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Reasons Why College is Worth the Cost


In this article at World Scholars Hub, we’re going to deeply discuss reasons why college is worth the cost. Read between lines to clearly get every point we’ve made.

Generally, one can’t underestimate the worth of education and college gives you just that. There are many valuable things you can get from going to college.

Below, we have clearly explained why college is worth the cost with some cool statistics.

Reasons Why College is Worth the Cost

Although from the perspective of “calculating economic accounts”, going to college is not as cost-effective as before, but there are still many college students who think that going to college is very useful because they see the intangible value that college can bring. For example, in university, you will meet classmates and friends from all over the world, which will broaden your horizons and accumulate wealth for you.

For another example, in university, you will not only gain knowledge, deepen your cultivation, and get the satisfaction of being a college student, but you may also gain love and get good memories in your life which is priceless.

However, even if these intangible values ​​are not shown, in the long run, for ordinary people, going to college won’t make you lose money without getting you real value.

On the one hand, compared with college students, it is more difficult for people with low education to get a job. We should treat the problem of college students’ difficulty in obtaining employment dialectically. Millions of college students have had a great impact on the labor market in a short period of time (the season of graduation), but by the end of the year, the employment rate of college students was already relatively high.

In addition, not all college students find it difficult to find jobs. The employment rate of college graduates with good majors from prestigious schools is much higher. The real reason for the difficulty in employment is mainly the lack of characteristics of certain majors and courses set up by the school, which do not meet the needs of the market, and the students’ own grades are not good enough.

On the other hand, the income level of people with high education is significantly higher than those with low education. This phenomenon exists in most countries in the world.

In the United States, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, taking 2012 as an example, all types of occupations with educational levels are combined and the average annual salary is more than 30,000 US dollars.

Specifically, the average income of employees below high school education is US$20,000, those who graduated from high school are US$35,000, and those with undergraduates are US$67,000, and those with doctoral or professional and technical personnel are even higher, which is US$96,000.

In some developed countries today, studies have shown that there is an obvious positive relationship between academic qualifications and income. For example, studies have shown that the income ratio of laborers with different educational backgrounds among urban residents in these countries is 1:1.17:1.26:1.8, and the income of people with high education is significantly higher than those with low education.

As for the couriers and porters whose monthly income is more than 10,000 in the online speculation, it is only an individual phenomenon and does not represent the income level of the entire group.

I hope you’re getting some of the reasons why college is worth the cost now. Let’s keep going, there’s more we need to talk about in this content.

Is It Worth Going To University These Years?

Of course, some people may doubt that the time and money costs of going to university are ignored in the statistics, but even if these are taken into account, in the long run, university is still worthwhile in terms of financial income.

For example, according to statistics from the National Center for Educational Statistics, the average tuition and fees for a four-year undergraduate university in 2011 was US$22,000, and it would cost approximately US$90,000 to complete a four-year university. In these 4 years, a high school graduate can earn about 140,000 U.S. dollars in wages if he works at an annual salary of 35,000 U.S. dollars.

This means that when a college graduate gets a diploma, he will miss about $230,000 in earnings. However, the salary of undergraduates is almost double that of high school students. Therefore, in the long run, it is worthwhile to go to college in terms of income.

The tuition fees of many universities are much lower than that of the United States and the cost is lower. Therefore, in terms of “going to college to recover costs”, low tuition college students obviously have an advantage over American college students.

Going to college can make you become smarter how much is that worth to you?

If you’ve read up to this point, I’m sure you understand the reasons why college is worth the cost and every penny you spend. Feel free to use the comment section to share why you think college is worth spending your cash on. Thank You!

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