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Study Law in Spain in English


Before you decide to study law in Spain in English, one has to know that the Spanish law degree is internationally known and many Spanish legal programs focus on Spanish, European Union and United States legal systems; Although some programs teaches civil law only. This multi-system approach offers a well-rounded pattern to legal education.

You should also know that earning a law degree in Spain and applying to law school requires undergraduate training in law. After completing the required undergraduate coursework, you can now apply to the law school of your choice.

As a student, you should plan to spend five years studying law, as this is considered the standard duration needed for a Spanish law degree. Upon graduation, the law students would have to enter a two-year training period and on its completion, the student would have to write the state exam in which he/she must pass before practicing law.

One benefit of studying law in Spain is the low cost and this can be enjoying when studying in a public university. You will need to pay a “matricula”, this can be several hundred Euros, but the rest of the tuition is then paid by the state. This means you can attain a degree in law in Spain with little tuition cost which is aside from room and board. These fees vary from one academic institution to the other.

Another benefit attached to studying law in Spain is its emphasis on civil law that brings excellent job opportunities for graduates, both in the country and in many neighboring European countries. Also, by studying law in Spain, students are trained in two of the world’s most common languages, which are English and Spanish. This combination of legal training and linguistics provides a solid footing for a future legal career.

Before we begin our list of some schools that a student can study law in Spain in English, let’s talk about the country of Spain.

Spain with its Mediterranean flair and exquisite architectural buildings is one of the world’s most popular destinations to visit. Spain offers much to international students, having a long and rich cultural history, and boasts of a diversity of terrain including beaches, pastures, mountains, and desert-like areas. This country is also known for art, music, cuisine, and other cultural activities.

Spain is found at the forefront of renewable energy development, particularly in the areas of solar power and wind energy. A combination of good universities, a world-class language, and the attractive metropolitan lifestyle of its people makes it a great place for people looking to study abroad. Those interested in studying law in Spain will find that the country’s top universities offer excellent legal programs to consider.

For those who are not proficient in the Spanish language, there is no need to get worried about studying law in Spain as there are universities that are available in this country which offers English-taught programs.

Apart from the list of schools that we will list below, the student can contact the desired universities directly, since a majority of programs are offered in Spanish, but there are a lot of English-speaking universities in Spain, as well as international universities, that only offer law programs in English.

Top 5 Law School in Spain that teaches in English

1. IE Law School

Average Tuition Fee: 31,700 EUR per year

Location: Madrid, Spain

2. University of Navarra

Average Tuition Fee: 31,000 EUR per year

Location: Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

3. ESADE – Law School

Average Tuition Fee: 28,200 EUR/year

Location: Barcelona, Spain

4. University of Barcelona

Average Tuition Fee: 19,000 EUR per year

Location: Barcelona, Spain

5. Pompeu Fabra University

Average Tuition Fee: 16,000 EUR per year

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Requirements needed to Study Law in Spain in English

Studying law in Spain can be exiting and yet demanding. Aside from VISA requirements for students entering into the country for education, there are requirements needed to get a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and a Ph.D in law across various universities in Spain.

Admission Requirements for Bachelor’s Degree in Law

  • High school/Baccalaureate diploma
  • Transcript of records
  • English language test scores
  • CV/Résumé
  • Personal statement

Admission Requirements for Master’s Degree in Law

  • Bachelor’s diploma is needed. (Usually in Law or any related field, but there are exceptions)
  • GRE General Test  would be taken and a pass mark in the results. (This is required at some law schools).
  • Transcript of records. (This is usually a record of bank transactions, and any other record that the school might require).
  • Previous work experience
  • A well structured CV
  • Motivation letter/Interview

5 Reasons to Study Law in Spain

1. Receive Training in Two Languages

One of the benefits of studying law in Spain is the fact that the student will have the opportunity to study law in both English and Spanish. These two languages are two of the most famous and spoken languages in the world. Being fluent in both of these languages will definitely have you at the top of your employer’s list. So don’t you worry about your inability of not being fluent in Spanish, studying in this country will give you time to practice and as they say, practice makes perfect.

2. Practice Law Internationally

Another reason to choose Spain as your destination to study law is that after your graduation, you can practice law internationally. Considering that the universities in Spain will provide you with a solid foundation on how law is practiced globally. So, whether you see a future career in an I.T company, or a top-notch law firm, having the qualifications that are recognized and accepted in almost every country of the world will enable you as a law student to practice your profession wherever you desire.

3. Develop Vital Skills

Another reason to study lw in Spain you is that you will develop a set of skills that will allow you to find employment in both legal and non-legal organizations . These skills you will be able to acquire during your studies include the ability to negotiate, the ability to interpret complex information, communicate with confidence, write concisely, and form sound arguments, etc. All these acquired skills will not only help you to become an excellent lawyer but will also make you to impact positively to the society.

4. Low and Affordable Tuition Fees

There are universities that provides students financial aids through their affordable and low tuition fees. These schools are spread across Spain and are readily available to students especially international students for application.

5. Top Ranked Universities in the World

Most of the Spanish universities are ranked amongst other European universities on some platforms such as the Times Education Ranking, and the QS Ranking among others. This is to show that as a student, your education quality is assured thus making you an excellent law student.

Steps to take to Study Law in Spain in English

  • Find a good law school
  • Meet all the requirements (those stated above are the common requirements, there could be other requirements and they differ with school)
  • Find Financial Resources (as an international student, you can source for Scholarships or grants available if you aren’t able to meet with the financial demands)
  • Send your Application to the School
  • Get your Spanish Visa
  • Find Accommodation
  • Enrol at your chosen school

Find a Good Law School

Finding a good law school can be difficult especially for international students but we have made this problem easy. You can select from any of the schools listed above or find out more law schools using this link

Meet all the Requirements

Having chosen a university, go through the requirements needed to be met and the way you can do that is by going to the official website of the University and getting to the admission section or page. There you will find all the requirements to be met my incoming students.

Find Financial Resources

For you to study in Spain, you have to have the financial ability to stay in this country. This ability have to stretch from your tuition fees to your loving costs and then to Accommodation. Infact this is one requirements that needs to be met before you can gain a secured admission. Also, as a student, the tuition fee of the university may weigh down your finances but don’t you worry, as there are Scholarship programs set by the government or the school itself to help students financially. You can apply.

Send your Application to the School

The next step is to draft out your application. Write a well structured letter and send it to the school. You can do this through the school websites

Get your Spanish Visa

This is very important and it should be one of the first things you need to do as an international student I you do not have one. Log onto the official Spanish Visa site as highlighted above and apply to get one

Find Accommodation

One of the basic needs of man is shelter and so it applies to you as a student. You can either choose to love on campus or off campus depending on your financial ability. To live on campus you need to contact the school. The cost of these resident halls are cheaper compared to off campus houses.

Enrol at your Chosen School

Now that you have met all the requirements and also taken the above steps. That is after your application has been considered and you are granted admission. You can now enrol by visiting the admission office of the school and submit the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • A passport photo
  • Visa or Resident permit
  • Application letter (completed and signed)
  • Degree certifications
  • Admission letter
  • Health insurance
  • Payment of fees receipt

To study law in Spain in English promises to be an exciting journey and we know you have gotten a lot of information about what you need to do and the law schools where you can study in English language. If you skipped and got to this point, we advise you to go through carefully because you won’t want to miss what has been put down in this article.


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