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Top 15 Highly Recommended Free Online Certification Exams


If you’re in search of the most recommended free online certification exams, you came to the right place. This article will give you a list of some of the highly recommended free online certification exams that will help you achieve your goals.

Whether that goal is for personal development, or maybe you’re planning a career change. Even if the goal is aimed at getting more money into your wallets. This article will give insights, that would be helpful in getting your certificate.

Nevertheless, you should know that some of these Certification exams expect you to take a short certificate program prior to the exam.

Most recommended Free Online Certification exams
Most recommended Free Online Certification exams

These recommended free online certification exams are special because they broaden your knowledge, increase your expertise and can be a wonderful addition to your resume.

The exams are usually taken after completing a course work. You can get these programs through online platforms or affordable online colleges. Below are the 15 Recommended free online certification exams.

1. Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics can be a great tool for marketers and other professionals to gain insight into the performance of their activities.

If this sounds like what you do, then this google analytics certification might just be right for you. They have a number of other Google Analytics related courses that might be a good addition to the list for you too. They include:

  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics for Power Users
  • Getting Started With Google Analytics 360
  • Introduction to Data Studio
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals.

Even though Google Analytics is a great tool, it might not be what you’re familiar with. If that is the case, you can check out some other platforms like: Tableau, Salesforce, Asana etc. This is a recommended free online certification exams for you.

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2. EMI FEMA certifications

The FEMA is offered by the Emergency Management Institute (EMI). EMI offers self paced, distance learning certifications for people who wish to build a career in emergency management as well as other individuals.

To enroll for the certification, you need a FEMA student identification number (SID). You can get the FEMA student identification number for free. However, It is necessary for the security of your identity along the process.

We have provided a button below, which you can use to access a complete listing of active courses as well as their certifications.

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3. Inbound Marketing Certification

The Inbound Marketing Certification is offered by Hubspot Academy. The academy is loaded with a list of courses that could fit into your needs.

The Inbound Marketing Certification is amongst the most popular and recommended free online certification exams. It consists of 8 lessons, 34 videos and 8 quizzes. It is estimated to take about 4 hours to complete the requirements and earn the certification.

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4. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Data science is amongst the hottest, most sought after, and most recommended free online certification exams and programs. The IBM Data Science professional certificate is a certification program offered by IBM and run by Coursera.

The data science professional certificate is said to have produced over 40 percent of professionals who started new careers and over 15 percent of those who completed the certification program were promoted or earned a raise.

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5. Brand Management – Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour.

This course is offered by the London business school, through the Coursera platform. The course seeks to teach about business branding and behavior.

The course website claims to have helped 20% of its learners start a new career on completion of the course. Whilst 25% were able to attract a career benefit and 11% got a raise. We recommend this online certification exam for business persons globally.

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6. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This course gives you a learning track where you get to learn about the fundamental parts of digital marketing. The course consists of about 26 learning modules, after which you take an exam to confirm that you understand and fully covered the course work.

This course is crafted by Google to give people access to digital skills, with practice exercises to help you put conceptual knowledge to action.

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7. Supervision Skills: Managing Groups and Employee Interaction Certification

Most of Alison’s certification programs are free. Although, you will have to create an account and login to have access to the course of your choice. On completion, you will be tested and then a certification might be issued to you.

The course has 3 modules where you will learn about the management of groups and teams, taking action in the workplace. After completing the learning modules, you’ll be required to take an exam which gives you access to the certification.

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8. Charles Sturt University – Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Short Course

This is a free 5 weeks certification course offered by the Charles Sturt University. On completion of the short course, you will need a physical or Online Cisco gear, which will enable take the certification exam.

On completion of the course with a minimum pass mark of 50%, you will be offered a certificate of completion. The course is an intermediate level course which handles specific areas of Cisco’s CCNA official blueprint. The course will teach you about the theories and technologies that will help you ace the CCNA exam.

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9. Fortinet – Network Security Associate

This course is an entry level course offered by Fortinet. It covers areas like cyber security and suggest possible ways to secure information.

The course is part of the Network Security Expert program (NSE). You will be expected to complete 5 lessons and pass the exams that will make you eligible for certification. This certification is valid for just two years on completion of the course and exam.

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10. PerScholas – Network Support Courses and Certifications

To take this certification exam, you will be required to take a full time course of about 15 days. You can enroll into the certification exam program with no experience at all.

The free certification program prepares you for other recognised certification exams as well. These certification exams may include:

  • Google IT support Professional Certificate
  • CompTIA A+
  • NET+

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Here are some popular free online certification exams that you can take without completing any course work. However, you are expected to have prior knowledge of the certification exams. You’ll be asked random questions on the chosen field to test your knowledge.

Most of these exams have a benchmark score which you must reach or pass before you can earn the certification. Check them out below:

11. HTML 4.x

HTML is needed for web development. Testing for your proficiency can be a great way to check how much you know already. HTML is highly recommended for everyone and it serves as the basic foundation for Web Development.

Most organizations need an effective and efficient website for their business activities. HTML professionals are Vital to perform tasks related to the website of these organizations.

12. Css Certification Exams

Css, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be used alongside the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to create web pages.

With HTML you can create the structure for the page, while CSS can be used to create the layout of the webpage. CSS is responsible for creating the beautiful and attractive aspects of the webpage.

This Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) recommended Free Online Certification Exam is a great place to start when checking for the depth of your knowledge on those aspects.

13. JavaScript Programming Certification Exam

Javascript is also used to build webpages. JavaScript however, is an object-oriented scripting language. Javascript can be used alongside HTML and CSS. However, Javascript is responsible for changing the static page into a dynamic page. It does this by adding some interactive elements into the webpage.

Javascript and Java are not compatible with each other. JavaScript is a programming language that powers the web and is most times referred to as all purpose.

14. Structured Query Language (SQL) Certification Exam   

SQL, which means structured query language, is created to manage data. SQL does this data management in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

SQL takes these raw data and turns them into a structured format that can be used for data analysis. These Certification exams could help you check out how much you know about SQL.

15. Computer Fundamentals Certification Exam

The computer is an amazing device that has made our lives better. A computer as we all know is an electronic device. It can be used for storing, retrieval, manipulation, and processing of data for the purpose of extracting information.

Computers are very useful in our world today. Testing for your proficiency in them is not a bad idea. You can checkout the Free Online Computer Courses with Certificate.

Please Note: The hardcopy of some of the Certification exams are paid.

Although there are still some free options available, you will be required to create an account before you can access them.

You can find other certification exams like this on the Study Sections.

Taking these recommended free online certification exams come with its own benefits. They are available to everyone but have an added advantage for those who take them.

  • Most recommended free online certification exams offer you the leverage to enjoy a comfortable experience, that is self paced to suit your schedule and convenient to help you achieve the best results.
  • These certifications enable you to get an overview and most times an in-depth knowledge of your prospective career field.
  • The content of these recommended free online certification exams will help you shape your career, correct your lapses and serve as a guide along your career path.
  • Most of these recommended free online certification programs offer you a fast paced route to achieve career goals or learn a new skill.
  • The certificate you acquire on completion of these programs and their exams could be an added advantage for you when used on your career profile or Resume.
  • They could also help you during job search. You become more appealing to employers.

These courses are a delight to take when they align with your goals. Go for the courses that will help you achieve the desires that mean the most to you and can help you actualize those dreams of yours.

World Scholars hub is rooting for you, and bringing you the best information you’ll be needing along that path. Good luck!

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