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Culinary Degree Guides15 Best Culinary Schools in Michigan

15 Best Culinary Schools in Michigan


Choosing the best culinary schools in Michigan can be crucial to a successful culinary career. Before deciding on one of the best Culinary schools in Michigan, it’s fundamental to conduct extensive research on which of the school will be suited for you.

When researching these schools, think about whether you want to specialize in a particular regional cuisine or a specific cooking style. Do you want to specialize in pastry and baking, or do you want to study culinary management, the good thing is that with a Culinary certificate you can get a good-paying job even without a degree.

We will walk you through the best universities in the USA and vocational training institutes where you can get a Culinary program in this article.

What Exactly Are Culinary Schools?

Culinary schools offer professional, accredited courses in areas such as cooking, recipe creation, food decoration, and more.

The culinary school will teach you all aspects of food preparation and service. Depending on what you studied, culinary schools award various degrees and certificates.

A Culinary school in Michigan may be associated with becoming a chef, but these schools actually offer a variety of easiest degrees to get a job with. However, the types of degrees available at culinary schools vary depending on the school and program you to enroll in.

The following are among the most popular culinary school programs:

  • Culinary arts
  • Culinary management
  • International cuisines
  • Baking and pastry arts
  • Hospitality management
  • Restaurant management.

Culinary school graduates have numerous job opportunities. You can work as a chef, baker, food and beverage director, resort manager, or something completely different.

Why attend culinary schools in Michigan

Here are some of the reasons why you should attend culinary schools in Michigan:

  • Chefs are in Demand
  • Get a more comprehensive education
  • Professional Satisfaction
  • Vast Networking opportunities
  • Expose to global Job Opportunities.

Chefs are in Demand

Chefs and head cooks have excellent job prospects! These professionals are expected to be in high demand through 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is faster than the national average for all occupations.

Get a more comprehensive education

Working your way up in a restaurant may allow you to learn how to be a chef, but chances are you won’t learn much about the business side of things.

Many chefs who do not have a culinary arts education fail here. Most culinary arts programs will also include some business training.

Professional Satisfaction

Whether you are just starting out in your career, changing careers, or improving your current one, it is critical to feel fulfilled in your work.

Enrolling in one of the best Culinary Schools in Michigan is a great way to pursue your passions while also working towards professional satisfaction.

Vast Networking opportunities

You’ll have the chance to spend time with like-minded classmates, chef-instructors, visiting chefs, and other food professionals at the culinary school in Michigan, who will introduce you to the many different areas of the food industry.

Culinary schools have relationships with top chefs and can provide students with numerous opportunities to network with leading food industry professionals.

Lots of the best culinary schools in Michigan also have a large network of alumni who can help you find your first job, and offer advice, and mentorship, among other things.

Expose to global Job Opportunities 

Are you curious about the world? As a graduate of one of the best Culinary Schools in Michigan, you will gain professional qualifications that will allow you to travel and work in some of the world’s finest restaurants, hotels, resorts, and businesses, including renowned restaurants.

Traveling to different countries will expose you to new food cultures, flavours, ingredients, and cooking techniques, giving you the ability to create new and interesting foods.

Where to Study in Michigan for Culinary Program

Michigan is home to some of the most prestigious and eminent institutions, which have been providing a world-class education to the student community for many years.

Canadian educational institutions offer a wide range of courses and programs for students interested in this field of study.

Here are the best schools to study culinary in Michigan:

15 Best Culinary Schools in Michigan

#1. Baker College of Muskegon Culinary Program

Allow your passion for cooking to blossom into a rewarding and fulfilling career as a catering professional.

The associate degree program in culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of Michigan is designed to provide you with a well-rounded foundation to prepare you for chef and other kitchen supervisory positions.

Baker College of Muskegon’s Culinary Program will help you hone your cooking skills while also learning about restaurant management, table service, and menu planning.

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#2. Secchia Institute for Culinary Education

Secchia Institute for Culinary Education is an award-winning culinary institution in Michigan. It has been imparting knowledge in this field for 25 years and offers degrees and certificates in Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, and Baking & Pastry Arts.

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#3. Macomb Community College

This school is a community college in Michigan that was founded in 1972. Macomb’s Culinary program will teach you kitchen skills through a variety of international and regional menus. Here, you will be trained in safe food handling and food ordering.

They train front-of-house staff and traditional baking methods. They discuss how to use a menu as a control tool as well as the creative or decorative aspects of food presentation.

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#4. Lansing Community College

This Michigan culinary school provides its students with a unique and enjoyable learning experience.  They offer a wide range of practical cooking classes for students of all skill levels, from novices to perfectionists.

With a small class size that allows for personalized training for active participation in everything from food preparation to final plate performance. This culinary school has a cutting-edge classroom kitchen as well as a gourmet cookware store.

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#5. Henry Ford Community College

This is one of the best Culinary Schools in Michigan where students gain in-depth knowledge in the business of cooking.

Their culinary courses include some unique features. Some of them are the Professional TV studio kitchen, HFC Ice Carving Club, and Garden Maintenance.

As a culinary student at Henry Ford, you will have the opportunity to grow herbs, lettuce, vegetables, and flowers.

In their production and practical classes, the first semester focuses on classic and contemporary dishes and meals.

Students will learn baking, nutrition, menu planning, food safety, and cost management.

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#6. Oakland Community College

This culinary arts school is one of Michigan’s American Culinary Federation-accredited culinary schools. They award certification based on the work experience of students at the time of graduation.

The program’s goal is to prepare students to pursue a career as culinary experts. They can work as an executive chef or as food and beverage manager.

In the first year, students will learn foundation skills, technical processes of food safety, cookery, baking, and guest services.

