Study AbroadUndergraduate Scholarships for African Students To Study Abroad

Undergraduate Scholarships for African Students To Study Abroad


We have brought you undergraduate scholarships for African students to study abroad in this well compiled article at World Scholars Hub. Before we go on, let’s discuss a bit.

Studying abroad is an effective way to learn of developed countries and to learn of experiences of these countries. Underdeveloped countries who want to develop must learn experiences and knowledge of advanced countries.

That is why the great emperor of Russia “Pitrot” in the 17th century, went to Netherlands to work in a factory that manufactures ship to learn new knowledge and advanced technology; he returned home after learning to re-create his backward and weak country to a powerful country.

Japan under Meijing reign also sent many students to the west to learn how to modernize the countries and learn knowledge and experience the development of western countries.

It can be said that studying abroad is the best way to gain knowledge, experience and to know the culture of the country where you are studying because students who learn abroad are therefore more appreciated than students who studied at home and such students are also said to have a success guaranteed life or employment. Now let’s head on!

Top 2019 Annual Scholarships to Study Abroad for African Students

Are you seeking to study abroad? As an African do you want to further your education in countries way advanced and experienced that yours? Are you tired of looking for legit scholarships for African students?

Here is a list of Scholarships for African students who want to study abroad and they are offered annually. These scholarships were offered at previous years at the time of the publication of this list.

Note: If the deadline has passed, you can take note of them for future application and apply as soon as possible. Note that scholarship providers can alter information about their scholarship programme without public notice so therefore we will not be held responsible for mis-information.You are advised to check their school website for any current information.

Undergraduate Scholarships for African Students To Study Abroad

1. McGill University Canada – MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

The McGill University is partnering with the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program to offer undergraduate African students scholarships for over a period of 10 years and Scholarships will be available at the Masters level.

Visit Scholarship website:

Application Deadline Period: December/January.

2. Chevening Scholarship for Africans

In 2011-2012 there were over 700 Chevening Scholars studying at universities across the UK . The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Chevening Scholarship programme was established in 1983 and is recognized internationally with over 41,000 alumni.. Also, Chevening Scholarships are currently offered in about 110 countries and Chevening awards enable Scholars to study a one-year postgraduate Master’s course in any discipline at any UK university.

Visit Scholarship website:

Previous Application Deadline: December.

3. Eni Full Masters Scholarship for African Students from Angola, Nigeria, Ghana – at University of Oxford, UK

St Antony’s College Oxford in partnership with the international integrated energy company Eni, is offering three students from African universities in Angola, Ghana & Nigeria, the opportunity of fully funded scholarships, including fees and living expenses, to study at the Master’s level at the University of Oxford commencing in October 2011. The Eni Masters scholarship is solely aimed to strengthening Africans in terms of Leadership.

Visit Scholarship website:

Previous Application Deadline: 22 March.

Read also: Columbia University Scholarship

4. Oppenheimer Fund scholarships for South African Students at University of Oxford

The Oppenheimer Fund Scholarships are open to applicants who are resident in South Africa and are applying to start any new degree bearing course, with the exception of PGCert and PGDip courses, at the University of Oxford. The Fund promotes links between the University of Oxford and South African Universities and Scholarship recipients receive a financial support grant of up to £6500 of fees or cost of living.

Visit Scholarship website:

Previous Application Deadline: 6 January for Medical Sciences and Philosophy and 20 January for all other subjects.

5. Ferguson Scholarships at SOAS University of London, UK for Students from Africa.

The generosity of the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable trust has established three Ferguson scholarships for African Students annually. Each Ferguson Scholarship is valued at £14,956 and lasts for one year. The scholarships can be used for fees and the remainder towards maintenance.

Visit Scholarship website:

Previous Application Deadline: 31 January.

6. INSEAD Greendale Foundation MBA Scholarship in France and Singapore

The Trustees of the Greendale Foundation provide access to the INSEAD MBA programme to disadvantaged Southern (Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa) and East (Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia or Zimbabwe) Africans who are committee to developing international management expertise in Africa and who plan their careers in the Southern and East African regions, scholarship candidates must work in these African regions within 3 years of graduation. €35,000 for each scholarship recipient.

Visit Scholarship website:

Previous Application Deadline: 11 February and 18 August.

7. University of Sheffield UK Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships for Nigerian Students

The University of Sheffield is pleased to offer a range of undergraduate (BA, BSc, BEng, MEng) and postgraduate scholarships to students from Nigeria who posses electrifying academic potential and are starting their studies at the University of Sheffield in September, the scholarships are worth £6,500 per year. This will take the form of a tuition fee reduction.

Visit Scholarship website:

Previous Application Deadline: 27 April.

8. Scholarship for Botswana & South Africa Students at Griffith University Australia

Griffith University has one $3,000 tuition scholarship for a student from Botswana and five tuition scholarships for South African Students for a maximum of two semesters not in excess of $1,500 per semester, the scholarships are on offer to students from Botswana and South Africa begins in January or July.

Visit Scholarship website:

Previous Application Deadlines: 9 December and 30 April.

9. Government of Malaysia International Scholarships (Mis) at Malaysian University

The Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) was established by the Malaysian Government to lure academic giants and brainiacs from around the world to pursue advanced academic studies in Malaysia and this scholarship aims to support Malaysian Government’s effort to attract, cultivate and train talented human capital from abroad.

Visit Scholarship website:

Previous Application Deadline: From 15 January until 31st March.

About Studying Abroad

Let’s talk a bit about studying abroad.

Studying abroad is an opportunity to explore round the world, people, culture, landscape and geographical features of foreign countries and those students studying abroad have the chance to mingle with native, cultured or city people which can broaden people’s mind and way of thinking.

In this globalized age, exchange of information between countries around the world can be accessed easily but studying abroad still remain the most effective way because they can directly see the country’s growth and can approach to a new way of life and thinking.

You too can apply to study abroad and experience such magnificent opportunity as an African student through these undergraduate scholarship schemes.

Seize this opportunity by applying or registering to the undergraduate scholarships for African students listed above for good things come to those who see opportunities and take advantage of it. Do not rely on luck but work out your own salvation, yes! You too can Work out your own scholarship!

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