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Psychology Classes for High School Students Online 2022


Taking Psychology classes for high school students online has become a prominent option to learn high school psychology in recent times. 

So many universities offer summer psychology courses for high school students, nevertheless, online study is preferred due to flexibility. 

It is advised to take prerequisite courses for a college major in high school. Many high schools don’t have to make psychology courses available for students. In most cases, students encounter psychology for the first time in their first year in college.

This makes the concept of psychology new, and therefore strange to college freshers. Psychology classes for high school students online are one major way to solve this problem.

Online classes in general have made the global educational system better. Adopting the online education system in psychology has made the system more adequate for learning. 

Online Psychology Courses for High School Students

Psychology prerequisites include math, English, foreign languages, social studies, and history. High school psychology is elective in high school that makes it available.

High school psychology is basic, it teaches students to understand human behaviour. Before nothing down to an aspect of psychology, high school and college freshers earn the foundation, which is general psychology.

To spell it out in black and white, the online psychology course to take while in high school is general psychology, it is the foundation on which you build.

Why You Should take Psychology Classes for High School Students Online

It would be best if you took psychology classes as a high school student because psychology cuts across several career spheres. The chances that you will need the basic knowledge of psychology in your desired career are quite high.

Taking psychology classes for high school students online is a better way to take psychology classes. You don’t have to depend on your school curriculum, online classes are flexible and synchronized with the advancement in technology, making studying easier.

When to take Psychology Classes for High School Students Online

Most online classes are very flexible, therefore, you can take classes any time of the day you want in most cases. This means, you don’t have to wait till break to take classes, you take classes as your schedule dims fit.

Generally, advanced placement psychology is offered in most high schools by juniors and seniors. Although some schools allow students in sophomore year to take AP psychology.

Most online psychology classes for high school students don’t indicate the high school year to take them.

How to take Psychology Classes for High School Students Online

To take Psychology classes online requires you to register for classes on a platform that offers it. After registration, it is important to make time to attend the classes.

The flexibility rate of classes differs with educator platforms, you have to find a platform with a routine that best suits you.

It is not news that colleges offer summer psychology classes for high school students. Educator platforms, including some colleges now also make these classes available online. 

Below is a list of some psychology classes for high school students that you can take.

10 Psychology Classes for High School Students Online

1. Excel High School Psychology Classes for high school students Online

This is an introductory course in Psychology that aims to open learners’ minds to understand research, theory, and human behaviour. At the end of the course, students get to how to view and analyze the world through the lens of psychology.

Psychology of human social behaviour and how the brain functions are one of the major concepts to learn. Other fields of study are also compared and contrasted in this course.

Grades are a total of assignments, quizzes, and examination scores. Excel high school’s accreditation is from Cognia and other bodies.

2. Psychology Classes for High School Students with is a platform that allows users to learn through a series of educational videos. Psychology for high school students online on this platform is so flexible, that it can be accessed anytime.

The classes are self-paced, come with practice tests and cover 30 chapters of high school the end of the course, students get a comprehensive knowledge of high school psychology

3. Psychology Classes for High School students Online with eAchieve Academy

eAchieve academy makes available Psychology which explores human behaviour and mental process for 9-12. The classes are accredited by the NCAA and hold 1 credit unit. 

The course duration is one year, during which students learn to develop a thesis, apply content to analyze relationships and conclude, and communication skills.

Full-time and part-time enrollment is available for this course. It is an opportunity to earn extra credit.

4. Kings’ College Pre-University Psychology Online

King’s College offers a two weeks summer psychology course online.

The classes cover psychiatry, psychology, and neuroscience. The test for students will be both written and oral.

During the classes, students explore the human mind and are prepared for college psychology. After these classes, first-year college psychology will not be new to the students. 

5. Psychology with Online Precollege Programs and Courses

Online pre-college programs and courses offer several courses online, including psychology. This psychology is a 3 credit unit course that lasts for weeks. It covers psychology and brain science.

The class delivery is asynchronous and with scheduled live classes. You can take the course to gain extra credit for high school.

6. Psychology with Oxford Online Summer Courses

Intending to provide academic aid to students between the ages of 12-18, Oxford put another online summer course program.

This program’s courses include psychology and neuroscience. Students who enroll join a class with a maximum of 10 students from different countries around the world.

The psychology course explores the human mind and behaviour, the science of love and attachment, memory, language, and imagination. At the end of the study, graduates will receive an Oxford Scholastical certificate. 

7. Introduction to Social Psychology with University of Queensland 

This course explores people’s thoughts and behaviour in social settings, how people are influenced, and non-verbal communication. It is a 7-week self-paced free course with an upgrade option. 

 The introductory class comes with a shareable certificate. It doesn’t add to high school credit.

The upgrade cost $199. This upgrade gives scholars access to unlimited materials and graded assignments and exams.

8. Online Psychology with University of British Columbia 

This course explores the history and research methods in psychology. Its classes are free, self-paced, and lasts for three weeks.

The classes are video-based, and they also include interviews with real research psychologists. 

Quiz sections, assignments, and exams are also given. Though the course is free, it has an upgrade option which cost $49. This upgrade grants access to unlimited material, graded assignments and examinations, and shareable certificates. 

9. Online Ap Psychology with Apex learning virtual School 

With a cost of $380 per semester, you can receive online classes on high school AP psychology. The course covers the overview and current research of psychology.

Students will study core psychology to gain a thorough understanding of how the human mind and brain function. Furthermore, students will have opportunities to explore therapies used by professionals for in-depth knowledge.

10. Online AP Psychology with BYU

This course explores psychology that gives in-depth knowledge on personal and others’ behaviour. It cost $289 to take online AP psychology with BYU. This sum covers textbook costs.

The arrangement of the course curriculum aid students prepares for  AP psychology exams, to get credit for college.

Frequently Asked Questions on Psychology Classes for High School Students Online

How Can I Learn Psychology Online For Free?

You can learn psychology online free from online platforms and colleges that offer free psychology courses. This article has 10 websites you can choose from.

Can I Study Psychology At Home?

Yes, you can study psychology at home when you have the right materials and study guide. You can get study guides, materials, and classes from colleges and online study platforms.

How do I Start Studying Psychology?

You can start studying psychology through numerous methods. One of which is to apply to a college for a psychology program. The prerequisite high school classes for this include, mathematics, AP psychology, science, and biology. You can also try getting an online diploma or certificate courses in psychology.

How do I study online Psychology courses with Credit?

There are several online psychology courses and some can earn you extra credit. This article lists a few above, you can check them out. You should make your research based on the course that can earn you credit, be certain, and then apply for it.

How Much does it Cost to take High School Psychology Online Classes?

The monetary cost to take high school psychology online classes ranges from as low as $0 - $500. The cost depends on what organization is offering the classes. Most classes for credit or certificates are usually not free.

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High School psychology online is a means to earn extra credit and prior knowledge of psychology before college.

While you take any of the above-listed courses, you need to be disciplined and dedicated.

Make sure to pay attention to the smallest details of a course before applying.



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