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Certificate ProgramsTop 10 Data Analyst Certification For Beginners 2023

Top 10 Data Analyst Certification For Beginners 2023


Do you need certification as a data analyst? If you do, then you need to begin with data analyst certification for beginners and then move on to the advanced level after some time of getting the foundational knowledge you need. And guess what, we will be assisting you with the top 10 of these certifications that are right for you in this article.

Data analytics has a vast scope, and there are numerous job opportunities available. However, when you apply for a job, you need to have certifications that prove your knowledge and skills.

Data analyst certification is a popular credential offered by professional institutions to get a top-notch job in the data analytics industry. Exceeding career opportunities in data analytics, demand for certified professionals is also increasing.

There are more than 75 million jobs available and only 35,000 certified professionals.

This huge gap between demand and supply is a good opportunity for all those who are willing to jump into the world of data analytics.

If you are a beginner in data analytics, you must be looking for the best certification courses. Choosing a course is not easy. You need to analyze the various aspects of the course, its benefits, and what it will add to your career.

Therefore, this article will help you find data analyst certification for beginners and courses very helpful in starting your career as a data analyst.

Introduction to Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a broad phrase that refers to a variety of data analysis techniques. Any type of data can be subjected to Data Analytics techniques in order to generate insights that can be utilized to aid decision-making.

Trends and patterns can be discovered using data analytics approaches that would otherwise be lost in the massive amount of data. This data can be utilized to improve an organization’s overall efficiency by optimizing operations.

You must analyze data acquired from multiple sources, clean it up, and then turn it into interpretable information in Data Analytics. Structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data can be gathered from numerous sources. Charts, graphs, and other tools can be used to depict the final outcome.

Professionals that can assist firms in converting raw data into relevant information that can be used to drive corporate growth are in high demand.

There are many different job roles in Data Analytics, and being a certified Data Analyst is one of them. It can lead to amazing career opportunities.

List of the Best Data Analyst Certifications for Beginners

Before you begin any of the top Data Analyst Certifications for beginners, you must first understand the difference between Certifications and Certificates; while they may sound similar, there is a significant difference between them.

A Data Analytics Certification indicates that you have passed a specific assessment and are ready to work on a specific job role in accordance with industry standards, whereas a Data Analytics Certificate simply indicates that you have completed training in the Data Analytics domain and does not imply that you have a specific skill set.

Let’s go on to list out the best certifications for beginners to get started.

Below is a list of the best Data Analyst Certification to get you started:

Top 10 Data Analyst Certifications for Beginners

Below are some of the well-known Data Analytics Certifications to get you started.

1. Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate

One of the most valuable certifications that can help you become a Certified Data Analyst is the Data Analyst Associate Certification.

It primarily focuses on utilizing Power BI’s capabilities to maximize the value of a company’s data assets. This Data Analytics certification for beginners teaches you how to clean and manipulate data as well as design and develop scalable data models.

In the context of Power BI, Associate Analysts are skilled in data preparation, data modeling, data visualization, and data analysis. Candidates with prior experience working with Power BI are ideal candidates for this certification.

2. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate

Individuals who want to gain subject matter expertise in data science and machine learning on Microsoft Azure should pursue the Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification.

The development and implementation of an adequate working environment for Azure data science workloads are one of the tasks of this function.

You train prediction algorithms by experimenting with data. You’ll also be in charge of managing, optimizing, and deploying machine learning models in the field. Individuals must pass exam DP-100, which costs $165, in order to receive the certification. There are free and paid options for preparing for this Data Analytics certification for beginners.

3. SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9

SAS is one of the most popular tools used by data scientists around the world.

A certified course in SAS can help you enhance your skills and be a more valuable asset to any company you join. This certification has a prerequisite of having at least 6 months of experience in programming. This program helps you learn how to use SAS as a tool to write programs that access and analyze data from various sources.

4. Cloudera Certified Associate Data Analyst

The Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst Certification allows data analysts to extract and generate reports on the Cloudera CDH environment using Hive and Impala.

Individuals who pass the CCA Data Analyst Certification understand how to analyze data in a cluster using Query Language Statements in Impala and Hive.

They also improve their data structure skills.

