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Top 10 Online Colleges that Provide Laptops


Getting enrolled in one of the best online colleges that provide laptops could be tricky seeing how getting admitted is competitive, especially in these technological times where everyone wants to own a laptop.

According to a report conducted by the Student Watch, college and university students spends an average of $413 on academic materials during the 2019/2020 academic year.

This particular figure shows a great decrease compared to the previous decade which was about $10,000. As much as the figures reduced drastically, this amount is still high for many students, especially students coming from third world countries.

Now for online students, they have to purchase the equipment needed to take internet-based courses and as a result, some online colleges provide laptops to distance learners. They also provide them with other technological devices.

Read on to find out about the online colleges that provide laptops for students and get to know a few things before enrolling in a laptop program in your school.

10 Online Colleges that provide Laptops

Here’s a list of the online colleges that provide laptops for their students:

  1. Bethel University
  2. Rochester University
  3. Dakota State University
  4. Independence University
  5. Moravian College
  6. Chatham University
  7. Wake Forest University
  8. University of Minnesota Crookston
  9. Seton Hill University
  10. Valley City State University.

1. Bethel University

In the U.S News, Bethel was ranked number 22  in Best Value Schools in the USA, 11 in both Best Colleges for Veterans and Best Undergraduate Teaching, and 17 in Regional Universities in the midwest.

This institution offers Google Chromebook laptops to its students. It also offers 35 undergraduate, graduate, and seminary online degree programs.

In Bethel, depending on the program the student is undergoing and the field or profession understudy, this school offers a fully online, a mix of face-to-face and online, and fully online programs with one or two-week on-campus intensives each year.

2. Rochester College

Rochester College provides all full-time undergraduate students which also including newly admitted students an Apple MacBook or iPad completely for free.

Also, students who transfer to Rochester with at most 29 credits or less are also qualified to be given a free MacBook or iPad.

In a recent survey, Rochester was ranked number 59 in Regional Colleges Midwest by US News & World Report.

Rochester College offers undergraduate and accelerated degrees online.

3. Dakota State University

In the year 2004, Dakota State University (DSU) which is located in Madison, South Dakota, launched its first wireless mobile computing initiative. This program is still active today, providing all-new full-time, first-year students with brand new laptops. These students get qualified regardless of their location that is, whether on-campus or online.

Through this program, DSU provides every student with the latest Fujitsu T-Series model laptop. Every computer provided includes licensed educational software which is already installed and complete warranty protections.

There are a few benefits that come with this program which include, students, getting free replacement batteries when their batteries get bad and can also use these laptops to connect to both wireless and wired internet networks at any campus location.

After making up to 59 academic credits, these students can then discontinue their participation in the program and then begin to use their own laptops instead.

Now at this point, students can buy their freely supplied computers for a fair price.

4. Independence University

This university was formerly known as California College of Health Sciences, Independence University (IU) which is usually called Salt Lake City home gives a tablet and laptops to students for college or any program.

New students are provided with multiple devices to ensure that they have in their possession all of the necessary tools to get involved in tech-driven learning. Out of the online colleges that provide laptops, few provide multiple devices. This includes the IU thus adding value to its policy.

It is interesting to know that the IU divides its schedule into four-week modules. Students receive their tablet during their first module and their laptop when they begin learning module four. The two products include a lot of e-learning programs and productivity tools, which are combined to deliver all the software the student needs to complete their programs.

Unlike many other online schools with tablets and laptops, IU also offers its students an opportunity to keep their devices free of charge. The only requirement is that they complete the degree program they originally enrolled in.

5. Moravian College

Moravian first received recognition as an Apple Distinguished School in 2018. This means that Moravian offers a free Apple MacBook Pro and iPad to every one of its undergraduate students. Students who accept their admission and proceed to make an enrollment deposit can then claim their devices.

Also, Moravian allows their students to keep their laptops and tablet after graduation. This college also offers free devices not only to first-time students but also to international and transfer students. Students who benefit from this program, enjoy access to a full-service portal for technology support, IT troubleshooting, and equipment rentals.

6. Chatham University

Located in Pittsburgh, PA. Chatham issues a new MacBook Air to first-year students during orientation. The university incorporates the use of this hardware into all of its undergraduate curricula and includes access to campus Wi-Fi and tech support on the laptop. There’s also a four-year warranty that covers accidental damage and theft.

