Scholar's Career GuidesHow to Prepare for Masters Degree Application In Neitherlands

How to Prepare for Masters Degree Application In Neitherlands


If you want to study in the Netherlands, you must understand the application process. This is exactly what we’d help you with in this article on how to Prepare for Masters Degree Application In Neitherlands.

So what are the important steps?

We’d look at the application process to study in the Netherlands and how to prepare for the prestigious Masters application.

You may also want to know what to expect when studying in Netherlands before preparing for your masters application.

How to Prepare for Masters Degree Application In Neitherlands

1. Collecting Information

When choosing a school and major, it is very important to have objective and reliable information to refer to, and this information needs to be collected and sorted by everyone. It takes a long time, so you must start preparing early.

You can query the school’s official website, or directly with the admissions office of teacher contact, access to official information, to avoid being misled, of course, the ability to selection information if you are not confident of their own, you can consider seeking professional mediation assistance.

2. Application to the School

First prepare all the materials required for the application. When consulting the information above, you should be able to obtain a complete list and prepare step by step according to the requirements. Most of the materials are ready-made, and only the language needs to be prepared in advance.

The application is submitted directly to the school, and can be submitted directly through the school’s official website.

Identity registration is required to complete the basic information, then fill in the application form, pay the application fee after submission, and finally mail other materials that cannot be submitted online.

3. Application for Visa

If you want to apply for a fast MVV visa, you must apply for a Neso certificate before you sign. You need to go to the Neso Beijing office to double-certify your IELTS or TOEFL scores and academic qualifications.

The student’s visa application materials are submitted to the school, and the school directly applies for the MVV visa to the IND. After the verification is successful , the student will directly receive the collection notice from the embassy. At this time, the student can go with his/her passport.

4. Ready to Go

Travel needs to be determined, that is, everyone’s flight information, you must book your ticket in advance, and then contact the airport pick-up staff.

You can enjoy direct service to the school for a little money, and can save a lot of trouble halfway. After this, you need to organize your luggage and purchase insurance, and it’s best to arrange your accommodation after your arrival in advance so that you don’t have to worry about your accommodation after landing.

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