Top 15 Photography Courses Online

Top 15 Photography Courses Online
Top 15 Photography Courses Online

Every day of our lives we perform the act of photography; capturing images through various devices either with a large lens camera or with our mobile device.

It has become a part of our daily lives. Hence, photography has been a way of living and there are various photography courses to help you navigate through the profession.

A photography course comprises all the elements and what it takes to be a professional photographer. For the practical aspect of the study, students work with the camera. The best part is there are several online learning platforms for photography. You necessarily don’t need to be attending in-person classes to get acquire knowledge of photography.

What is Photography

Photography is the process of recording an image on light-sensitive film or via a digital electronic such as a phone, iPad, tablet, or magnetic memory. Photographs are seen in newspapers, magazines, books, advertisements, posters, television, the Internet, and several other places. They are also used in illustrating writing or an article.

Photography also plays an important role in capturing moments good or bad and documenting activities such as holidays, parties, and celebrations. Some of these photographs are considered to be art and tend to be displayed in museums and galleries in formats similar to painting.

Benefits of a Photography Course

If you’re wondering what a photography course would yield to you, then you might want to read on.

A photography course expands your knowledge and skills in the profession. It builds your confidence as a photographer. Moreover, that isn’t the only effect studying photography does. The photography course gives you practical experience under professional supervision. Of course, this can be done through field trips and assignments and how well you put good use to things you’ve learned.

The world has gone digital and technology is playing a vital role in our daily activities. There have been so many changes in innovation and trends. With this effect, photographers must keep up with the current changes.

Types of Photography

Before deciding to go Into photography as a profession, it’s important to know the various types of photography and master a niche.

  • Portrait photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Fashion photography
  • Sports photography
  • Travel photography

Portrait photography

Portrait photography is one of the most popular types of photography. At some point, we’ve all had to take a picture that just our upper body. It captures the personality and mood of the individual. Various kinds of portraits include family portraits, headshots, and engagement photos.


Photojournalism is all about getting images for documentation purposes. This type of photography portrays images from events such as Wars, Crime scenes, Campaigns, etc. Photojournalist work with various media firms and they ensure that each image depicts the exact event as it occurred.

Fashion Photography

We see images from various fashion shows, clothiers, and other aspects of fashion daily displaying their various kinds of designs and accessories. All of these images are the work of a fashion photographer. They work with fashion brands and are also very creative.

Sports Photography

Sports photography is one very interesting type of photography for sports lovers. We see them in various games; Football, volleyball, golf, and many other sports running around capturing epic moments of players and spectators. They keep up with all the actions and fun aspects of the game.

Travel photography

Travel photography is perfect for those who love to travel and explore diverse cultures and countries. Travel photographers capture images while exploring even the littlest details of things in their environment are captured. I would love to become a travel photographer if ever I want to go into another profession.

15 Best Photography Courses Online

Here are the top 15 photography courses online:

Top 15 Photography Courses Online

#1. Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing

This course emphasizes the effect of images and videos on scientific aspects. Hence, you will learn the principles and tools used to process images and videos, and their application in solving practical problems of commercial and scientific interests. This is an important course for aspiring photographers. It will help build their skill in digital image and video.

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#2. Introduction to Photography

Introduction to photography is a beginner’s course. It helps beginners in the professions to understand the concept of photography. It also teaches how all the components of a camera and how to set up the camera for image capturing.

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#3. Photography Essentials: Understanding the Basics

This course is designed for those who are already in the profession but want to advance their knowledge. They will learn how to identify perfect lighting environments. As part of their study, they will also be able to edit photos using the right editing tips at the end of the course.

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#4. Fundamentals of Photography

The fundamentals of Photography consist of the various elements which make up a good photograph. They are Exposure and Color Balance, Focus and Depth-of-Field, Composition and Lighting. By the end of this course, you will be able to create good images by applying these important elements. This course is offered on Udemy an online learning platform.

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#5. Photography Techniques: Light, Content, and Sharing

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#6. Fundamentals of DSLR Photography

In this introductory photography course, you’ll learn how to manually balance shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to achieve perfect exposure. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to hone your setup skills for and how to be in control of your shootings for professional images.

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#7. Introduction to Digital Photography

This course introduces you to the most important functions and techniques used to create digital photographs with your digital camera. Many people have digital cameras, but few know how to use them properly. This course teaches you how to operate the basic and advanced features of your digital camera to take the right shot for every occasion.

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#8. Cameras, Exposure, and Photography

Another top photography course to enhance your skills in this field. You will gain the knowledge and the confidence that will help in making the right camera choice that best suit your niche. You will learn about the basic functions that most digital cameras have in common.

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#9. Adobe Photoshop CC: The Ultimate Guide

Students enrolled in this course will learn from professional photoshop instructors, and have a full grasp of the basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop tools and techniques used in editing photos and giving life to old images.

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#10. How to Crop and Resize in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop can be a useful tool for editing digital photography and is mostly used in cropping and resizing of images. Hence, this course is crucial for photographers, and students enrolled in this course will understand the basics of how to crop and resize images in Adobe Photoshop. Also, they will be taught the various tools used in cropping and resizing images in photoshop.

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#11. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: The Complete Guide

Lightroom is also essential for photographers. You’ll be taught how to import images and customize Lightroom. Organizing your images and managing projects, fixing isolated problems, and the various image adjustment techniques are all part of your learning process.

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#12. Seeing Through Photographs

This course provides students with the ability to understand images beyond what it is. By applying a diversity of ideas, approaches, and technologies to communicate how a photograph reflects our history, society, Pains, and Joy. Most of these images are kept in art galleries or Museums.

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#13. Camera Control

This course will educate you on the various types of cameras, Menus, and functions in the camera to give you full control and capture good photographs. You will also be able to identify the difference between Auto and Program exposure modes.

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#14. Decoding Lightroom by Contrastly

For beginners or intermediate photographers who want to understand Lightroom, this course is a great choice as they will learn all aspects of Lightroom. As earlier stated, Lightroom is vital to photographers, and understanding every aspect of it is beneficial.

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#15. Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image Post-Production

By the end of this course, students will understand the various essential elements of design. And also how to affect them in creating compositions in photographs. Students will also learn about the image adjustment software tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a photography course cost?

The cost of a photography course depends on the learning platform. There are also free photography courses online.

The most popular and common type of photography is Portrait photography. It covers different kinds of events from wedding ceremonies to family photographs to fashion.

What are the elements of photography

There are several elements of photography. These are Line, shape, form, texture, color, size, and depth. These elements helps to give you an in-depth understanding of the profession.


A photography course enhances your skill and knowledge in photography. These courses are less time-consuming and can be learned from the comfort of your home.

The cost of learning varies, some platforms offer free learning. If you aim to become a professional and a well-renowned one, getting professional knowledge is essential.