The cost of the laptop is included in its technology fee. Students sign a contract that guarantees the transfer of ownership from Chatham to the student upon graduation. Chatham also provides its students access to its intranet, CampusNexus, and free versions of popular software like Office 365 and Skype for Business

7. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University is one of the best-known online colleges that provide laptops for students studying in it. Under the terms of the school’s WakeWare program, online and on-campus students receive institutional help, including grants, and scholarships, and also automatically becomes eligible to receive a free Apple or Dell laptop. All other students can buy an Apple or Dell laptop at special prices that deliver valuable educational discounts.

Every laptop distributed through the WakeWare program also includes all of the licensed software needed for the completion of online or on-campus coursework.

There’s also a software upgrade provided by the school in which their students can also download optional programs and software through the [email protected] initiative. This includes tools from popular manufacturers like Adobe and Microsoft. WakeWare laptops also have feature extended warranties, which include accidental damage coverage.

Students can also have their laptops fixed on campus and get to enjoy automatic eligibility for free loaner devices if their computers require extensive repairs. Great!

8. University of Minnesota Crookston 

The next on our list of online colleges that provide laptops is the University of Minnesota-Crookston.

This school holds the distinction of being the country’s first higher education institution to begin offering free laptops to its students.

Students at this prestigious school have been receiving laptops since 1993. That’s a long time ago right? At the time, the program was so innovative that representatives from more than 120 colleges and universities had to visit the school to check its results firsthand.

In the year 2017, the school’s new chancellor gave an instruction for a review to be made on the laptop program to determine if it was meeting the student’s needs. The result of that review confirmed the program’s educative value, making sure of its continued importance in an increasing tech generation.

Presently, the University of Minnesota-Crookston program has been extended to include not only offline or on-campus students but also online students.

Eligible students in full-time programs get to receive a new Hewlett-Packard Elitebook 1040 G5, which has features of a 14-inch screen and offers dual functions as a laptop and tablet.

9. Seton Hill University

This Greensburg, Pennsylvania-based Catholic liberal arts institute is one of the most unique programs among accredited online colleges that provide laptops.

Undergraduates enrolled in full-time degrees get a Macbook Air, as do students in select graduate programs. The free Macbook Air offer also gets to those in the master of science in physician assistant, the master of arts in art therapy, and the master of science in orthodontics programs.

In addition, online students also qualify for the school’s Apple Care tech support program. Seton Hill’s information technology department enjoys full Apple authorization to service Macbook computers, making sure that all students who qualify for a laptop can receive free, immediate tech support.

Students whose laptops cannot be repaired on the spot can receive a free replacement Macbook Air on loan. Online students must visit campus to have their computers serviced and receive a loaned device.

10. Valley City State University 

The last on our list of online colleges that provide laptops is the Valley City State University (VCSU). This university is located in Valley City, ND. Through its laptop initiative, full-time students are given new laptops. In addition depending on availability, part-time students could choose a current-model computer or a previous model.

VCSU determines whether a student receives a MacBook Pro or a Windows laptop and this is based on their major.  Certain programs have specific hardware recommendations and thus would need a different laptop than other programs.

Students in fields like art, music, and social science receive a Mac, while students in other majors like business, natural sciences, and medicine receive a PC.

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Things to Note Before Enrolling in a Laptop Program

The technology uses at colleges and universities is not usually the same. Before making any decisions about a laptop program in your school, make sure you read through the fine print and understand how these types of programs differ.

We’ve listed out some common rules, students need to know in regards to laptop programs offered by colleges:

1. Obtaining the Computer

At some schools, students will have to claim their laptops during their first academic year or semester. Those who do not must forfeit their free or discounted device.

Other institutions give out laptops and other devices once their students complete a certain number of credits.

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2. Software and Hardware Upgrades

Most online colleges that provide laptops and tablets prohibit students from performing software and hardware upgrades on those devices. Instead, students must take their devices to the school’s technology center. Additionally, some schools forbid students from downloading music, movies, and games onto borrowed devices.

3. Damages and Theft

Students may purchase damage and theft protection for their issued devices. However, some schools offer these protections at no charge.

Also if the insurance isn’t unavailable, the school may charge the student for replacing the laptop if it is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

4. Student Status

Some schools issue laptops or other devices to all incoming students, including transfer students, while other institutions may be more selective.

For example, some schools may issue devices to students only if they are enrolled full time and have fewer than 45 transfer credits.

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We have come to the end of this article on online colleges that provide laptop. If you have further queries or contributions, use the comment section below.


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