In the second year, students will study and practice classical and contemporary cuisines, pastries, and skill refinement.

Management principles, industry standards, and human resources are all covered in this course. The curriculum also includes financial applications used in food and beverage operations.

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#7. Great Lakes Culinary Institute

It is one of Michigan’s top culinary schools. This culinary arts school aims to provide enthusiastic students with the fundamental skills required to work in the culinary field.

To meet your needs, the school offers four different program types. They include:

  • Baking Level I Certificate
  • Culinary Arts Level III Certificate
  • Associate Applied Science Degree
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Culinary Sales and Marketing

Baking Level I Certificate

This curriculum is designed for students who plan to work in the baking industry. Learners receive hands-on training in all aspects of industrial baking preparation and presentation.

Culinary Arts Level III Certificate

This course is designed for students who want to work in the culinary industry. Learners receive hands-on training in all phases of commercial food preparation and presentation.

Other areas include nutrition, sanitation, purchasing, and management lecture courses. This Michigan culinary institute is an American Culinary Federation accredited Michigan college.

Associate Applied Science Degree

The course is focused on preparing for entry-level chef and kitchen manager positions. It is concerned with the science and techniques of food selection, preparation, and service.

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Culinary Sales and Marketing

The Culinary Sales and Marketing program is designed to prepare students for careers in food sales, marketing, and other related fields.

It combines education in food preparation with business courses.

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#8. Jackson Community College

Jackson College’s Culinary Arts major is part of the personal and culinary services program. Students learn the skills and actions required to deal with real-world kitchen challenges.

Students will prepare food from scratch and serve it in a casual dining setting using institutional kitchen equipment in the Changing Scenes Restaurant.

Throughout the school year, the restaurant frequently serves lunch and caters to various JCISD events. Students also learn about food safety, recipe costing, food processing, purchasing, and food science.

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#9. Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft’s culinary arts programs have a national repute, creativity, and culinary excellence, and its graduates go on to work in some of America’s and Europe’s most prestigious restaurants.

An increased emphasis on nutrition and operations will assist students in obtaining key positions after graduation.

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#10. Michigan Career and Technical Institute

In Plainwell, Michigan, the Michigan Career and Technical Institute offer vocational and technical training programs as well as services to prepare Michigan residents with disabilities for gainful and competitive employment.

Students interested in gaining professional and leadership experience can join the student government.

The school provides numerous career preparation programs that assist students in developing resumes, writing cover letters, practicing interviews, and even traveling to job interviews.

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#11. Monroe County Community College

The culinary arts certificate program at Monroe Community College will prepare you for a career in the thriving food industry. In both the classroom and our state-of-the-art kitchen, you’ll learn the most recent cooking techniques.

MCC’s culinary arts certificate program is designed for students who want to specialize in the culinary arts field.

After completing the program, you will have a solid foundation in proper food handling, measuring, and various cooking techniques.

You’ll also gain valuable experience in menu planning and selecting nutritious, high-quality foods. This program is designed to prepare you to excel on the job or to seamlessly transfer to an associate degree program in hospitality management.

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#12. The Art Institute of Michigan

You’ll be immersed in an environment that’s as close to the real world as you can get at the Art Institute of Michigan Culinary Arts School.

Working in a modern, professional kitchen allows you to hone your cooking skills while learning to deliver popular international flavours and techniques that today’s consumers—and employers—want and expect.

Other talented, creatively driven students will surround and inspire you. And you’ll be pushed, challenged, and, most importantly, supported by knowledgeable faculty.

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#13. Les Cheneaux Culinary school

Les Cheneaux Culinary School is a small, hands-on culinary school that focuses on regional cuisine. It aims for long-term growth in the best interests of its students and the surrounding community.

LSSU emphasizes a student-centered approach to higher education.

The LSSU regional centres are all about small class sizes, experienced faculty, and the ability to pursue your educational dreams close to home.

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#14. Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University offers a high-quality undergraduate and graduate education that ensures students have the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to succeed in management and leadership roles in the hotel and restaurant industry.

The program aims to anticipate and address the educational needs of the hotel and restaurant industries, as well as to provide opportunities for ongoing professional development and networking.

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#15. Kalamazoo Valley Community College

In their state-of-the-art commercial kitchens, this best Culinary School in Michigan teaches hands-on culinary skills. The certificate program provides an innovative course selection that reinforces long-term core culinary fundamentals.

The program is intended to provide students with industry skills that will help them excel in the workplace. Furthermore, courses apply directly to the AAS programs in culinary arts and sustainable food systems, allowing graduates to gain advanced skills.

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FAQs about Best Culinary Schools in Michigan

How much does it cost to go to culinary school in Michigan?

Depending on the qualification and institution, the time required to complete this education training ranges from 5 weeks to 3 years, with a median time of 2 years. The cost of attending For example, the Culinary Institute of Michigan - Muskegon ranges from $80 to $40,000, with a median cost of $21,000.

How long is a culinary school in Michigan?

As a culinary student, one of the first decisions you must make is what type of degree you want to pursue. The majority of schools provide a certificate or Associate's degree program. A certificate can typically be obtained in one year or less, whereas an Associate's degree requires approximately two years of full-time study.

What do you learn in culinary school?

Culinary school will not only teach you the fundamentals of cooking, but also life lessons such as discipline, organization, problem-solving, and time management.

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A culinary school is an educational institution that primarily trains students to work in the culinary industry as cooks, chefs, and other positions. Though courses vary by school, all culinary schools have the same goal of preparing students to become professional chefs while also assisting them in honing their natural talents.

Food services, how to cook various types of meat, dish presentation, and baking are some of the most common topics and training covered by a culinary arts program.


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