,000. For other business majors the tuition fee is about 10,000 pounds per year.
The tuition fees for students to study for a master’s degree are generally between 5,000-25,000 pounds. Generally speaking, liberal arts fees are lowest; business subjects are about 10,000 pounds per year; sciences are relatively high, the medical department is more expensive. The MBA fees are the highest, generally above 10,000 pounds. The MBA tuition fees of some famous schools can reach 25,000 pounds.

Living Costs of Masters Degree in UK

Rent is the largest expenditure item besides tuition. Most students live in the dormitory provided by the school. The weekly rent should generally be considered around 50-60 pounds (London is around 60-80 pounds). Some students rent a room in a local home and share the bathroom and kitchen. If the classmates live together, it will be cheaper.

Food is an average of 100 pounds a month which is a common level. For other things such as transportation and petty expenses, £100 a month is an average cost.

The cost of living studying abroad in the UK are definitely different in different regions, and often vary greatly. The cost of living is divided into two levels, in London and outside London. Generally, the price is around 800 pounds a month in London, and around 500 or 600 pounds in other areas outside London.

Therefore, in terms of the cost requirements for international students, what the Visa Center requires is that the funds prepared by the student in one month must be 800 pounds, so it is 9600 pounds a year. But if in other areas, 600 pounds a month is enough, then the cost of living for a year is about 7,200 pounds.

To study for these two postgraduate degrees(which are the taught and research based), you need to prepare for the cost of one academic year and 12 months, and the living expenses are about £500 to £800 per month.

The cost of living in London area like, Cambridge, Oxford is between 25,000 to 38,000 pounds; first-tier cities, such as Manchester, Liverpool is between 20-32,000 pounds, second-tier cities, such as Leitz, Cardiff is between 18,000-28,000 pounds and the above fees are tuition plus living expenses, the specific cost varies and consumption is highest in London. However, overall, consumption in the UK is still very high.

The cost of living in the process of studying abroad will vary in different regions, depending on the individual’s economic situation and lifestyle. In addition, during the study period, many international students subsidize their living expenses through part-time work, and their income also varies according to their personal abilities.

It is important to note that the above mentioned costs are estimated values to guide you and are subject to yearly changes. This article on the cost of masters degree in UK at World Scholars Hub is only here to guide and help you in your financial plan making for masters degree in the UK.

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