5. Certified Associate Analytics Professional

The Associate Certified Analytics Professional, or aCAP, is a designation for an entry-level analytics professional who has received training in the analytics process but has not yet gained practical experience. It’s a stand-alone certification that leads to the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) credential at the highest level.

A person who is eligible for aCAP should have the following qualifications:

A person must pass the aCAP exam, which covers all seven areas of the analytics process: Business Problem Framing, Analytics Problem Framing, Data, Methodology Selection, Model Building, Deployment, and Lifecycle Management, to receive the aCAP credential. He or she should also have less than three years of industry experience.

6. Analytics Professional Certification (CAP)

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) is the appropriate choice for you if you have solid knowledge and hands-on experience performing Data Analysis and are looking for an advanced level Certification.

Certified Analytics Professionals are knowledgeable about Business Problems, Analytical Problems, and a variety of Analytical Methodologies. Individuals who are certified have additional abilities such as implementation and lifecycle management.

The Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification is for people who want to work in data analytics. It is a great certification for beginners.

A CAP exam covers the six domains of analytics such as business problem framing, exploratory data analysis and visualization, statistical inference, predictive modeling, prescriptive analytics, and the communication of analytic results.

7. Springboard Data Analytics Certification

The Springboard Data Analytics Certification is designed for people who excel in problem-solving and critical thinking.

This is an online school that is completely supervised and guarantees a job guarantee.

As a result, this certification requires the candidate to have two years of professional experience. When you join this program, you will be assigned a mentor who will help you along your learning path. It includes project-based assignments and real-world Case Studies to put your Data Analytics knowledge to the test.

You are assigned a final project to finish the program, which is reviewed by your mentor, and once you pass the assessment, you are ready to become a Certified Data Analyst.

8. Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences

Columbia University’s Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences is a non-degree, part-time program. It’s designed to help you hone your core data science skills.

This certification is designed for students who must complete a minimum of 12 credits in the following four courses: Algorithms for Data Science, Probability and Statistics for Data Science, Machine Learning for Data Science, and Exploratory Data Analysis Visualization.

To enroll in this certification, students must pay Columbia Engineering’s tuition cost (about $2196 per credit) and a $396 non-refundable technology charge per course.

9. Simplilearn Certified Big Data Analyst (CBA)

The Simplilearn CBA course covers all key topics in Big Data including Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Spark, Oozie, etc.

It also trains students in R programming language and machine learning techniques that help them in extracting information from large datasets. This online course equips students with the ability to develop real-time applications using Apache Spark.

This course trains students in applying statistical methods like SAS/R on big data sets. They can use various tools like Tableau for visualizing data. After completing this course, candidates can easily apply for the advanced classes.

10. Data Analytics Professional Certificate (Google)

A Data Analyst is someone who is in charge of gathering, organizing, and evaluating data. A data analyst aids in the visual representation of data using graphs, charts, and figures.

Furthermore, they concentrate on the fraud detection process and ensure that everything is running well.

The Data Analytics Professional Certificate was designed by Google to assist people who are interested in data science and are looking for a job in the field of computer science.

This credential is ideal for students who want to enter the profession but have no prior programming expertise because it is at a basic level. This eight-course certificate program can help you start your career as a data analyst on the right foot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Data Analytics Science or art?

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data in order to make conclusions about that information. Many of the techniques and processes of data analytics have been automated into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data for human consumption.

Is Data Analytics Important?

Data analysts are increasingly important for companies looking to extract value from the vast amounts of data being generated today. These professionals can turn raw numbers into useful information that helps a business make informed decisions.

Is Data Analytics Difficult?

But getting started can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Fortunately, there are plenty of online courses and certifications that you can take to improve your skillset, and many of them are free or low-cost.

Data Analyst Vs. Data Science

Data analysts may also be known as data scientists or business analysts. These professionals collect large amounts of information and analyze it to see what's working and what needs to change. Learning will help you master data analysis, data science, and programming tools to enhance your career. Data Analyst is a job that requires a lot of technical skills and involves working with complex data.

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Data analysts are in demand.

As society becomes more data-driven, companies need people who can make sense of the numbers, and they’re willing to pay a premium for the right person.

Furthermore, when it comes to rewards, the median salary for business analysts is $72,000, according to PayScale; data analysts earn a median salary of $60,000, but some jobs pay considerably more.

However, Data analyst certification can help you break into this lucrative field, or level up in your current role.


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